Zarash'ak: City of Stilts

Zarash'ak by the Numbers


Chapter One: A Visitor's Guide to Zarash'ak

Trade Gateway

Recruiting Ground

Gatekeeper Secrets

Zarash'ak has no Gatekeeper ruins to boast of but it has something even more important to the peoples of the Five Nations. The enigmatic heirs of the ancient Gatekeepers live still in the Shadow Marches but they rarely appreciate visitors from the outside world butting into their affairs. Not so in Zarash'ak, however, where the orcs of Clan Orgaal] regularly send envoys to the city to meet with House Tharashk and spiritual leaders of the present-day Gatekeepers, if not exactly a common sight, are well-known to the inhabitants there. Adventurers who need connections with the Gatekeepers, maps to sites long thought lost in the east, or knowledge of an ancient primal rite would do well to start in the City of Stilts first.

Chapter Two: Life in Zarash'ak

Zarash'ak is a city which is easy to navigate both physically and socially: in both realms, one simply needs to look around to know where one stands. The City of Stilts is built in an amorphous but roughly circular shape with clear racial-economic boundaries between them. The port was originally the Heart, a series of walkways built around thick murk oaks which are some of the only stable points in Zarash'ak. In this part of the city are the wealthy merchants, including the scions of House Tharashk, and the city's primary docks which lie underneath in the waters of the Glum. Surrounding the Heart is a border of walkways known as the Ring where the middle-class workers live and trade in a cacophany of platforms and stilted buildings in a thousand styles and designs. The population is chaotic as well and constantly in flux as foreign merchants arrive or leave according to the seasons of trade. Underlying all of these are the Webs, hanging below the walkways of the city like their namesake. In many ways these are like the undercities elsewhere in Khorvaire, though they air open to the water below, and most of the population are goblins who watch the bustling walkways through cracks in the boards and hoard secrets.

Chapter Three: Power and Politics

Zarash'ak, like the rest of the Shadow Marches has very little in the way of official leadership. The city was founded by Tharashk agents with the permission of the Gatekeeper druids and those groups remain the strongest in the port city. Whether or not they have official authority, nothing happens in Zarash'ak if it is against the wishes of either Tharashk or the Gatekeepers.

House Tharashk

Gatekeeper Druids

Chapter Four: Guilds and Organizations

Cults of the Dragon Below

Clan Orgaal

House Deneith

Lord Toka Threefangs


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