Yoris d'Cannith

Background :

Yoris was born in Lhazaar, from Kanar d'Cannith, his father, and a Riedran refugee, Ama'quin.

His mother was a mere working girl in Riedra, who alas for her proved to have a dangerous gift indeed : she could make things appear out of thin air. Some day, her village received the visit of an Inspired, who sensed in her this spark of psionic power. She perceived the danger just in time to flee, running for her life, without knowing where she could go. Living on the street, she heard about the rebels, the Kalashtars, who lived in Adar, and defied her chasers. She then fled there, and was greeted with love and understanding. She was then taught what made her special, and why the Inspired wanted her dead. She didn't quite feel up to fighting against them on their ground though, and chose to make the trip to Lhazaar, to live free. There she found other psionically active peoples, who knew no fear of the Inspired ! She found understanding, and love too, in the person of Kanar d'Cannith.

Kanar was born in Cyre, and was raised in Eston, where his heart always longed to return. He was soon found to be gifted for psionics. Always on the lookout for innovation, House Cannith prodded him on developing such powers as he had. During his researches, he found that the greatest body of lore and knowledge could be found with the reserved Kalashtar. he then tried to locate their main dwellings, but couldn't. He learnt though that they originated from Riedra, and managed to be sent in the East. There, he was greeted by the few others d'Cannith who shared his interest. He integrated this sub-part of House Cannith who had dealings with Riedra in the name of the House. He shared his time between Q'barra, where Riedrans were beginning to be involved, and Lhazaar, where most expeditions or caravans to Riedra originated. The more he delved into psionic lore, the further he went from his House best interests, and he was soon quietly ostracized. One day, when he was discussing with Riedran refugees about the political structure there, a beautiful girl caught his eye. They talked long, and met more and more often. It was soon obvious that both were deeply in love, and when Kanar married her, House cannith frowned on it. This union had not been blessed by a lord seneschal, and diluted his precious blood and talents with a mere refugee. Little did they know of Ama'quin psionic nature, for she hid it to anyone but her husband, such was her fear of the Inspired. When she bore him a son, it was decided it was time to stop this waste of a free leash, and they were moved to Korth. His father was still sometimes sent to mission pertaining to Riedra, for his expertise was renowned, but on one such, he never returned. House cannith never explained, nor apologized. Ama'quin soon died of grief, leaving a nine-year old boy to be raised by the House…

As he had psionic talent like his father, his teachings had already been carefully overseen by faithful members of the House. He had been given education as if he could ascend to greater status within the House, though he was constantly reminded of the shame his parents were. He resented much his family's treatment. When they died, he was sent to Eston, too. There, only Markhan, his main tutor, proved to be a relief. He was stern, and gave him no small amount of toil, but he was fair, and always pleaded that the son should not be held responsible for his father's fault. Yoris had the hardest time admiting that his father could have somehow been at a fault for loving his mother, and it is the lesson that was most enforced on him. Yet, children's mind are malleable, and over time, he came to learn this lesson, and resented both his parents' faults and this House's unfair stance. He still feels uncomfortable about this topic. He felt very miserable then, and lonely. Markhan tried then to give him a reason to live, and took him as an apprentice, and they worked to ascend the inner Cannith ladder. Their union proved very fruitful, and the two men grew very fond of each other. Yoris' gifts were often unexpected, and proved helpful more than once to their schemes, but as their status increased, they made some enemies in the House. Yoris proved mostly useful to expand their influence in the East, since that was where his father had most of his connections. Yoris found fitting that his father's doing would now help him. He was on such a trip to Korth when the Day of Mourning occured, depriving him of his only former friend, and fatherly figure, Markhan, who was supposedly in Metrol. His despair was deep, but he hide it, and kept on doing business in the name of what was now Cannith East. He merely hopes that he never did anything to cross Zorlan d'Cannith, now Baron of Cannith East, for he met the man twice, always after some devious success, and he is extremely respectful of the man's cunning and ruthlessness…

For a time, he considered letting himself die, for he felt extremly empty. Yoris has now made up his mind, though, and wants to redeem his family's name above all else. Having determined that House Status is the best way to his ends, he works hard to progress within the ranks of House Cannith. He now accepts all mission that might grant him some status, even some that are much more deadlier than usual, especially lately… since he tries to garner influence through the whole Five Nations, come to think of it… He has determined indeed that the greatest accomplishment he could achieve, the one that would most spite the current leaders, is to make whole the House again. He doesn't quite care who would head the House, so long as he's known as a major instrument in its mending. And he was on his way to Karrlakton, when he stopped in a little inn in Trull Rath…

Personality :

His parents always taught him that he was special, and chosen, and he took this to heart. He perceived his powers as a proof of his status, and started developing some megalomaniac habits. Yet, he is good-natured at heart, and though he may sometimes be a bit full of himself, he thinks that it's now his responsability to care for the lesser beings. He feels a bit like a shepherd…

Looks :

Medium size, 6'1" tall, 137 wt, 22 yrs old
Brown hair, Brown Eyes, tanned skin.

Wizard with shaman
Shaman with wizard

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