The London Requiem

London's Host


The Brujah are most easily moved into the Carthian movement, as mentioned in the Vampire Translation Guide. Individual vampires are discussed below.

  • Reginald Moore: This ambitious young vampire is a Ventrue and knows it and a member of the Carthian Movement. His patron was a Carthian Ventrue as well, a noble with socialist aims, but this vampire is not his sire after all. This man was a mysterious vampire who still has a hold over him that Moore is totally unaware of.
  • Don Cerro: In a Requiem game, the Don is not a dignitary of the Camarilla but of the Invictus. He is a Mekhet vampire who serves these shadowy princes and has come to London with his childe Theo Bell (see below) in an effort to convince the vampires of the Old World to give less leeway to the Carthians as those in the New World have. His respect extends beyond his covenant to the Lancea Sanctum but he is resistant to those decrying the status quo in favor of those "disreputable" covenants which could tear down society. He is well versed in the Roman Camarilla and seeks to rebuild it anew using traditional European ideals.
  • Theo Bell: The mysterious bell is similar in this version except for his clan. He is a ready enforcer for the vampire community of London and uses his Mekhet abilities to stunning effect.
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