World of Darkness Settings

Rome, the Eternal City, forged an empire that stretched across the known world. Stalwart men and loyal women built the columns that held Rome high but hiding in the shadows of those columns are monsters, cultists, and strange creatures. Become one of them.


In the dawning days of the world, living gods ruled the City of Pillars and powerful guilds conquered savage lands in order to gather an army of slaves. Now those gods sleep in their hidden tombs, but their servants continue their great works while they wait for their masters' return.


Spirits haunt the wilds and people run in fear… all except for the lords of the city-states. These great lords of animal strength and ferocious appetites offer the only protection that the common folk in this fertile land have. All they ask is abject obedience and brutal loyalty.

Published Settings

  • End of the Cold War: The supplement New Wave Requiem details the world of the Kindred in the 1980s.
  • The "Me" Decade: New York in the 1970s is described for werewolves in the "Bowery Dogs" setting in Dark Eras.
  • The Cold War: East and West Berlin are described for demons in the "Into the Cold" setting in Dark Eras.
  • Post-War Period: The immediate Post-War era in New Zealand is described for Sin-Eaters in the "God's Country" setting in Dark Eras.
  • World War II: The supplement Mage Noir details the Awakened world during the middle of the twentieth century.
  • The Great Depression: America during the 1930s is described in the "Handful of Dust" setting in Dark Eras.
  • The Turn of the Century: Europe doring the 1890s to 1920s is described in "The Ruins of Empire" setting in Dark Eras. The Russian Revolution during this period is covered for demons in Dark Eras Companion.
  • Victorian Era: England in the mid-19th century is described for vampires in the "Requiem for Regina" setting in Dark Eras and for changelings in a separate setting in that book. The early 19th century in Germany is described in a Changeling supplement in the same book. The Victorian era generally is described for changelings in Victorian Lost. The rise of Spiritualism for characters using the Second Sight rules is covered in Dark Eras Companion.
  • Warring Kingdoms: Japan in the 1600s is covered in Dark Eras.
  • Age of Reason: The 1600s and early-1700s are described for changelings in the "Lily, Sabre, and Thorn" setting in Dark Eras. The late 1600s in the American Colonies is covered for hunters in the "Doubting Souls" setting in Dark Eras.
  • Aztec Empire: The 15th to 16th-century empire in Mesoamerica is covered for skinchangers in Dark Eras.
  • Fall of Constantinople: The conquest of the Byzantine city by the Ottomans in the mid-1400s is covered for demons in Dark Eras.
  • Viking Conquests: Werewolves in the age of Viking raiders is covered in Dark Eras, and briefly in War Against the Pure.
  • The Roman Empire: The Roman Empire in the World of Darkness was ruled by vampires, a setting described in Requiem for Rome and Fall of the Camarilla. Egypt under Cleopatra is covered for mummies in Dark Eras Companion and 2nd-century werewolves are covered in the same book.
  • Three Kingdoms China: This late 3rd-century period is covered for Sin-Eaters and changelings in Dark Eras.
  • Alexander's Conquests: Mages in the armies of Alexander the Great are described in the "To The Strongest" setting in Dark Eras.
  • Neolithic Era: Mages in the Stone Age are covered in Dark Eras.
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