Wod Fera

Legends of the Fera

When the world was young, before Pangaea formed or Father Wolf's children began to plot, there were the Ursufnir, the Beast Lords. Father Wolf was merely one of them, there were great and powerful firstborn spirits for every sort of beast and they laughed and played and fought and killed and cooperated and ignored as they would. It was beautiful but it was chaos and Gaea wanted something more predictable, a harmony and a rhythm to the world that would protect the realms of flesh and spirit from destruction. She was unsure of what warden to place in charge but Luna convinced her that Father Wolf would hunt and watch to maintain the balance.

In this she was wrong. Father Wolf was strong but the other Ursufnir were stronger. They would not be cowed and eventually Father Wolf and the First Pack hunted and killed them. Some of their progeny, shapechangers like the Uratha, died off when their parents were killed but others persisted and were tolerated for a time so long as they didn't disrupt the duty of the Uratha. As Father Wolf declined in strength and wisdom, however, and the Uratha became divided about their future, many of the other shapechangers, the Fera, decided to strike back. They fought their way free and spread throughout the world while the werewolves fought amongst themselves.

The Shattering and the Joining

As the wonders of Pangaea faded and the Fera spread throughout the world, many of their spirits split and dilluted among other populations. These lines were lost, becoming the Nahual spirits that empowered the scattered therianfolk. These changers, even where they gather together with others of similar Nahual, are not a coherent lineage or a culture. They are scattered folk who all relate to the same animal spirit with different gifts and instincts and goals. There is no tradition as there is with the Fera

The Wars of Rage

The Return of the Ursufnir

Fera Lexicon

The Ahadi: The compact which establishes peace and mutual respect among the Changing Breeds of Africa. Only recently created after a long period of persecution.
The Beast Courts: The Changing Breed communities of eastern Asia, where Fera are called hengeyokai and they work together for mutual benefit.
Changing Breeds: Shapechangers able to take both human and animal form. These generally fall into two categories, the Fera and the Therians, though some would place the Uratha in their own category because of their position apart from the rest.
Fera Breeds: One of the Changing Breed lineages with a progenitor Beast Lord (Ursufnir) from the age before Pangaea. Currently there are eleven fera breeds, though three more were destroyed only recently and may yet linger.
Hengeyokai: See Beast Courts.
Therian: People possessed of Nahual animal spirits which allow them to change shape. They are some of the Changing Breeds, like the Uratha, but not part of the Fera. See the Changing Breeds sourcebook for more on therians and Nahual.
Wars of Rage: The conflicts, some ancient and others more recent, where fera breeds were wiped out. Often this was because of zealous werewolf packs and usually because of the Pure but the history of the Changing Breeds is long, bloody, and chaotic.

The Breeds of the Fera

The following conversions follow the suggestions from Digital Raven's Fera Translation Guide to convert the Apocalypse Changing Breeds to Forsaken mechanics.

The Madness

Madness Rage

Any mortal witnessing a shapechanger in hybrid form must roll Resolve + Composure with a penalty equal to the shapeshifter’s Primal Urge score (which may force a chance die roll). A dramatic failure causes the human to react badly: he crumples, urinates or defecates on himself, and gains a derangement (determined by the shapeshifter type) for the following week. Failure on the roll indicates that the human panics and flees in terror. Success means the human can stand his ground, but suffers a –2 dice penalty to any roll directed at the shapechanger. Exceptional success means the person exhibits a will of steel and reacts no differently than if he were looking at the mailman. (from War Against the Pure p. 175).

The Beast Courts

The Ahadi

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