World of Darkness Campaigns

The Su-Menent have called a Grand Conclave, inviting Arisen from across the planet in the largest gathering of Judges' servants since the ancient days of Namless Irem. With so many mummies in one place, though, trouble is drawing in like a tide of moths to the greatest flame in the world.


In the year 300 CE, Sextus Maxentian predicted that the vampiric court at the heart of Rome would last for another two milennia. Vampires throughout the Empire celebrated, lavish parties were thrown, and within two centuries the Eternal City was a burning ruin. Care to watch?


To be one of the Forsaken is to live on the knife's edge. Spirits are vicious and alien, while the Pure Tribes are more numerous and just plain bloodthirsty. So, when somebody contacts packs across the world with the promise of power and a dominant place in the world, it's an irresistable prize. Then the strings attached start to show themselves…

Retired Games


Four colleagues wake up one morning to the end of the world. After evacuating to Titan and forging new lives over ten years, they are pulled back into a strange situation which will test their confidence in reality.

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