Ananasi in the New World of Darkness


Ananasi Lexicon

Anansi: The first and wisest of the Ananasi. According to some,
Anansi is still alive, directing his Queen’s worshipers through subtle
and hidden means.
Aspect: The subset of Ananasi determined by which part of the Triat
the werespider is dedicated to. The aspects include: Hatar (the Wyrm),
Kumoti (the Wyld), and Tenere (the Weaver). Similar to auspice in the Uratha.
Crawlerling: The natural spider form. Ananasi can separate
themselves into a mass of normal-sized spiders, and then regroup into
one of their other forms at a later time.
Damhàn (DOM-hahn):** The name which the Ananasi call themselves.
Faction: The given role that each of the Ananasi follows. The factions include: Myrmidon (Warrior), Viskr (Wizard), and Wyrsta (Questioner of the Way). Similar to tribes among the Uratha.
Grandmother Spider: The Weaver.
Great Mother, the: Queen Ananasa.
Great Web, the: The universe as a whole. It is no longer perfect, and that imperfection is what the Ananasi seek to repair. Different than the Web or Web of Ananasa (see below).
Hatar: Wyrm-aspected Ananasi.
Kumoti: Wyld-aspected Ananasi.
Lilian: The spider/human hybrid form.
Mother-Queen: Ananasa.
Myrmidon (MEER-mi-don): The martial faction of the Ananasi.
Ovid (OH-vid): The other Changing Breeds, mostly considered by the Ananasi to be insignificant compared to their own place and duty.
Pithus: The giant spider form.
Queen Ananasa: The creator of the Ananasi and the guiding force behind everything they do. She is both their Spirit parent and their totem.
Sylie (SI-lee): A haven and connection to the Umbra (and thus to Queen Ananasa) that each Ananasi creates; something like a Den-Realm.
Symmetry: The ultimate goal of the Ananasi and Queen Ananasa: the restoration of the Triat to their proper places and eventual restoration of universal balance.
Tapestry, the: Proper perspective on the universe. According to Ananasi thought, the universe is made of endless strands; only by observing the whole of this grand Tapestry can any creature understand its proper place in the Universe.
Tenere: Weaver-aspected Ananasi
Unweaving: Deliberate alteration or destruction of a part of the Tapestry or Great Web, in order to restore Symmetry.
Viskr (VIS-kr): The magic-focused faction of the Ananasi.
War in the Heavens: The great battles that led to the fall of the Triat and the building of the Web.
Weaving: Deliberate alteration, restoration, or creation of a part of the Tapestry or Great Web in order to restore Symmetry.
Web, the: The Gauntlet. While this is a hindrance to most of the Ovid, the Ananasi use the Web to serve their own purposes. Different than
the Great Web (see above) or Web of Ananasa, below.
Web of Ananasa: The connection and political body of the Ananasi as
a whole. The entire race of Ananasi as relates to the great scheme of
the Mother-Queen.
Wyrsta (WEER-stah): The “questioning” faction of the Ananasi.


  • The Tenere: Of all Damhàn, Tenere have the best control

over their emotions and pay the most attention to order and pattern. They aim to restore the Weaver to her original aspect, not the mad-out-of-control creature she has become. Specialty Skills:

  • The Hatar: Like the Tenere, the Hatar are dedicated to the

original aspect of their facet of the Triat — the Destroyer Wyrm, rather than the Corruptor. They believe that the Wyrm itself, has been corrupted by its imprisonment by the Weaver, and that in order to fulfill its true place in the Triat it must be freed and returned to its original role. Specialty Skills:

  • The Kumoti: Creative and dynamic, Kumoti emulate the Wyld as it

should be, rather than as it is. Through subtle changes and manipulations, they fight stagnation and entropy, encouraging growth and development where it might not otherwise flourish. Specialty Skills:


  • Myrmidon:
  • Viskir:
  • Wrysta:


  • Homid:
  • Lilian:
  • Pithus:
  • Crawlerling:



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