Ajaba in the New World of Darkness


Ajaba Lexicon

Ahadi: A proto-truce organization spearheaded by Kisasi for the purpose of ending overt hostilities between the Ajaba and the other Changing Breeds of Africa.
Aktu: Pack leader, usually female.
Anthros: The bipedal hybrid form; more human than hyena.
Clan: A large extended-family unit, including Ajaba and Kinfolk.
Crocas: The cave-hyena form; four-legged war form.
Hyaenid: The hyena form; also the breed of Ajaba born to a hyena
Kisasi: A young Ajaba with Maasai heritage who is working to create
and support peace between her people and the rest of the shifters in
Takuya: Allies, including but not limited to Kinfolk.
Yava: Supernatural weaknesses. Both Ajaba and Bastet possess Yava.


  • Dawn: Dawn Ajaba are filled with fury and Rage, eager to fight with their foes or to prove their dominance over their own kind. Specialty Skills:
  • Midnight: Midnight Ajaba are balance made manifest. While their anger may not equal that of the Dawn aspect, nor their supernatural strength that of the Dusk, neither do they have particular weaknesses in either area. Specialty Skills:
  • Dusk: Dusk Ajaba turn their Rage inward, learning more subtle ways to fulfill their sacred duty. Specialty Skills:


  • Homid: Special Traits: None.
  • Anthros: Special Traits: Str +1, Dex +1, Man -3, Size +1. Incites Iliotrela (+1 to resist).
  • Crinos: Special Traits: Str +2, Dex +2, Sta +3, Man 0, Size +2, 1/1 natural armor. Bite +2L, Claw +1L. Incites Iliotrela.
  • Crocas: Special Traits: Str +2, Dex +2, Sta +2, Man 0. Bite +2L, Claw 0L. Incites Iliotrela (+1 to resist).
  • Hyaenid: Special Traits: Dex +2, Sta +1, Man 0. Bite +2L.


Ajaba ascribe to the virtues of Purity, Glory, Wisdom, and Cunning that werewolves do, as well as another virtue of Obligation instead of Honor. All Ajaba have Glory and Cunning as their primary virtues regardless of auspice.

Obligation: Among an Uratha pack, Honor is an important virtue which describes a werewolf's relationship and behavior toward others. Packs would fall apart without these relationships, but the more individual Ajaba have no time for the restrictive precepts of living honorably. Instead, they strive to remain true to themselves and focus on the Obligations that they carry toward themselves.



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