Whiteroof Ward

The Whiteroof Ward is Fairhaven’s connection to the rest of the world. Rordan’s Gate boasts the lightning rail and airship towers which service the city, but for the majority of visitors to the City of Lights the docks of this working ward are their first contact with the city. Likewise, most Fairhaven residents leave via the wide Aundair River; countless poems have been written about the white roofs flanking the docks as a traveler leaves the beloved city for some other port of call.
This ward also bears the majority of the scars that the city maintains from the Last War. Individual districts of other wards, such as Vernhold and Craelia in the Eastway Ward, might have suffered worse during the conflict, but the Whiteroof Ward was completely reshaped by it. The large displaced Liotian population that is nearly synonymous with the ward today was just a small part of it a century ago. Stoutly reinforced Watch stations all along the docks also give silent testimony to the paranoia and anxiety that Fairhaven lived through during the Last War. To quote a prominent Fairhaven writer from the mid-century, “living through fear of siege is almost as taxing as living through a siege itself.” While many Liotian refugees vehemently disagree, the fact that Fairhaven never went through the same sort of “loss of innocence” which Metrol, Korth, and other cities did only added to the damage to city morale whenever an enemy threatened to sail up the Aundair.
Population: 6,900
Social Class: Lower to middle class.
Character: Open breezes, colorful residents, and exotic Liotian culture. The refugee population have swelled many areas to near bursting and conflict with the city government makes some Liotians stand-offish.
Businesses: Fishmongers, river guides, artisan items and foreign goods shipped upriver; gold-piece limit: 6,000 gp.
Key Personalities: Gregor Fraedin (River’s Call), Harek Goldeye (the Sentry), Madame Gasine (White Beach), Norr Merecaux (White Beach), Vamisse d’Lyrandar (Rainwash), Scrap and Tatter (River’s Call), Zalee Surto (Rainwash), Ytsil Verandon (the Sentry)
Watch Detail: 498 guards of the Watch: 134 on day shift (114 patrol, 20 stationed), 163 on evening shift (140 patrol, 24 stationed), 201 night shift (158 patrol, 43 stationed). These guards are responsible for patrolling Marble Halls as well as the Whiteroof Ward.


District Type: Warehouse Ward
First Impression: Wide streets lead past large, blank warehouses. Off-hour laborers loiter on the stoops of tenements looking idly at those passing by.

The district of Broadstreets is a working district with little time for anything else. Trade goods move in and out of the district every day and those that live here often go for weeks without leaving the vicinity of their workplace and home. Many of the Liotian refugees have found employment and housing here, though sometimes at the expense of long-time Fairhaven residents. While most of the difficulties have been smoothed over in the decades since the sacking of Thaliost, some families in Broadstreets still hold grudges, particularly since a new wave of refugees from Thaliost have arrived since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold.
Axiot Tradehold: The most powerful merchant family in Broadstreets is the Axiot clan of dwarven merchants. With generations of traders, the Axiot dwarves are synonymous with Broadstreets to some Fairhaven residents. Decades ago, the Axiots established a pact with the Saverne where they help to get the gang supplies if the Saverne helps them to resist being strongarmed by Morak’s Crew in nearby Weaver’s Row. The lycanthropes and dwarves have little respect for one another but neither side can afford to break the pact without serious logistical losses.
Voreen's Walk: During the Last War, an Aundairian noble was killed in this alley in an attempt to leave the city with treasonous secrets. The alley which bears his name is said to haunted and is avoided by criminals and traders alike to avoid bad luck.
See Also: More on Voreen's Walk can be found in the Explore Fairhaven article in Dungeon 175.


District Type: Waterfront
First Impression: The smell of fish is in the air as nets are unloaded from ship to shore. Shouts echo down the wharfs, but all of the people seem to be friends sharing inside jokes.

The houses lining the wharves of the Whiteroof Ward are small and nondescript for the most part; it is the dock area itself that attracts the most attention. Ships traveling up the Aundair River stop here to unload their goods and the fishermen also pull up to the docks with their nets full of the day’s catch. The river is unusually deep here, partially due to dredging by the city to keep it that way, and many visitors are surprised by the size of ships that are able to pull up close to the shore to unload cargo.
The Esplanade is one of the most cosmopolitan districts in the city in many ways, both among the visitors and the residents. Travelers from all over Khorvaire still use river transport rather than pay the expensive lightning rail fares, though the passenger crowd tends to be poorer as ship travel falls out of fashion. Rich merchants can also be seen, however, coming down to oversee the delivery of goods or to buy fish for sale farther into the city. All sorts of races from shifters and goblinoids to eladrin and devas can be seen on the docks engaged in trade, haggling, planning, and simple conversation. Despite the crowds, the area usually feels very safe with the many patrols that circle through the docks from the nearby Sentry garrison.
Dharvek: The unscrupulous elf known as Dharvek is a new addition to the Whiteroof Ward, and an unwelcome one. Arriving from Stormreach at the end fo the Last War, Dharvek made a name for himself as a useful and resourceful smuggler. Not everyone was impressed, however, and the smuggler quickly earned the enmity of both the Dark Dagger Gang and Morak's Crew, one of the few things the two groups will agree on. Despite this setback, Dharvek and his small-but-loyal cronies continue to grow in reputation among the city's criminal element.
The Underquay: At the end of a lonely and disused wharf, easily missed on the northern end of the Esplanade next to the bustling Lyrandar wharves of Rainwash, is a ramshackle fishing hut which spends most of its time shut. Despite the small size and the strange location, this is a prime meeting spot for criminals operating in the Whiteroof Ward and one of the few neutral grounds where the Dark Daggers, Morak's Crew, and even the Saverne can meet without an immediate fight. Those who know the watchword to get past the door will find the hut supernaturally big on the inside, and full of such a grimy crowd that they might wish they'd stayed outside.
See Also: Travel times by river can be found in Chapter 2: Life in Fairhaven. More information on the Underquay and Dharvek can be found in the Explore Fairhaven article in Dungeon 175.


District Type: Guildhall District
First Impression: Stately houses with old-fashioned designs. The heritage of this district is almost palpable.

Before House Lyrandar petitioned the Kingdom of Aundair for control of the northern island of Stormhome, it was based in the teeming waterfront of the Whiteroof Ward. While the day-to-day business of the house relocated to Stormhome centuries ago, its offices in Fairhaven remain an important part of the House of the Storm’s administration in western Khorvaire.
Kraken Hall: This large building made of Otharaunt marble sits at the center of the district but is connected to towers throughout by walkways set a few stories up. Each of these towers is considered an annex of the hall itself, which has been growing since its construction centuries ago. Today Kraken Hall sprawls throughout most of Rainwash, spreading its annex towers like the tentacles of its namesake. The veined marble of the main building has lately begun to grow dingy, however, as House Lyrandar’s attention in Fairhaven shifts to the increasingly profitable Chalice Center and the towering airship dock there.
Kraken Hall is House Lyrandar’s center for inland water and orders for river transport from as far away as Starilaskur are organized through the offices of this building. While it is a large area, most of the Five Nations’ river systems are all connected through the expansive Scions Sound or the equally impressive Silver Lake and Lake Galifar basins. Both of these areas are near Fairhaven and House Lyrandar’s fortune was originally built on successfully networking these drainage systems. These days, however, this legacy is under attack from several different sides. The invention of the lightning rail has made overland transport much easier than ever before and many merchants are choosing this method of moving their goods. The Thunder Sea campaign two centuries ago, when the Galifaran navy and the talents of the Dragonmarked Houses destroyed the pirate regimes which preyed upon southern waters and established the city of Stormreach, made sea transport much easier and much more profitable for House Lyrandar. Between their elemental galleons and airships, the House of the Storm is rightfully enamored with the high seas and open skies; river traffic is, frankly, passé. Lastly, the influx of Liotian refugees to the ward has created a growing population of independent riverboat captains which undermines the power of Kraken Hall on its very doorstep.
Still, the head of the Kraken Hall offices, an elderly half-elven man named Vamisse d’Lyrandar, remains optimistic. His father and grandmother before him were the administrators of river trade and Vamisse sees no reason to suppose that his family will lose its honored position any time soon. Vamisse’s son Eloim, however, sees things differently. Unbeknownst to his father, Eloim has been spending much of his free time at Lyrandar Tower in Chalice Center getting instruction from the windwright captains there. His dream is to become an airship captain and he has no intention of being stuck in the cluttered Kraken Hall like his father.
Ocean Spray Café: This small shop overlooking the waterfront is a favorite among gentleman captains and scholarly river travelers. It’s open construction allows for cool summer breezes but the shutters on the sides of the building allow it to be closed up and heated during the winter. The shop’s owner is Zalee Surto, a distant cousin of Vamisse d’Lyrandar who has spent her entire life building the Ocean Spray up from nothing. When her husband died shipping supplies on the river during the war, Zalee persevered and made sure her daughter would be provided for. Unabashedly using family connections to bargain for cheap supplies, Zalee’s café eventually became known throughout the city for having a large number of exotic teas from Q’barra, Xen’drik, and even Sarlona. Zalee loves her work, which is why she was so dismayed one morning when she awoke to find a shining dragonmark curled between her shoulder blades. With all of her family in the house, Zalee knew exactly what this meant: forced enlistment, stationing aboard an airship or galleon, probably as some cook, and a life far away from the city and café that were her life. The very thought terrified her and so Zalee kept it hidden from everyone, even her daughter Willa. For months now the middle-aged Khorovar has been hiding this secret, but with more Lyrandar officials visiting daily to assess Kraken Hall’s role in the future of the house, Zalee is worried about how much longer her charade can last.

River’s Call

District Type: Red-light District
First Impressions: A rowdy collection of streets but not seedy, full of happy crowds blowing off steam after working on the docks. With all this excitement, it’s easy to miss the suspicious glances and hurried whispers that follow visitors.

Despite the bright exterior, River’s Call is a dynamic crossroads of cultures and politics within Fairhaven. Visitors looking for discrete meeting places often pick the sailor’s pubs that line the streets here where no one is too interested in other peoples’ business, and this means that informants for the Royal Eyes also frequent the taverns looking for suspicious figures.
The Bilge: This infamous boxing ring is permitted by the Watch because its owners adhere to a strict set of rules. Sailors from the Aundair River come to place bets on the fights or to participate in them, but the location can be difficult to find. The entrance to the Bilge is an unassuming door at the end of an alleyway; visitors walk through it and down a set of slick stone steps to a large circular space. The torchlit chamber is an old cistern that was abandoned by the city when it became too leaky. Muddy river water fills the bottom of the chamber while the upper sections have been refurbished into steep stone bleachers for spectators. Combatants fight in the watery section of the chamber, a space about thirty feet in diameter. The water at the bottom is only about one foot deep at the edges of the fighting ring but can get as deep as three or four feet in the middle, depending on the level of the river.
The owners of the Bilge, two half-elves who call themselves Scrap and Tatter, have no interest in seeing the Watch shut down the operation and assiduously enforce the non-lethal rules of the fights. They quickly evict any troublemakers and have a good relationship with the guards in the Sentry nearby. What the Watch doesn’t know, however, is that Scrap and Tatter work for Morak’s Crew and use the Bilge as part of their smuggling operations in the Whiteroof Ward. The half-collapsed hallways on the outer edges of the old cistern lead to tunnels in Brickenhall controlled by the Saverne where goods are moved into and out of Fairhaven.
Driftwood Tavern: The Driftwood Tavern is typical of taverns the River’s Call district. It was called Jenk’s until relatively recently when the shifter owner of the tavern left Fairhaven suddenly and handed over the business to another man, Gregor Fraedin. Despite the change in management, the tavern remains popular for its large beer selection and prominent location. It also remains a meeting place for clandestine informants, a reputation it earned during the Last War when spies from all over Khorvaire came to the tavern to blend in with the cosmopolitan crowd. The tavern has received increased attention from the Royal Eyes as well, though, and that organization was behind the shift in management. The shifter Jenks left under pressure from the Royal Eyes and his replacement Fraedin is secretly an informant for the intelligence organization. Fraedin passes everything he sees on to his contacts with the Royal Eyes and goes out of his way to make the tavern a good meeting place for spies coming to the city so that he doesn’t lose his information stream.

The Sentry

District Type: Garrison
First Impressions: The tower at the center of this district was the pinnacle of architecture a century ago but now the guards inside are more concerned with customs than defense.

The Sentry is the name of both the garrison district that oversees both the Whiteroof Ward and Marble Halls, and the old fortress that juts from its center. The tall tower at the center is purposefully reminiscent of a lighthouse which made the fortress less imposing and more agreeable to commerce in days past but now, as it becomes worn and grayed with age, it seems old-fashioned. The Watch members who serve inside the Sentry are as determined as ever, however, and they take their task of watching the riverfront area very seriously.
The Azure Blade: Though he hates the nickname, Ytsil Verandon is known as the Azure Blade among the residents of the Whiteroof Ward. The genasi swordfighter hires himself out as a bodyguard and part-time inquisitor, wielding blade and spell with an eerie grace. Despite being a long-time fixture in the Sentry district, Verandon is not originally from Fairhaven and those who listen carefully can still catch traces of his Brelish accent. The Azure Blade refuses to work with anyone with ties to the Brelish government, however, and is immediately suspicious of any groups containing Brelanders. Stories in the taverns hold that Verandon was exploited for his heritage by the Dark Lanterns and left Breland because of it. The genasi himself is silent on the subject.
Sentry Garrison: The garrison is led by Harek Goldeye, a dwarf who is a distant cousin of the Axiot clan in Broadstreets. He runs his garrison with a stern hand and expects any day could uncover a shipload of contraband. Harek is particularly harsh on incidents of bribery in the wards under his watch and would certainly come down hard on any of his Watch members who were caught being paid off by gangs. Harek’s early career was marked by clashes with the members of what would become the Scions Liberation Front which had begun to operate in White Beach as the occupation of Thaliost became more and more permanent. These incidents shaped Harek’s opinion of Liotians and half-elves in general and he is very suspicious of them to this day.
The Tipsy Nixie: This tavern is popular among soldiers from the Sentry and Lyrandar workers from Rainwash. While most visitors to the Whiteroof Ward are content with watery beer and hard liquors, the Nixie caters to a more genteel crowd of officers and clerks so those seeking fine wines have few other choices in the ward. Hyjahl Leafwind, the tavern's eladrin owner, is as aloof as any of his kind and dislikes low-class types in his establishment. This aloofness strays into eccentrism, however, with the strange glass baubles that line the walls, tied together with silvery threads, which Hyjahl refuses to explain.

Weaver’s Row

District Type: Warehouse
First Impressions: In amongst the tall warehouses of the river merchants sit small shops selling fish, sailing supplies, and pearls.

While its name might seem somewhat misleading, Weaver’s Row has been known for years as a fishing district. The weavers that the name refers to are those in the shops which knit and repair the fishermen’s nets. All sorts of river fish can be bought in this district but the catches which attract the real attention are those of the pearl fishers. Their fishing grounds are uncertain and even their methods are a bit mysterious but these half-elves yearly come up with the city’s supply of the highly-sought Fairhaven river pearls. So secretive are the pearl fishers of Weaver’s Row, though, that they refuse to discuss their fishing grounds with anyone not related to them, even the Liotian refugees which the rest of the ward has welcomed openly. Some say that the fishers are worried about the supply running out and point to the shift over the past half-century of Weaver’s Row from a fishing district to one dominated by the warehouses of river merchants. Most in Fairhaven merely scoff when they hear this, considering it more likely that the pearl fishers are limiting supply to drive up prices and perhaps even spreading these rumors themselves to encourage greedy buyers.
The most powerful force in Weaver’s Row, however, is the gang known as Morak’s Crew. While its presence is generally invisible and the Crew is one of the least powerful gangs in Fairhaven, Morak’s Crew has operations in a number of other cities besides Fairhaven, including Thaliost, Daskaran, and Flamekeep. During the Last War, Morak’s Crew specialized in smuggling operations to cities where it had a presence and it continues this to some degree today. In Weaver’s Row, they own several of the warehouses and operate through a number of fronts to avoid suspicion. While the Dark Dagger Gang or Daask may be better-known, the leaders of Morak’s Crew would say that just makes them more likely to be caught.

White Beach

District Type: Half-elf neighborhood
First Impression: The streets are filled with half-elves shouting to each other and offering friendly smiles to passersby, clearly wanting something but being very cheery about it.

The name of this district seems silly considering the worn and streaked cobblestones which over the only ground visible but White Beach once lived up to the title. This was just part of the bright beaches led to the original name of the orcish settlement at this location and the Liotian elves who made their homes here long before Galifar have maintained the name as they continue to claim the area as their own. If the Whiteroof Ward is the home of Liotian culture in Fairhaven then White Beach is its glowing hearth. The neighborhood is dominated by half-elves and the humans and elves in their extended families. Liotian phrases and spices are both thick in the air and those familiar with Liotian cultures in foreign cities like Korth and Thaliost recognize the familiar aspects of the transnational culture that make the district distinctly different from others in Fairhaven.
Gasine’s Spices: Madame Gasine has an impressive number of high-quality spices but just as many locals come for her sage advice and powerful poultices. Gasine is an elder in the community and she takes this duty very seriously. Liotians needing anything from spiritual guidance to arbitration on a despute to a balm for their pregnant wife come to see the elderly half-elf. Many see Gasine as a foil to the extremists associated with the Scions Liberation Front but the elder herself would clarify that she is still undecided on the matter of whether to use force to reclaim Thaliost. Frustratingly, she has been “undecided” for nearly a decade, though no one would think to question Madame Gasine’s judgement.
Hooked Inn: This popular inn sees a ready influx of clients from the ships that stop at the docks. Covering the walls in the common room are large gaffing hooks which just straight out, offering perches for the half-dozen fisher's owls that the inn's owner, a half-elf named Jesvin, keeps as pets. Jesvin was once a ship's mage but he retired after a couple close calls during the war and is very content with his quiet life in the Whiteroof Ward. He maintains a competitive edge over other inns in the ward by offering his owls as messengers for guests. Accommodation at the Hooked Inn includes one message sent by owl using the Animal Messenger ritual, and additional messages can be sent for a small fee. Fisher owls are a small and nimble species but not suited for long flights so messages are typically limited to the area around Fairhaven with the ritual's 12-hour duration. Jesvin doesn't usually ask very closely about recipients (though he needs to know the message to cast the ritual) but he will refuse to participate in any illegal activities.
Merecaux’s Trades: Little sets this shop apart from any antique shops in any city to a passerby unless it is the couple impressive magical items in the window which seem out of place under the establishment’s rustic sign. Anyone on the streets, however, will gladly inform you that it is the business of Norr Merecaux, brave freedom fighter and local legend. During the Last War, Merecaux became the most famous guerilla fighter defending barges rescuing political prisoners from Thranish prisons in Thaliost, many of them Liotian rebels. Claims vary wildly but a responsible estimate would credit him with being responsible for safety and survival of several thousand people, many of whom live in White Beach to this day and are unfailingly loyal to him. For his part, Merecaux is humble about his life during the war and usually waves away comments or lets others tell the stories for him. He wants nothing more than to be a simple antiques merchant now, though the events of the war clearly still haunt him.

Morak’s Crew: The gang operating out of the Whiteroof Ward is headquartered in White Beach where they receive the most sympathy. Though they primarily serve as a smuggling operation, moving goods along the river, surrounded by their fellow Liotians the true colors of Morak’s Crew become more evident. They serve often as a supplier, recruiter, and informant to the Scions Liberation Front (SLF) in Thaliost and garner sympathy for the movement even among non-Khorovar. Some residents of White Beach are just as sympathetic and appreciate the Crew’s efforts, but others are frustrated with the extra attention it draws and tensions mount alongside attention from the Fairhaven Watch who have no wish to see wartime hostilities begin once more from their city.
See Also: More information on Thaliost and the SLF can be found in Forge of War page 94. Information on Liotians and Thaliost itself can be found in those sections.
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