An enigmatic half-elven woman, Vyssil has lived in Port Verge for at least thirty years, though she looks hale and young still. The woman's origins are shrouded in mystery, even what part of Khorvaire she comes from, but she maintains a fiercely loyal following of a half-dozen individuals throughout the city's infrastructure whom she can turn to in need. Vyssil is a regular, if reclusive, fixture at the Bilge Market in Port Verge and will take just about any type of job asked of her as long as it fits her own, curious sense of interest. Her assistant, Roe, seems to share her unconcern for consequences and threats. No one remains unconcerned about these things for too long in the underworld of Port Verge, however.
When approached by the Karrnathi military party, Vyssil offered them the location of Thraxis in exchange for a dwarven agent named Jukkeam. As always, the exchange was marked with a nonchalance which is perhaps deserved. No formal agreement was settled on, but the danger that could result from avoiding a deal that Vyssil thinks has been agreed upon is probably not worth considering.

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