Chapter One: A Visitor's Guide to Thaliost

What the City Offers

Center of Trade

Thaliost rests on Scions Sound, a safe port near the mouth both the Aundair River and the Karrn. It is the first big city one reaches headed south from the important port of Stormhome and the last one heading out to sea from the metropolises of Fairhaven, Flamekeep, Korth, and Karrlakton. Before the destruction of the White Arch Bridge it was a critical stop on the east-west Orien trade road through northern Khorvaire and it remains an important site for transferring goods from lightning rail to ship. In short, many roads lead to Thaliost and clever merchants can make a tidy profit by reducing middlemen and coming to the city to trade themselves. For that matter, clever adventurers can easily turn a profit on their treasures in Thaliost should their travels bring them near the city and they will find a dozen merchants that they can try to play off each other for Dhakaani artifacts or magic weapons recovered from dungeons. The conflict in the city has reduced trade somewhat but the market in Thaliost is still healthy and an excellent reason to come.

Porous Borders

History of the City

Goods and Trade

Heading West

Heading East

Heading South

Thaliost: City of Strife
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