Chapter Two: A Visitor's Guide to Taer Valaestas

Reasons to Visit

Walls of Taer Valaestas

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The walls of Taer Valaestas were grown less than fifty years ago when the Valaes Tairn claimed the lands of Valenar as their new kingdom, but the foundations were laid in the Age of Monsters when the Green Kingdoms were founded by the Valaes Tairn of old. The archdruid Maezan Shal planted the seeds of the Thornwalls in the days of Celae and pulled up the great Alabaster Keeps that punctuate them. There are six Alabaster Keeps, formed of strong limestone despite the name, each named after a sacred tree from the grasslands of northeastern Aerenal. Each tower is claimed by Tairnadal claimed by one of the great Siyal Marrain heroes of the past. Clockwise from the Bronzewood Gates, the towers are:

  • Taer Eilalai: One of the two gleaming keeps flanking the Bronzewood gates, the Taer Eilalai is named for the thorny strangletree. While it starts as a vine climbing other large trees, the strangletree then thickens and produces a branching set of buttressing aerial roots while it strangles its host tree. This behavior makes it a favored tree to the followers of
  • Taer Tali'Si: This keep gets its name from the candle tree, so named for the wax-like substance the comes from broken branches. The thick liquid, however, can burn the skin and blind eyes which is why the tower is claimed by the followers of Sholol Tadeli the Dark-knife.
  • Taer Vasael'Si: Named for the peeling parchment tree.
  • Taer Pari'Var: Named for the date palm
  • Taer Shorol Sys'Si: Whistling Thorn
  • Taer Pyr'maer: Dropseed

History of the City

Festivals and Diversions

Taer Valeastas: City of Thorns
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Rose Valley (Bali os Vyri) • Thornshadow (Sys'adyrn)
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