Character Sheet


Ulric is large, even for a dragonborn, towering at 7'2". His skin is a coppery-orange, with a larger than normal scale pattern. His thick hide armor hides numerous battle scars, but many can still be seen covering his arms and face. Several of the ropey tendrils sprouting from his head seem to have been cut short, leaving him with a lopsided look. A few of the teath on the left side of his mouth have been broken or nocked out, though not enough to leave too big of a gap in any one place.
One thing that stands out among the battered and torn facade is Granth, Ulric's maul. The massive weapon is lovingly cared for, and shines brightly wherever it's metal shows. Delicate inlays of gold adorn the head of the weapon, though the pattern it forms is broken in some places - a testament to it's long use. The leather grip that extends across most of the haft is well worn and seems to have been replaced in several spots. Despite the loving upkeep, there are traces of blood-stains all over, and many chips and scratches can be seen where an enemy's skull decided it would put up a fight. Granth has never lost.


Ulric is a grim and dour fellow, always brooding. Until there's a chance for a fight. Ulric will pounce on any slight, any insult, to start a fight and let loose the anger and pain inside him. Once fighting, Ulric gives in to spirits he channels and lets their rage magnify his own. He is a berserker in the truest sense.
When and if Ulric sees humor in anything, it is usually grim or morbid humor.


Ulric had lead a fairly traditional Dragonborn life. He grew up roaming the mountains around his tribe in the Cairngorm Peaks (west of Winterhaven). Upon reaching adolescence he started tending his family's herd of mountain goats. When he came of age at sixteen he took, and passed, the trials of the Earth Mother, and was given approval from the tribe's shaman to train as a warrior. By the time he was seventeen he was able to channel the spirits of nature and his ancestors into a focused rage. When he turned eighteen he was formally recognized as a warrior of the tribe and given the rank of Rageblood. The years passed normally and Ulric courted one of the tribe's priestesses, a woman named Litania.

Then things changed.

First, Litania and several other Druids went missing. The shock of losing his betrothed was hard to take, and Ulric and the other warriors spent months looking for them. No trace was ever found. Ulric was devastated and spent much time picking fights and raging at the world and the spirits. Soon though, things got worse. Ulric's young sister, who had only just taken her trials, was kidnapped, along with a handful of other children. Unlike Litania's disappearance, Kirranna was easy to track. The Bloodreavers of Thunderspire had taken her, and Ulric wouldn't stop until every one of them was dead.

He tracked them down to a base in the labyrinth beneath Thunderspire Mountain and, with the help of a few adventurers fresh from Winterhaven, slaughtered them all. They were too late, as the children and other prisoners had already been sold as slaves. With the others, Ulric tracked them from one place to another. Finally, he found her in the clutches of the Blackfang Gnolls, ready to be sacrificed in a ritual to give their demon prince, Yeenoghu, complete control of Thunderspire. Ulric and his companions managed to stop the ritual and save the prisoners, but Ulric had been through too much. Too much pain, too much sorrow. This little revenge that he had gained wasn't enough to sate his anger. Following the rest of the adventurers, he traced the Blackfang's support back to a rogue Mage of Saruun and foiled his plans. His work in Thunderspire complete, he left the companions and took his sister, and the other tribe children, back home.

There he received a great shock. The Shaman had divined the location of the lost Druids! A breach in the fabric between the planes had opened and they had been taken into the Feywild. Ulric and several of the other warriors and priests of his tribe readied an expedition to get them back. Once in the Feywild, the priests led them to an ancient stronghold where they had been taken. Some reconnaissance uncovered that some Fomorians had taken them for reasons unknown. The Dragonborn assaulted the Fomorain base and fought all manner of beast and monster, losing several of their own, and rescuing only a few of the Druids, who had been tortured and abused. Most had already died, but Litania was alive. What few priests hadn't been killed reopened the portal back to the Cairngorm Peaks and the survivors escaped back to their home.

Unfortunately, Litania was not the same person as she was before. Though Ulric still loved her, and she him, Litania was shattered from her ordeal. She and Ulric tried to make things work, but in the end Litania relinquished the betrothal. Ulric left then, and spent months wandering on his own, letting his grief and anger determine his course.

That was when he saw it. Posted in every tavern he went to in Fallcrest: "…expedition into the world below… …adventure and glorious battle await in the deeps…" The underdark - what better place to lose himself and let his anger burn like an inferno! The challenges down there would either kill him or sate his bloodlust. With a grim smile, Ulric adjusted his enormous maul, shouldered his pack, and set off for Hammerfast.

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