Uliost Brightshroud

A male medusa in the employ of the the Daughters of Sora Kell who works as an information broker and coordinator throughout Droaam. He met with the Bitter Hand in Graywall after their battle with the priest Gelirr to give them a warning from the Daughters about the Cult of the Jackal Lord.
Far from typical of his kind, the Brightshroud is affable, talkative, and fashionable. Still he is as dangerous as any other of the children of stone and venom, and so a perfect agent for the Daughters of Sora Kell. He dresses in a vermillion cloak with gold trim, bracers of polished bronze, several gemmed rings on his fingers and a thin, gauzy scarf of bright yellow wrapped around his bald head and eyes. In a town like Graywal, this sort of dress would almost guarantee a mugging for most people. But no thief is foolish enough to attack a medusa.
Though the meeting in the Pickled Imp was his first time encountering the Bitter Hand as a group, the Brighshroud has several connections to individual members. Elwist Missinal only knows him by reputation and through mutual friends in the service of the Daughters while Gitaphix Craklyn has had the pleasure of meeting him once or twice in the expensive gambling houses in the Throne district of Graywall. It is Manthie, though, who knows him best. Before he was an agent of the Daughters, before he was a rich man, Uliost was a soldier in the army alongside the marked half-elf. Not only were they comrades, but they fought next to each other at the legendary Battle of Tzaryan Keep to repel pirate raiders from the shores of Droaam.

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