Twelve Colonies - A Battlestar Galactica RPG using the Storyteller System

Character Creation

Character Creation Process

The process for creating a character in Twelve Colonies is the same as in the core World of Darkness book (page 34-35).
Step One: Choose background. Decide your character concept, your characters colony, and any faction loyalties they might have including corporate, nationalistic, religious, criminal, or crew loyalties that are important.
Step Two: Select Attributes. Characters have the same nine Attributes in Twelve Colonies as they do in World of Darkness. Priorities the three categories and assign points as normal.
Step Three: Select Skills. Prioritize your Skill categories and assign dots. Note that some Skills are changed or do not exist in Twelve Colonies. See the Skills section below for changes.
Step Four: Select Skill Specialties. Your character gets three Skill Specialties of your choice, as normal.
Step Five: Add Template. Unless you are a Storyteller making a Cylon character, this step does not count.
Step Six: Determine Advantages. Determine Advantages as normal, following the instructions in World of Darkness, page 34.
Step Seven: Select Merits. Your character spends seven dots on Merits, as described on page 34 of World of Darkness. Some new Merits are listed below.



Humans have made twelve large planetoids into homeworld in the four-star Cyrannus System. The United Colonies of Kobol exist in a coallition which meets as a Colonial Senate which decides system-wide policies, but each colony is independent and decides most of its own laws, tax policies, and punishments. In addition there are many small colonies on inhospitable worlds which exist outside of Colonial authority, though they cooperate under threat of the Colonial Navy.

Helios Gamma System



"The Colony of Justice"
Population: 2.1 million
Patron God: Athena
Capital: None
Major City: Themis
Attractions: Supreme Hall of Justice, Themis Arena

Libran's dense jungles and hot, stormy climate make it an unlikely canditate for colonization, and for centuries it remained a largely uninhabited wilderness preserve. It was therefore surprising to many when the planet was chosen as the home of the Inter-Colonial Court, which tries all cases that fall across colony lines. Its only large city, Themis, hosts several major universities and law schools as well as a state-of-the-art arena, although it has been unable to attract a pyramid franchise.
Libran's two small moons, Herse and Pandressos, are thought to be captured asteroids. Tier orbits are so close they periodically swap positions with eah other.



"The Lone Colony"
Population: 1.7 billion
Patron God: Zeus
Capital: Tawa
Attractions: Acheron River

The barren, mountainous world of Sagittaron endured centuries of exploitation by the other colonies and, perhaps as a result, its inhabitants are still quite poor and have been slow to embrace modern science and technology. Because of their religious beliefs, many Sagittarons eschew medical treatments in favor of folk remedies and choose not to serve in the Colonial Militia. Public displays of affect as well as singing and dancing are banned by law, although visitrs will find the capital, Tawa, a bit more tolerant than the isolated mountain valleys.
During the long proxy war between Virgon and Leonis, Sagittaron was one of the key battlegrounds. Both sides occupied the planet for a time and exploited its population along with its two less populous neighbors. Since the formaion of the Colonial Governmnet, the system has been a model of stability, due in no small part to the fleet based at Scorpia, as well as the Inter-Colonial Court on Libran.



"Playground of the Colonies"
Population: 450 million
Patron God: Dionysus
Capital: Celeste
Major Cities: Celeste, Argentum
Attractions: Argentum Bay, Guardian Mountains, Scorpia Shipyards

A world of untamed tropical jungles punctuated by rugged mountain Ranges. Scorpia is a popular vacation destination for the other Colonies. Its inhabitants, though pious and family-oriented, are known for their religious tolerance and accommodating nature. The two main industries are tourism and ship construction at the planet's orbital shipyard complex, which serves as a tourist attraction in its own right.
The Scorpia Shipyards orbital compex is in teh same orbit as the planet's famous half-ring, though to be the result of a moon breaking up less than 100,000 years ago.

Other Planets

  • Acheron Asteroid Belt: This broad asteroid belt was named after Sagittaron's major river.
  • Ophion: A firigd gas giant in an inclined orbit, Ophion is 51,000 km in diameter, slightly larger than Hestia. In addition to its three groups of rigns, Ophion has 14 moons, all smaller than 10km in diameter.

Isotope studies have shown that Ragnar was originally a member of the Helios Gamma system while Ophion was not. Ophion was likely a rogue planet that passed close to Ragnar, and their gravitational interaction caused Ophion to become campbured by Helios Gamma while Ragnar was moved into its current orbit around Helios Gamma and Delta.

  • Thanatos: WIth a corrosive sulphur dioxide atmosphere, this tidally locked planet is aptly named for the god of death.



Skill Changes

Some Skills work differently in Twelve Colonies than they do in World of Darkness. The Occult Skill is not only limited to the topics of magic and the paranormal in Twelve Colonies; it is also a Skill which covers fringe religious groups like the monotheist Soldiers of the One and rumored conspiracies both political and criminal. The Drive Skill still is used for driving cars and boats and requires a Pilot Specialty to fly planes or spacecraft, although one can also pick a certain craft such as Pilot Viper or Pilot Raptor which can offer bonuses on other Skill checks related to the vehicle (such as Craft Skills to repair a Viper or a Computer roll to assess the systems on a crashed Raptor).

BSG Tests



Changed Merits


Language Commonly Spoken
Caprican Throughout the Colonies (especially around Helios Alpha and Helios Beta).
Cylon By Cylons and in Cylon computer systems.
Gemenese On Gemenon in conservative areas (others use Caprican).
Hestian On Canceron, Aquaria, and Aerilon in the Helios Delta system.
Leonese Leonis and throughout the Helios Beta system.
Old Gemenese Not commonly used, reserved for ancient religious texts and scholars.
Pican On Picon and trading centers on Tauron.
Saggitarian On Saggitaron and throughout the Helios Gamma system.
Tauron On Tauron and in expatriate communities throughout the Colonies.

Though many of Colonies share languages and Caprican is commonly spoken throughout the Twelve Colonies, local accents make it easier to place someone when speaking to them. Virtually every Colony speaks Caprican in its own way (the populous planets around Helios Alpha have multiple dialectic regions) and Canceron-, Aquarian-, and Aerilon-Hestian are very noticeably different even to intermediate speakers. Some prefer to call their language by their planet's name even when it is linguisitically similar to another planet's so that what some might call Scorpia-Saggitarian, others might call just Scorpian.

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