Trull Rath

Trull Rath is a trading town along the highway between Atur and Karrlakton. Like all raths, most activities in the town are centered around Trull Keep the home of the ir’Dousun family, though that family has recently fallen on hard times. The town itself is a large in its own right, though the population swells mostly in the spring as merchants arrive from throughout the Bravvin Hills south of the Nightwood. During the autumn month of Aryth, though, Trull Rath has only about two thousand residents, including the soldeiers in Trull Keep itself. Adventurers passing through the area are still likely to stop at Trull Rath simply because it’s the only thing around. The hills are generally too rocky with fieldstones for much farming, especially with the much more fertile southern steppelands to the east, and so most year-round residents of the town take up ranging.
The party met here and successfully defended Theon ir'Dousun when Feudalists forces attempted to take the rath for their own. It was here too that the heroes met Halas ir'Erdei and agreed to precede the general's forces northward towards Moonhold Keep.

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