Like the roaring cataracts of the Yor, these priests serve as channels for the gods' will. Their spells are powerful and the tmamut often feel an ecstasy beyond the experience of most mortals when they use their magic. Tmamuts rarely confine themselves to one temple or even one city-state, instead journeying throughout the lands of Khemti as divine inspiration serves them.

Tmamuts and the Gods

Ra, Set, and Shu all favor tmamut and many walk the Black and Red Lands in their names. Among the lesser gods, Apuat, Horus, Neith, Seker, and Sobek all bestow their favor on tmamut as the need arises. The War College in Tjekut trains a number of tmamut, some say the best in all of Khemti, and that city also hosts an order of tmamuts devoted to the god Horus-Ra who travel between other city states to destroy evil.

Changes to Class Features

The invoker class works exceedingly well in the setting of Hamunaptra as holy warriors wielding divine justice. To achieve a more Egytian feel, consider picking powers which deal fire, force, and radiant damage and avoid powers such as solid fog and invocation of fire and ice which create effects out of place in a desert setting. Powers can also be renamed to reflect the name of the god whom the tmamut is championing such as Ra's Searing Mark rather than Mantle of the Infidel.

Divine Covenant

Though they are not direct manifestations of their patron deities, nor chosen heirs to their power, tmamut often consider themselves to be extensions of the gods' will in the mortal realms. Their covenant fulfills this promise somewhat, pledging to give up power over part of their bodies so that it might serve as a conduit for divine will.

  • Covenant of Malediction: To Khemtian invokers, this is seen as literally speaking with a god's voice, serving as his mouthpiece to rebuke the unfaithful. Many tmamuts of this covenant speak with very different voices when invoking their magic, speaking words of power they have never heard before.
  • Covenant of Preservation: A preserving tmamut is the hand of their god in a very real way. They serve as a physical channel for the gods, allowing them to reach out and protect their servants directly. Some preserving tmamuts wrap their hands in the holy shrouds used for mummification and sealed with wax imprinted with sacred glyphs, seeking to preserve the instruments of their god from damage or taint.
  • Covenant of Wrath: For some tmamuts, the role of the priest is merely to find and expose blasphemy so that it might be dealt with by the gods. Those who swear the covenant of wrath serve as their god's eyes in the mortal realms, through which divine anger may destroy the unfaithful.

New Tmamut Prayers

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