A conniving gnomish artificer and navigator for the ill-fated expedition to Trebaz Sinara led by Eliam ir'Veldras. Upon returning from the island having only just reached the tomb of the ancient explorer Jheamast, Thraxis stole Eliam's Journal and tattooed down the maps and notes to the location on his skin. He then destroyed the pages as Eliam returned from meeting Captain Damog Hellscurvy and the two had a falling out, after which Thraxis disappeared into the tumult of Port Verge.

More recently, Thraxis has worked for the Cloudreavers based out of principality of Krag, though Thraxis himself spent a lot of time in his home of Port Verge. Four years ago, however, Thraxis ran afoul of someone, either in the Cloudreavers or outside, and was sentenced to Dreadhold for piracy. This charge is almost certainly true but also almost certainly used as a convenience who wanted Thraxis brought down. There is still no known copy of Eliam's map besides the one tattooed on Thraxis's back.

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