The Wilds Of Xen Drik

History of Xen'drik

The Regions of Xen'drik

The Cape of Stormreach

The northern cape the juts into the Thunder Sea and towards Khorvaire is named for the port city of Stormreach that most Khorvairians are familiar with. It also includes the scattered islands called Shargon's Teeth, the lone point of Sorrowdusk Island, and farther inland the Marsh of Desolation. It is a tangled and difficult land but, thanks to the number of expeditions headed south from Stormreach, one of the more well-mapped and safer parts of Xen'drik.

Hydra River Basin

The swampy lands of the Hydra River in central Xen'drik are home to warring tribes, lost ruins, and other dangers. The eastern boundary of the basin is the Ring of Storms while the western edge is the Fangs of Argarak. Along the south, the smoking Ash Cauldrons tower over the basin, with the jungled highlands of Bazek Mohl to the southeast.

Iceflow Sea

The southernmost portions of Xen'drik are formed around the harsh and devastating Iceflow Sea. Numerous islands, both large and small, dot the sea which separates Xen'drik proper from the grinding cold of Everice that is the southern counterpart to the Frostfell north of Khorvaire. The easiest way of entering the sea is from the east (deadly but not impossible) while to the west the large peninsula of frozen highlands called Dowron's Shield prevents sea travel.

Kapaerian Island


The oppressive desert of Menechtarun dominates western Xen'drik and few from Khorvaire have been able to cross its sands alive. The narrow mountain chain called the Skyraker Claws lies along the north coast while the southern boundary of the desert is made up of the Scimitar Spires. The Fangs of Argarak lie between Menechtarun and the Hydra Basin with the cooler, hidden Valley of Shadows hidden in the mountains there.

Tempest Jungle

The eastern reaches of Xen'drik are thick and deadly jungles, watched over by the peaks of the Tempest's Spine as if by vengeful gods. The lower southern section is dominated by the expansive Dread Lake and eventually leads to the Bluespine Peaks that separate the jungles from the Iceflow Sea.

Peoples of Xen'drik

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