The Six Kingdoms
History of the
Dhakaani Empire
The Six Kingdoms
The Five Sovereigns
The First Dynastic Period
Vaal'ool Dynasty
Takec Dynasty
Kukaar Dynasties
Shuulec Dekaar Period
Time of Warlords
The Early Dynastic Period
Har'daach Dynasty
Shuul'aagen Dynasty
First Shuul'aagen Dynasty
Rule of Vec'daar
Second Shuul'aagen Dynasty
The Incursion War
The Late Dynastic Period
Khar Dynasties The Red Kingdoms
Haal'khar Dynasty The Eastern Kingdoms
Dagec-Khar Dynasty The Green Kingdoms
The Western Wars
Oroch'dhech Dynasty
Taaluun Dynasty
The Raven States
Western Rhaguul Dynasty Kingdom of Lhekaan
Eastern Rhaguul Dynasty Zuul'dar Dynasty
The Daelkyr Wars
The First Daelkyr War
Ocral'dur Dynasty
The Second Daelkur War
Khragec Dynasty
The Third Daelkyr War
The Final Dynastic Period
Daac'or Dynasty
Makhaal Dynasty
Lahaas Uprising

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Before the Dhakaani Empire, goblinkind lived in scattered and warring nations without a collective identity. While goblins fought wars amongst themselves after this period, it is the centuries before Dhakaan that the goblins consider the most barbaric. At least, until the deprivations of the modern age.
The first goblin kingdoms are lost to antiquity, petty chiefdoms that rose and fell millennia before the Dhakaani emperor was crowned. By -1,000 EC six large kingdoms existed in southern Khorvaire, operating in a sort of detente as their power balanced each other out. Despite the total victory of Dhakaani tribes in later centuries, the regions of the Dhakaani heartland continue to carry the ancient names of these six kingdoms until the fall of the final dynasties. Akhaac, Dekhuul'daal, Shuugec, Targaask, and Uthroul are all provinces that exist for most of Dhakaani history and Dalaan continues as an informal territory. Even in the modern age, some goblins of the Dhakaani tribes prefer to use these names to those of the human kingdoms that exist on top of them.







The Orium Wars

Eight centuries before the founding of the Dhakaani Empire, the secrets of smelting orium were uncovered and the creation of magic items was revolutionized overnight. In the sudden scramble to secure and construct orium mines, harsh sanctions were exchanged and then armies. Over the following three centuries a series of conflicts, called the Orium Wars, destroyed many of the kingdoms. At the end of these wars only three kingdoms remained. Targaask was a despotic theocracy devoted to a lost pantheon of goblin gods and with a zero-tolerance system of laws that outlawed the druidic practices of the orcs and the ancestor-worship more familiar to modern goblins. The feudal system of Uthroul had local warlords who had nearly absolute control of their fiefdoms, forming the model for later Dhakaani society. The last kingdom, and the smallest, was Dhakaan which grew out of the ashes of two other kingdoms during the Orium Wars. When the last battle ended around -500 EC these three kingdoms settled into a peace of sorts as they recovered from centuries of war and rebuilt their lands.

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