The Pickled Imp

A tavern in the Bloodstone district of Graywall owned by the drow Jix'in. The Pickled Imp squats at the end of a foul alley, which is littered with slop tossed from the windows of crowded buildings on all sides. Though it seems dingy in the pale light of day, the building has a certain menace to it, as if it is sneering at any who glance at it. It is an infamous tavern popular among gnolls and shifters, which gets its name from the large jar containing a dead imp suspended in brown fluid that sits proudly on the old wooden bar. This tavern is no place for the meek, and no one comes here for the vile spitweed gin that the drow proprietor Jix’in serves. Most of the business at the Imp happens on those nights when Jix’in has dog fights in the back room. The Daughters of Sora Kell frequently send messages through the tavern to Elwist who maintains a somewhat strained friendship with Jix’in. They are the only two drow to live permanently in Graywall, but that is as much as they have in common. Jix’in is surprisingly friendly as far as Graywall residents go and is happy to pass on sealed letters to Elwist from her “distant friend in Sharn.”

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