The Green Kingdoms
History of the
Dhakaani Empire
The Six Kingdoms
The Five Sovereigns
The First Dynastic Period
Vaal'ool Dynasty
Takec Dynasty
Kukaar Dynasties
Shuulec Dekaar Period
Time of Warlords
The Early Dynastic Period
Har'daach Dynasty
Shuul'aagen Dynasty
First Shuul'aagen Dynasty
Rule of Vec'daar
Second Shuul'aagen Dynasty
The Incursion War
The Late Dynastic Period
Khar Dynasties The Red Kingdoms
Haal'khar Dynasty The Eastern Kingdoms
Dagec-Khar Dynasty The Green Kingdoms
The Western Wars
Oroch'dhech Dynasty
Taaluun Dynasty
The Raven States
Western Rhaguul Dynasty Kingdom of Lhekaan
Eastern Rhaguul Dynasty Zuul'dar Dynasty
The Daelkyr Wars
The First Daelkyr War
Ocral'dur Dynasty
The Second Daelkur War
Khragec Dynasty
The Third Daelkyr War
The Final Dynastic Period
Daac'or Dynasty
Makhaal Dynasty
Lahaas Uprising

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The Green Kingdoms began with the landing of the Valaes Tairn in 7145 EC. Two armies landed, each led by a strong and respected general, and laid claim to the lands of Shuugac Province as their own. Scholars say that this migration was caused by a temporary lull in the physical battles of the war with the dragons of Argonnessen but this is only part of the truth. One might suppose that the Tairnadal, the "Proud Warriors," would return to their ancient homeland of for revenge and in fact the elf warriors of the Sileus Tairn did exactly this. But the Warriors of Glory sought new challenges and new horizons.

They found both in the lands of Dhakaan.



The second army to land was led by the archdruid Maezan Shal, one of the most powerful Siyal Marrain ever to live. He named his people's new myal, the territory they are pledged to fight in, after the grand forests he planned to create there. "Calae" means "arbor" in the language of the elves, a testiment to the grand plans of Maezan Shal. Starting with the natural deep woods of the Ravar Orioth (the Jungle of Scimitars), the druids of Celae created tracts of land with thick trees and wild, natural tangles. Bypassing the goblinoid cities of Hekhakaan and Shulkaan, the elves of Celae began the process of reshaping the former Dhakaani lands into their hoped-for kingdom.

The greatest of these creations was Taer Valaestas, but it was also the personal downfall of Maezan Shal. As the wars with the goblins raged, they focused on the single elf city in the Green Kingdoms as the symbolic lynchpin of the Tairnadal forces. Built on the borders of Celae, Taelal, and Jharaesae, the city was a natural meeting place for the warbands and a stunning testament to elven power. Though they managed to approach the city and lay siege to it, the bronzewood walls proved too strong for the armies of Dhakaan with their own supply lines stretched thin over hostile territory. Instead the goblins sent in sharaat'khesh assassins to kill Maezan Shal. Though they succeeded, the single greatest Dhakaani victory of the Dhakaani-Tairn Wars, the archdruid cursed them with his dying breath. Even after the walls of the city were eventually razed, the souls of the Silent Knife goblins remained trapped to haunt the site, even in the modern form of Taer Valaestas in the nation of Valenar.




Dhakaani Remnants


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