The Eastern Kingdoms
History of the
Dhakaani Empire
The Six Kingdoms
The Five Sovereigns
The First Dynastic Period
Vaal'ool Dynasty
Takec Dynasty
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Shuulec Dekaar Period
Time of Warlords
The Early Dynastic Period
Har'daach Dynasty
Shuul'aagen Dynasty
First Shuul'aagen Dynasty
Rule of Vec'daar
Second Shuul'aagen Dynasty
The Incursion War
The Late Dynastic Period
Khar Dynasties The Red Kingdoms
Haal'khar Dynasty The Eastern Kingdoms
Dagec-Khar Dynasty The Green Kingdoms
The Western Wars
Oroch'dhech Dynasty
Taaluun Dynasty
The Raven States
Western Rhaguul Dynasty Kingdom of Lhekaan
Eastern Rhaguul Dynasty Zuul'dar Dynasty
The Daelkyr Wars
The First Daelkyr War
Ocral'dur Dynasty
The Second Daelkur War
Khragec Dynasty
The Third Daelkyr War
The Final Dynastic Period
Daac'or Dynasty
Makhaal Dynasty
Lahaas Uprising

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Vec'dhal Rule

Dominating Targaask and parts of Akhaac, Vec'dhal was one of the two powerful states along with Kec'dhakan which prevented the Dagec-Khar emperors from reclaiming the Eastern Kingdoms. Controlled by ethnically diverse nobility (including families from the Ghaal'dargat bugbears, the Khrel'ten goblins, and Rhan'duun and Khac'dhogen hobgoblins) the uniting factor for the ideology of the rulers was an aggressive military stance. This led to two cycles of rapid expansion, faltering, and collapse and eventually contributed to the downfall of Vec'dhal in favor of the growing Aagen'daan.

First Vec'dhal

Later Vec'dhal

Kec'dhakan Rule

The Kec'dhakan rulers controlled most of Uthroul through the end of the Dagec-Khar dynasty and the beginning of the Western Wars. The government was dominated by a noble class consisting of hobgoblin and goblin families with bugbear military leaders also gaining some prominence. The leaders of Kec'dhakan struggled against those of Vec'dhal for most of the two states' existences, eventually changing its aggressions towards the ascendant Aagen'daan dynasty which eventually overcame the smaller state. A brief resurgence of the state occurred with the Restored Kec'dhakan dynasty of the Raven States period, but it is generally regarded as a very minor Dhakaani kingdom and not in the official line of Dhakaani dynasties.

First Kec'dhakan

Second Kec'dhakan

Northern Kec'dhakan

Southern Kec'dhakan

Western Kec'dhakan


Throughout most of the rule of the Dagec-Khar emperors, the province of Dalaan remained largely unclaimed by both the western rulers and the myriad eastern states. With the resurgence of both the Later Vec'dhal and the Second Kec'dhakan states to the north, however, several strong leaders in the south banded together to unite the goblinoid settlements within the Circling Mountains (the Shegaan Ghuukac) from the powerful but corrupt northern empire.

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