The Dreaming Dark

Dal Quor is a realm of dreams, an alien world of shifting concepts and strange ideas. It is cyclical with a powerful spirit reshaping the plane every few millennia; currently the spirit Quor Tarai is creating a nightmare of the realm and the quori that remain serve il-Lashtavar are twisted and selfish. Of those creatures, six of them are the most powerful and commanding intelligences of the realm and they direct the actions of lesser quori. Like all quori they are inherently genderless, but usually they are referred to as "Quori Lords" or "Kings of Dal Quor."

Khajas Shak

The nightmarish form normally worn by Khajas Shak is a towering mass of tendons and wrapped muscles, all wreathed in fire. He is a savage lord, some would say unhinged, and he concentrates on those dreamscapes spawned by fear of primal forces. Those dreaming of dying in fires, being hunted by animals, or wasting away from illness might be watched by Khajas Shak or his servants. He particularly hates the kalashtar and those spirits who serve il-Yannah and many of his most hateful and skilled agents are part of the Circle of Night.

Asht Aith Jirath

The most subtle and intense of the Quori Lords, Asht Aith Jirath is a twisting mass of tendrils and pincers, shrouded in a veiling mist. He steals into mortal dreams, masquerading as loved ones to plant subconscious seeds of doubt in them that will remain after waking. Unique among the quori lords, Asht Aith Jirath sends slivers of his intelligence into mortal hosts, directing spies and saboteurs directly on Eberron. He hasn't done this in over two hundred years, however, and many among the Inspired fear that he might try it again.

Eil Eth

Mortals aren't the only ones that dream, they are just the ones that are most easily accessed. Eil Eth is a powerful but quiet Quori Lord, lurking in the background of the other lords' scheming with a single goal in mind: breaching the wards that protect the dreams of dragons. Many Inspired spies have died serving this goal but Eil Eth is determined to achieve it, believing this is the only way that il-Lashtavar can come to rule the mortal realm.

Shar Palah

While Asht Aith Jirath works to sew doubt and discord through dreams, Shar Palah seeks only the truth. He was instrumental in subverting the mortal nations of Sarlona, gathering secrets and plots through dreams and using those to undo the kingdoms that would become Riedra. Now he does the same in Eberron, turning nation against nation in an effort to subvert the realms of humankind.

Thist Kheth

The Inspired used trickery and desperation to subvert the nations of Sarlona. Since the rise to power of the Inspired, trickery has remained a potent tool in the hands of the quori but the desperate bargains once offered by Thist Kheth aren't as necessary… in Sarlona at least. Now that the Dreaming Dark is pushing across the oceans to Khorvaire, bargains are once again becoming more important and long, serpentine collection of limbs and mouths that Thist Kheth uses has begun appearing in the dreams of mortals in this new land to tie them to the power of il-Lashtavar.

Osha Sheth

Like the other servants of il-Lashtavar, Osha Sheth was satisfied stealing into the dreams of mortals and controlling them from afar from the comfort and familiarity of Dal Quor. Now that they have experience with the mortals of Riedra, however, he no longer finds this enough and has begun vile experimentations. Starting with the selective breeding programs that led to the waiting vessels of the Inspired, Osha Sheth has tried to create creatures bound to Dal Quor in the mortal realm of Eberron. Aberrations and phrenic creatures grow in the dungeons of Riedran cities, all mad and unusable so far but soon Osha Sheth will succeed and the Dreaming Dark will have a new avenue into the world.

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