The Cruelest Animal


This campaign takes place in what was once known as the Dinaric Alps, but known in this period as Hravatskan Mountains. The southern portion of the mountains is dominated by the powerful Voivodat Skadar which overlooks the small Adriatic Sea, shrunk by lowering sea levels to a small fraction of its previous side. To the north are is the broad Ravnice Soli (the Plains of Salt) which are the exhumed remains of the Adriatic with Spitalian farmlands and Anabaptist trade fortresses.

Bordering this plain to the northeast, the Hravatskan Mountains continue with towering trees and wild tribes. On the other side of the Ravnice and the Adriatic is the peninisula of Purgare where Spitalian soldier-kings, African merchant lords, and urban tribes all exist in a mélange. Further to the east from Voivodat Skadar are the other voivodships of Bhalkan and the xenophobic tribal folk of those lands.


  • Bassham:
  • Dornstadt (modern Dornstadt): In Borca, north of the border with the Hellvetics' territory, is the holy city of the Anabaptists. Recruits are inducted here during a baptismal ceremony and given their missions. No one outside of the cult is allowed within seven miles of the city, under penalty of death.
  • Ignatz: A merchant town with a disreputable population located in the Hravatskan Mountains overlooking the Ravnice Soli. Despite its reputation as a villainous and dangerous place, it is a frequent stop for caravans since Ignatz lies along important trade routes between Purgare, Pollen, and Balkhan.
  • Voivodat Skadar:

Pre-Generated Characters


You are a loose cannon. Not the best quality for someone charged with upholding the law. During an argument, you went too far and shattered the skull of another Marshal with your hammer. You were immediately overpowered by your comrades and branded with the mark of a violent criminal, a permanent badge of shame—the inverted hammer. After being stripped of everything that identified you as a Marshal—your weapon, codex, and hat—you fled to Ignatz, a city infested with villainy; a city that once stood for everything you despised. Now, however, it is the only place for a marked man to be left in peace.

Your tightly cropped hair, dark sunglasses, and grimy leather coat are all that are left to identify you as a Marshal.


Your hair is a jungle of thick dreadlocks; your gaze is sometimes timid, sometimes wild. You enjoy nothing more than to toy with your opponents, exploiting their desires and using them against them.

A decade ago, Anabaptists massacred your clan, and you dedicated your life to avenging their deaths, one Anabaptist at a time. An opportunity to exact revenge on a grander scale presented itself when you procured a large supply of the drug “burn”. Without a second thought, you poisoned the well of the Anabaptist enclave at Bassham, then watched the ensuing chaos from the shadows before fleeing to the outlaw haven of Ignatz. Shortly after your arrival in Ignatz, however, you find yourself on the run from a band of determined Marshals


In Dornstadt, the stronghold of the Anabaptists, you were called before the Commission. They had a task for you. You stood before the elders in the central nave of the time-honored cathedral; stained-glass windows drenching the massive chamber in a myriad of warm colors. The faces of the old men remained gray and expressionless as they gave you your charge.

Someone had released the drug “burn” into the holy water of the Anabaptist enclave of Bassham, and the resulting chaos proved devastating to the cult. It is your duty, as a respected member of the orgiast warrior caste, to locate and eliminate those guilty of the attack. The commission believed the culprit had fled to the nearby settlement of Ignatz, a gathering place for outlaws.


You once belonged to the fortress guard of the Hellvetics. Of course, that was before you discovered the drug “burn”. Your addiction quickly accelerated to an extremely hazardous variant of burn — discordia. Discipline gave way to unpredictable violence and your memory began to splinter. Finally, there was nothing left of your former self. Your mind had slipped into complete blackness and your past was gone.

The amnesia took hold during a mission and you became lost, no longer aware of who you were or that burn was responsible for your downfall. You followed the caravans into the north, hiring yourself out as a mercenary to the Justitian Protectorate. However, your stay in the service of the Protectorate was brief. After one brawl too many, the Marshals branded you with a wide, red cross running from the middle of your forehead down to your chin — the mark of a troublemaker. Following the humiliation, you fled into the wastelands and drifted to the outlaw haven of Ignatz, the nearest settlement where your brand does not mark you as a complete pariah.

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