Thaliost: City of Strife

Thaliost at a Glance

The Shape of Thaliost

Thaliost was built in two general stages, first as a fortified city and then as an enclosed port. The original square settlement can still be seen, centered on the famous Crossroads Quarter, and enclosing the sober Old Thaliost, the decaying Tarnish, the business-like Overcourt, and the imposing Citadel of the Flame, the seat of Thranish power in the city. The newer construction appears from above like a pentagon laid on top of the original square. Those whose family has lived in Thaliost for generations still think of this as the "new city" although it was built several decades before the start of the Last War to connect the city's walls with the waterfront and bridge that were its livelihood. This new section includes the rich ward of Silvercliff overlooking Scions Sound, the traders' ward of Roudec, and the rough-and-tumble Westedge (often simply called the Edge).

Thaliost: City of Strife
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