The Migrations of the Tairnadal

The Tairnadal, the Proud Warriors of the elven races, are a restless and wandering people. In Aerenal they eschew the cities of the Undying Court in favor of the wide northern planes of the island, but for many even this freedom is not enough. Ages ago, when the Dhakaani Empire was still strong and the nations of humans were yet restricted to the continent of Sarlona, the Tairnadal warriors divided themselves into four great branches. The war with the dragons was in a cold phase, fought with scrying and competing wards, and the Tairnadal found themselves without an immediate foe. Faced with the prospect of letting their veneration waver, the Tairnadal scattered to the winds to look for new battlegrounds to honor the ancestors with blood and heroism.

In time, the draconic threat rose again and the Tairnadal returned once more to Aerenal but centuries mean much less to the long-lived elves than they do to humans and these great branches remain a part of Tairnadal culture. Like the choice of warband, the branch that a Tairnadal elf belongs to is not always their choice but within each branch there is wide variation. Some groups, such as the Keepers of the Past and the Siyal Marrain exist across the branches and keep them bound tightly together. Others are smaller and restrict themselves to one branch, polarizing their members away from the opinions of their fellow Tairnadal. Whatever branch an elf belongs to, however, they strive to honor the ancestors and listen to the wisdom of the ancients. They ride with the wind and push themselves towards perfection. To do otherwise is to stop being Tairnadal.

The Valaes Tairn

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There is one branch that will be familiar to Khorvairian scholars and laypersons alike. The Valaes Tairn, the "Warriors of Glory," left Aerenal for the shores of Khorvaire where they were able to establish a foothold thanks to chaos within the Dhakaani Empire of the goblins. They landed in what is now Valenar and established territories known historically as the Green Kingdoms. Unlike the other branches described below, the Valaes Tairn do not have a specific agenda or enemy that they are pursuing. Instead, they try to seek out new horizons for battles which honor the ancestors and offer the chance to forge new legends.

The largest portion of the branch of Valaes Tairn are those warriors who roam the plains of Valenar but not all of the Warriors of Glory hunt in that nation. Some wander farther afield in Khorvaire, particularly the warriors of the Kyrdol Celaes and Vodaes ail Jhol, but others are in farther corners of the world. Small bands can be found in Syrkarn and even one in the trade-city of Dar Jin in eastern Riedra. The Warriors of Glory go wherever the horizon is open and worthy enemies exist to offer challenge.

The Sileus Tairn

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The Giant Slayers have one direction of focus: the ancient past. They look to the roots of the elven peoples, to their captivity milennia ago in the jungles of Xen'drik in the empires of giants. While they were slaves then, the elves at least had a homeland and the Sileus Tairn see this vast continent as their right. Camps of the Giant Slayers dot the eastern coast of Xen'drik and the warriors launch raids far into the heart of the continent, killing giants and drow tribes as well as more exotic opponents. Some of the Sileus Tairn have not seen Aerenal in centuries and the branch has seriously distanced itself from the other Tairnadal.

The Draleus Tairn

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In the war with the dragons, some of the Tairnadal felt that leaving Aerenal was abandoning their duty to the ancestors. While the other branches left for other parts of the world to find battles with which to honor the ancestors, the Dragon Slayers stayed in the island nation and trained. When the fighting resumed, the Draleus Tairn were in the vanguard once more and their patience afforded them a place of great honor in the battle. Now the war is done but the Slayers have only taken their fight farther. Some travel to the shores of Argonnessen to fight the dragons in glorious battle, though more die there than return. Others scour the world to find the agents of the Chamber wherever they are hiding or they seek out clues to the Prophecy to stay a step ahead of the dragons. Some still defend the shores of Aerenal, pledged to not leave its shores until the world crumbles.

The Toralaer Tairn

In the ancient texts this branch is called the Mys'Shalaer Tairn, the Storm-Wracked Warriors. When the war with the dragons became the purview of mages and seers, they left for the shores of Sarlona to find adventure and battle. As the Valaes Tairn sailed for Khorvaire and the Sileus Tairn for Xen'drik, the Storm-Wracked sailed to the east… and were lost. No one knows what happens to the Sileus Tairn once they landed on Sarlona, even magical divinations give confusing and contradictory results. The Tairnadal hope that they died in glorious battle but some warriors whisper that they may have faced far worse than death in that alien continent and that the Toralaer Tairn, the Vanished Warriors, will come back to punish their brethren who have left them unavenged for so long.

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