Taer Valaestas: City of Thorns

Taer Valaestas at a Glance

Mynas of Taer Valaestas

The Valenar follow the Aereni custom of dividing their cities into mynas, geographic units which encompass a particular purpose. Just as an elf strives always to shape themselves to an ideal, residents of a myna and the city's rulers attempt to create an area which is as close as possible to the ideal use of that area of the city. In Aerenal, city leaders physically change the streets and buildings over time to more perfectly reflect the myna's ideal but in Taer Valaestas the people are what matters. A lot of effort is put into making sure the right people live in the right myna and that they feel the appropriate emotions while there. This is not a case of iron rule and social engineering, but instead design to make a myan appealing to the population who will most perfectly fulfill its purpose.

The City of Thorns is built on two high hills which host the best neighborhoods in the city and the oldest parts of Taer Valaestas. Kalori'Cor, the Granite Hill, is the more eastern of the two and the more residential with shops, a large market, and a green park of memorials and gardens. Opposite Kalori'Cor is its twin Taedas'Cor, the Cedar Hill, which holds the War Leader's Darkwood Keep and the holy House of Spirits giving it both the political and spiritual anchor of the city. Between the two hills is Rose Valley, called Bali os Vyri in Elven, which is where foreigners of power and influence dwell including the dragonmarked houses of Lyrandar and Medani. For most who visit Taer Valaestas, however, all they see of the great city is the least of the mynas: the utilitarian and darkened Thornshadow. This is the realm of foreigners begging for refuge, the rude taverns that travelers demand, and the homes of those outsiders who live next to the Tairnadal but not among them.

Taer Valeastas: City of Thorns
Mynas Kalori'Cor (Granite Hill) • Taedas'Cor (Cedar Hill)
Rose Valley (Bali os Vyri) • Thornshadow (Sys'adyrn)
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