Sutekhra in Khemti

The gnomes of the Black Lands are creatures of mysteries and secrets. They are at the center of most courts in the lands of Khemti and work behind the scenes in a surprising number of organizations in the Black Lands. Because of this, sutekhra have a reputation as people whom the gods have blessed with good fortune and patience when dealing with complex political machinery. Many nomarchs of the Black Lands will trust their ledgers and tax forms to no one other than a sutekhra. Other citizens of the pharaoh's lands consider the gnomes to be hoarders of secrets who have carved out their own position through blackmail and extortion and made it look like divine endorsement.
Regardless of the source, sutekhra occupy an important position in Khemtian society in both lands as the resin which holds the disparate parts of society together.

Sutekhra Characters

Gnomes in the lands of Khemti were once fey creatures as they are in other lands, and in the jungles of Kesh, even still. In the wake of the Wasting, though, their connection with the Chak-Sekhet was severed and over the generations they have become more like the other Divine Races. In Hamunaptra, sutekhra characters remove the "Fey" racial trait.
Many sutekhra are bahati, khebenti, sashati, or si'ar, all of which allow them to make full use of their race's propensity for sneaking and hiding. In the Red Lands and the shadows of the city-states of Khemti, sutekhra wekh-met also sneak around and wreak havoc at the expense of their souls. Sutekhra adventurers often go to greater lengths than others to protect their equipment and many have rituals like Secret Page and Arcane Lock to keep their secrets safe.

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