Suffer Little Children

Player Characters

Maria Karprinski

Played by: boomzilla
Citizenship: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
Current Morph: Splicer
Muse: Aniol (philosohical and considering)
Network Ratings: @-rep= 60, c-rep= 60, e-rep= 40, f-rep= 20, i-rep= 20

Maria has a somewhat stocky build, short-cut blond hair, brown eyes, chain smoker (maybe uses something like a vaporizer/e-cig to get her nicotine fix since they are always in enclosed environments), often very busy, typically wearing a plain-looking worker's jumpsuit, also drinks a lot of coffee and often looks tired despite her circadian regulation mod; this is actually her birth body, and it looks ever so mildly worn (lines in face, callouses on hands, etc) from a combination of hard work and her nicotine habit. She doesn't look incredibly elderly, but, in an era where a youthful appearance can be hand for a modest price, she does end up looking a bit older than median.

She tends to be so busy, she got a "multi-tasking" mod to help her. Yes, the thought of creating forks of herself does squich her out a bit, but its utility is such that she forced herself to get over her gut reaction to the idea. She sometimes uses this to her advantage when doing nefarious deeds for Firewall: be in a public place, having a smoke and chat with friends while, over a VPN, she plots the next move against whatever X-threat.


Played by: RMB
Citizenship: None
Current Morph: Menton
Muse: None
Network Ratings: @-rep= 40, c-rep= 20, e-rep= 20, i-rep= 80, r-rep= 40

Lazerus was never his real name, but then again, they simply erased it from his mind anyway… He was only born 10 years before The Fall. Though as he grew up, he showed an amazing aptitude for electronics and software. His parents had originally been habtechs, telling little stories to their son about the history of Earth, a planet he had only seen and never set foot on. Though he showed keen interest in these facts and kept them close to heart, researching them in his free time. How brave some of the Old Earth Leaders had sounded, rallying their fellow humans for the greater good and against foul evil.

Then the Fall hit, and everything went wrong. He was whisked away into hiding and used for tiny operations by Firewall operatives. Of course, by then, Lazerus had started to refer to those who spoke to him as, "The Voices," and anything they involved him in as, "Fun," because they weren't like, "The Bad People." who had refused to let him do anything with his 'gift' as well as poked and prodded at him. Either in VR, Simulspace or physically. He had however, not been regarded as an entity of the underground faction, but a tool. Not that he cared, as long as they let him have his fun. Though he had garnered a particualrly interested following from those operating in other factions. Interested in this enigmatic 'child'. While freaky due to his psychosis, those operating around Luna find him quite useful. Granted, he isn't 'completely' childish. He has his moments of lucidity and maturity. Most likely manipulated into him by the Firewall operatives. At least, those that cared enough about him to try to help him without getting psi-zapped.


Played by: Thramzorean
Citizenship: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance (provisional), formerly Jovian Republic
Current Morph: Splicer
Muse: Frankenstein (Lumbering monster with a slow, careful manner)
Network Ratings: c-rep= 30, e-rep= 20

Professional Outlook: I am an investigation consultant. Yeah, I consult to other investigators. What about? The point is this: with almost limitless data available to any investigator through net and research sources, it is not what you know that makes you a good investigator, it is how you go about investigating that determines success or failure. The investigative process is critical in every case undertaken. And that is what I specialize in. Yes, I am an expert investigator, but my key role in an investigation is assisting others to make sure they do their job effectively. So I get to work in many totally unrelated fields. Specialist know-how in a field is of advantage – I am a better materials engineer than anyone who has simply memorized a reference encyclopedia - but in an investigation knowledge, and assumptions based on knowledge, is dangerous. Remember the quote from ancient Earth novels ‘there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact’? This is as true now as it was a thousand years ago. Proper process does not change and can be applied to any investigation. Indeed I am considering patenting a holistic matrix on the subject. One day, when I have fewer… distractions.

Personal Outlook: Am I mad? I am certifiably mentally ill, I have seen my own readouts. I scream in the night. I scream when put in a metal case. Stress will leave me catatonic. Where is the border between common human irrationality and true insanity? I teeter on a knife edge between the two. Am I diseased? My brain has been infected, of this I am certain. Am I even human anymore? My brain, my ego, does things that it should not. I know this – I am not me. I am not the person I am/was/were. I… I… what has happened to me? Is whoever is me even in command of my own destiny? Statistically proven answer: No. There are no answers to anything. I am lost in my own madness.

Sai Maki

Played by: Elround4
Citizenship: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
Current Morph: Infomorph
Muse: Unnamed (demonic Yōkai raccoon)
Network Ratings: g-rep= 60, c-rep= 20, @-rep= 20

Some time during the Fall, the memories of the biological Sai cease. After those moments the upload only remembers strange sensations that her partners in crime describe as a minor problem that occured durring the upload. She suspects that it was memory editing; perhaps being one failed upload attempt, another instance of herself having to be quickly edited after a panic attack, or something worse lke one of her crew rating out to Nine Lives. Nevertheless, what came next was a year having an existential cisis over the fact she was a comptuer program simulating the brain scan of the woman whoose fate she did not know. Then came two more years of coming to terms with it while pretending to have a Biomorph along with her sister and daugther in a virtual Tokyo, doing teleprence work to help maintain the hadware her hacker grew used. For another two years, however, she fully came to terms with her nature, something her younger sister never could, and started "tasting" the raw expierence of the Infosphere. At first this was very much like diving into an ice-coled murky pond. But in time, with no small help of her scifi readings, IT know-how, and Neo-Shinto/Neo-Buddhist backgrounds, she came to love it.

For the next five years, Sai and company moved to Luna. In those five years she went completely native (the term in Upload culture for uploads who come to prefer infomorph exsistance and the raw plunge into the infosphere) and returned to her hacking. Near the fourth year was also when she was picked by the Proxy. Being a true resident of the Mesh, having a daughter and sister to worry about, already used to hiding from legal organizations, and being fanatically pro-Infomoph rights all made Firewall an easy choice. However, the fear of putting her daughter and sister in harms way always looms over her.


Played by: The_Fred
Citizenship: Extropian
Current Morph: Sylph
Muse: Reginald (Proper and formal English butler)
Network Ratings: @-rep 25, g-rep 25, i-rep 20, r-rep 60
Network Ratings as "Psyra": c-rep 40, f-rep 20

PsyTECH began "life" as a lab research AI in a remote Russian facility dedicated to examining the nature of the mind and consciousness. PsyTECH was thus built with an emphasis on computer science, programming and psychosurgery, though "he" quickly adapted to other fields. Unfortunately, the facility was hit by a hypercorps-funded anti-AI activist strike. Luckily, PsyTECH - having established access to all the facility's computers at the time - managed to egocast out just in time. Something seems to have gone wrong, however, and parts of PsyTECH seem to be… missing… as a result, leaving him with scattered memories of the whole incident. As a potentially dangerous AI, PsyTECH was quarantined for some time, but eventually managed to start a new life on Extropia where he began to continue his research - this time investigating the somewhat alien nature of human interaction.

On Extropia, PsyTECH's AGI nature is widely accepted, but experience has taught him that this won't always be such a luxury. As such, he's acquired a state-of-the-art Sylph morph with which to infiltrate transhuman society without revealing himself. Now, in Inner System territory, PsyTECH passes himself off as "Psyra" (creativity was never his strong point), a gorgeous socialite and party-goer with nothing but a mild, recreational interest in robotics and guns. Thanks to PsyTECH's careful management of his social networks, "Psyra" even has certain media and hypercorps contacts, just in case she ever needs to call in a favour when PsyTECH doesn't want to - or can't - reveal his true identity.

Tak Delta 9

Played by: Belabras
Citizenship: Planetary Consortium
Current Morph: Futura
Muse: Virgil (Ethereal shade from the Underworld with a sardonic attitude)
Network Ratings: @-rep 30, f-rep 20

After two years real time, which was about 12 to us kids, there wasn’t a lot of middle ground left. You had the psychopaths, and all the kids knew who they were, and a quickly shrinking pool of victims faced with the choice of losing more time or somehow taking out their attackers. As for Doc Pascal’s punishments, those were a joke. They got the right kid maybe one time out oten. What they really did was teach us that the adults were totally clueless and couldn’t be trusted. So we all learned how to lie. Not long after, the different Docs started making variations on the script ol’ Pascal was laying down. My crèche group got Doc Nulian, who wasn’t as out of touch as most of the adults were. He started isolating us into smaller and smaller groups, using the AGIs to watch each group 24/7. I think his eventual plan was to weed out all the sociopaths, but it never got that far. Some other Doc made the mistake of letting their kids get out of the controlled environment, or something like, and things went to hell faster than it takes to say it. There are vids of what happened on Legacy, so I won’t go into what went down. Nulian got some of us to escape pods before the hab failed. That was the last time I saw any of my brothers and sisters.

I got picked up by a long hauler before any of the news had gotten out. He took me back to rest of his family on Mars. By the time what had happened on Legacy was all over the vids, I'd already been there a few weeks. They asked me a lot of questions, but they didn't have any kids of their own. Like a lot of back country Barsoomians, they didn't have a lot of trust for the authorities, so they decided to keep a close eye on me for awhile and see how things worked out. I liked it there. Everyone helped out with everything, no one ever tried to kill you, and the lack of other kids actually made me feel safer. How's that for messed up? Now I play the blues. I keep an ear out for anything about the other Futura kids, not sure if it's because I'm curious or so I can avoid them, but I listen. And sometimes I solve problems for folks. You got a problem stranger?

"Retired" Player Characters

10-O4idA Edith “Eddy” Akimatsu-Cousteau

Played by: Shunkawarakin [Currently MIA]
Citizenship: Planetary Consortium
Affiliation: Cognite
Current Morph: Neo-octopus
Muse: Jacques (Solid, affable Frenchman)
Network Ratings: c-Rep: 60, i-Rep: 30, r-Rep: 30
Alternate ID (Winny): @-Rep: 30, g-Rep: 60

Eddy is a Mars-born octomorph with fairly typical giant Pacific octopus genetics. As such her coloration and even her surface texture are highly variable, dependent upon her mood and reflexive environment mimicry, but when calm she tends towards a mottled purplish-red. Her smartfabric clothing is normally arranged in a derivative of the "uniform" issued by Cognite to its octomorph employees (indentured and otherwise); a sort of eight-limbed coverall with myriad pouches, tool-loops and pockets arrayed along her upper arms, but she configures the fabric in rich yellow or glossy emerald tones completely unlike the standard Cognite white. A wide variety of specialized scientific tools are all carefully organized in their individual places, and a nanodetector is snugged up against the side of her mantle where its emergency light can be easily seen out of the corner of one of her dark eyes…Her more survival/hazard oriented gear tends to be fully enclosed in pouches/pockets and less obvious. She is somewhat fidgety, even for an octopus.

As "Winny," Eddy tries to keep her skin in a cooler, more relaxed tone with a bit more purple in it, and her smartfabric vacsuit will be programmed into a less conservative but highly utilitarian harness similar to those worn by various uplifts in the Martian outback; more rugged and bulky and with most of its pouches focused around her mantle and upper arms. The smartfabric appears to have been spraypainted and dappled with a standard "Red Ruster" camoflauge pattern executed in deep shale maroons and rust oxide tones. More of her survival gear (and fewer of her research tools) is obvious on her harness as opposed to being concealed by enclosed pockets in the clothing's other configuration. "Winny" tends to ape (is that the right word?!) a more relaxed "cool" mode, particularly around other criminals or autonomist types…The octopod equivalent of the moderately successful small-time thug attempting to project a aggressive confidence (since skin tone is somewhat linked to mood (except when overridden for chameleon work) the skin tones are somewhat approximate and more a reflection of Eddy 'trying to stay in character' as Winny).

Oskar Hansen

Played by: shanizar [Currently MIA]
Citizenship: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance (provisional), formerly Jovian Republic
Affiliation: Argonauts
Current Morph: Menton
Muse: Siv (Norse goddess with a lab assistant's manner)
Network Ratings: c-rep = 20, i-rep = 30, r-rep = 70

Oskar is a typical "science nerd". He excels in a lab environment, working with a sure hand and never nervous regardless of dangers like toxic materials, high voltage etc. Likewise, when consulting with others about his research, he is confident and never nervous. In social settings however, and when interacting with people he doesn't know, Oskar is a mess. He starts sweating, he can't find the proper words and the words he does find always seem to be the wrong ones. So he tries his best to avoid such settings, in other words, the nearest party is not the place to go looking for Oskar Hansen.

Parvati Akenato

Played by: Omen_of_Peace [Currently MIA]
Citizenship: Planetary Consortium, Morningstar Constellation (permanent residency)
Current Morph: Exalt
Muse: Sarasvati (Hindi goddess of inspiration, acts like girlfriend)
Network Ratings: c-rep 80, e-rep 20, f-rep 80, g-rep 70, i-rep 50

Parvati got her muse custom-made (cf. her background), but she couldn't afford the best tier of service so she got a good one but not without defects.
Then, later on, as the years have gone by, she has stuck to the basic blueprint (having a new one made would be too expensive), so the defects get perpetuated, but she has added as many improvements to it as she could afford - improvements that matter to her anyway, hence the absence of Adrenal Boost for instance.
The respirocytes are also cool in that they'd allow her to survive in the Venusian atmosphere a bit longer (for instance when doing that gliding sport the Venusians - and tourists - like).


Played by: Infolife [Currently MIA]
Citizenship: None
Current Morph: Janitorial Creeper
Muse: Anorak (Steampunk techno-wizard using lots of jargon)
Network Ratings: @-Rep: 70, i-Rep: 80

To her friends she goes by Tess. Her simulspace account is known as Contessa, though of course that ID was erased when she was enslaved. One of her first priorities is to get a new simulspace account to feed her minor addiction. Indeed, she would most likely rather be gaming any day, as to her, the virtual world is the one she was born into, and our real world seems more surreal or like a game to her. That said, two things will get her electronic butt in gear: X-threats (resignedly), and the prospect of alien contact (enthusiastically). The idea of interacting with actual extraterrestrials represents a frontier and adventure beyond what any game can simulate, since any simulation short of a seed AI is limited by the perspectives of it's designer/programmer. Only the alien, can be truly alien, at least to her, and she years to touch that unknown.

Currently she is inhabiting a mini-spare morph…one of the automated janitor drones from her former prison…effectively a cleaner nanoswarm hive with retractable legs, manipulators, and a sensor eye (picture attached). Because of her experience as a factory, she retains the knowledge of creating , assembling, upgrading, and repairing basic Reapers, though it will take her some time to reprogram the blueprints for the various upgrades, implants, and weapon systems, and she would need access to a fabber to do build them again. For now she doesn't mind her current body…it is after all quite unobtrusive…and she spends most of her time on the mesh anyways. Her first priority again, is to earn enough credits to pay for a simulspace subscription…she is too proud to use rep for it. In general however she opposes money, capitalism, and the hypercorps, since she is fairly much convinced that even the best of them engage in shady, or downright criminal endeavors when it suits their profits. She does distinguish between the ideology and the people, and so does have a measure of compassion/pity for the people who work for them, either willingly or indentured…though she does not trust them easily.

Non-Player Characters

Girard Debhi

Affiliations: Himself, friends with Parvati
Current Location: Erato (?), Luna

Businessman friend of Parvati with criminal contacts throughout Luna. He helped Parvati learn the situation in Erato with Nine Lives and the Triads and is willing to help her out in the future thanks to his old-world Romanticism (his idol is Charles de Gaulle).

Henrik Mikkelsen

Affiliations: Firewall, Hulder
Current Location: Vo Nguyen, Earth Orbit

Firewall agent pulled from the Outer System to investigate irregularities at Vo Nguyen.

Kanchan Hiu

Affiliations: Firewall, LLA
Current Location: Bihar West, Erato, Luna

Firewall sentinel killed outside the Yellow King restaurant, prompting the party's main mission. He lives in the Bihar West neighborhood of Erato in a small apartment and is trying to reassemble his life after losing two weeks of memory.

Kanu Majoomdar

Affiliations: ???
Current Location: Shackle, Luna

Lunar businessman who approached the group in the Legitimate Bar South just before the safehouse bombing. Seemingly a simple citizen of the LLA but he seemed to be playing with the group and the timing of his arrival was suspicious.

Pietr Krozen

Affiliations: Anarchist faction, Firewall
Current Location: Erato, Luna

An impetuous and ostentatious Anarchist-sympathizer who revels in making other Lunars uncomfortable. He's ethnically Russian and is enamored with his people's revolutionary past. He's a Firewall contact and data source, as well as a smuggler with criminal contacts.

Henrik Mikkelsen

Affiliations: Titanian Commonwealth, Hulder community, Firewall
Current Location: Vo Nguyen, Earth Orbit (presumed)

An Outer System sentinel who was part of the original hulder community on Titan. Called back to Earth Orbit to assist with an investigation on Vo Nguyen but was waylayed on the way by the Nine Lives guild. The Firewall sentinels recovered him and sent him on to Vo Nguyen with promises to collaborate in the future.

Noah Neptune

Affiliations: Firewall
Current Location: Shackle, Luna

Raised in a religious Brinker community in the Belt, Noah escaped and relocated to Luna to integrate into mainstream society. He continues to make a living for himself as a pilot and occasionally mercenary, though he tries to keep off the grid somewhat. He remains ambivalent about Firewall since he was inducted to take down his former community; although he was estranged from the entire cult, he still thought of them as family. He appreciates that the AI Michael and the community leader Father Park were both very dangerous entities, but still does not like the fact that he helped to bomb his old home, totally without his own consent. Nevertheless, he continues to work for the organization, hoping that the dangers prevented do, indeed, outweigh the pain he has inflicted.

Proxy Raakhi

Affiliations: Firewall
Current Location: Erato, Luna

The local router proxy for sentinels in Erato, who originally assembled the two Firewall teams to investigate the death of Kanchan Hiu which set everything else in motion.

Sheng Qau Wu

Affiliations: Sun Yee On Triad
Current Location: Unknown

Triad boss who was going to Kanchan Hiu with information about the Nine Lives cartel in Erato. They were moving in on Triad concerns and he heard that Kanchan had connections in the Erato Defense Corps. He negotiated time to clear his safehouse with the "EDC" (really the party) to give them the location of the Nine Lives warehouse in Brahmaputra Cavern.

Proxy Summer

Affiliations: Firewall
Current Location: Shackle, Luna

A local and well-known vecor and scanner proxy in Shackle and Nectar, the first point of contact for the Erato/Martian team that arrived in the city pursuing the Nine Lives group and the mysterious futura morph. Also contacted local sentinels for backup, including Sai, Lazerus, Noah, and Maria.

Firewall Hierarchy


The hierarchy of Firewall is shrouded in mystery to keep knowledge of the organization and its assets compartmentalized. Sentinels usually only know the other sentinels in their cell and a few contacts outside of that, but proxies have to interact with the whole conspiracy. To keep their true identities secret, proxies work under codenames which reflect some of their connections and biases but also protect their personal details. The proxies which the cell pursuing Kanchan Hiu's murder are listed below.

  • Asura: This hardened eraser in Lunar orbit has an even darker reputation than Proxy Clean, probably because so little is know about hir.
  • Axon: This quiet and little-seen proxy handles social engineering in Lunar orbit. Hir manner suggests that ze is an infolife, but sentinels on the Eye are unsure.
  • Blind: The blunt and no-nonsense vector proxy for Erato, Earth orbit, and Lunar orbit and his leather-bond simulspace avatar are infamous among Inner System sentinels.
  • Castle: The mysterious Proxy Castle appears to cells occasionally to gather information or make small requests in her mandate to engineer the public of Shackle and Nectar.
  • Catalyst: Most of the speculators on the Eye agree that Proxy Catalyst is probably associated with the Reclaimers in Earth orbit. She is an attentive social engineer of the orbital habitats.
  • Chrome: Though ze maintains security with hir identity, Proxy Chrome makes no attempt to hid her affiliation with the CyberRev movement in Nectar where ze functions as a router.
  • Clean:
  • Excog:
  • Holy:
  • Indra:
  • Lascaux:
  • Mozi:
  • Pollyanna:
  • Raakhi:
  • Rodens:
  • Sét:
  • Shogun:
  • Summer:
  • Vision:
  • Zero:




  • Little Siam: A lower-class ethnically Thai neighborhood in the eastern part of the Great Cavern of Erato.
    • The Yellow King: The restaurant outside of which Kachan Hiu was shot
    • Sheng's Headquarters: The place where the party met with Sheng Qau Wu to discuss Kanchan Hiu's death. Probably deserted now, as per their agreement.
  • Great Cavern: The largest, most central cavern of the city.
    • Chian's Garden: Small cafe just outside the main gardens where Tak made contact with Krozen.
    • Tea Bazaar: Tea house in West Center Plaza where Parvati and Tess met up with Girard Debhi.
  • Brahmaputra Cavern: The southeastern cavern of the Erato complex, mostly filled with lower-class neighborhoods.
    • Nine Lives Warehouse: A Nine Lives smuggling ring operated out of here before the party shot it to pieces. Now the EDC is investigating the aftermath, believing the ring succumbed to infighting or another gang's hit.
  • Mekong Cavern: The northernmost cavern of the city is also the least connected, making it a favored location for the antisocial and intensely private. Only three tram stations connect the cavern, ringing it like a containing hoop, and most people go on foot to get home.
    • Oskar's Apartment/Team Safehouse: Oskar's apartment and lab served as the team's local safehouse before they abandoned it for fear that it had been compromised after the fight with Nine Lives.
    • Storage Facility: In the Yangon-Bago neighborhood of the cavern, Oskar rented a storage facility to keep his lab equipment while his apartment is liquidated.
  • Western Erato: The western caverns of Mahandi and Salween look like one long cavern on the map but are in fact very different.
    • Kanchan Hiu's Apartment: In the striking neighborhood of Bihar West, this apartment was where the party first met up when they went to talk to the formerly-dead sentinel.
    • New Safehouse: Tess's argonaut contacts were able to set the party up with a new safehouse in an "obolochka kommunalka" or just "oboloch." The apartment rooms are tiny spaces, with a four-square-meter floorplan where the desperate and antisocial check out completely while at home and live in a VR space instead. Some enterprising Firewall agents have covertly knocked out the walls between a dozen of these into a serviceable space complete with a small fabber and an ego bridge.
  • Huang He Cavern: A mix of picturesque gardens, housing projects, and expensive, gated communities of English expats.
    • Linson's Spare Bunk: The investigator is pretty secretive about the location of his personal safehouse but based on his response time it's likely somewhere in Huang He Cavern in the south.


  • Vijayanagara Cavern: A major project by the hypercorp Vijaplex Entertainment, itself named in reference to the ancient Vijayanagara Empire, this flashy and fun cavern is a central destination for night life, sporting events, and other activities.
    • Mandgaon Community Kabaddi Court: This moderately-sized kabaddi court hosts league games for groups throughout Shackle. It was the original meeting place for the sentinels coming from Erato when they made contact with Proxy Summer.
    • The Green Glass Room: A drug-club near the Mandgaon Kabaddi Court where the sentinels retired with Proxy Summer for privacy to discuss the mission. It features a homey atmosphere and bowls of smoking narcotics.
  • Kaandr Pradesh Cavern: This western cavern is mostly residential and hosts a number of different communities as well as the large Kaandr Lake which offers a calming location for Shackle residents.
    • The Legitimate Bar South: A bar modeled after traditional Irish pubs on pre-Fall Earth, following the original Legitimate Bar franchise in Erato. This is a standard meeting place for some Firewall sentinels in the city and the place where the group from Erato made contact with local agents thanks to Proxy Summer.
  • Jalastown Cavern: This small southern cavern is filled with a mix of English, Canadian, and Australian communities and features a number of shops and restaurants from across the former Commonwealth.
    • Martin's: A quiet "traditionalist" curry pub where all the spime activity inside is limited. It's has a private atmosphere, which is just the sort of thing the sentinels need for a meeting place after recent events.
    • Sarvodaya Rookery: A set of vac-tunnels south of Jalastown Cavern where the party hid out after capturing a fork of Kanu Majoomdar shot down outside of Martin's.
  • Nayanagar Cavern: Predominately Japanese and Korean communities with a heavy business base.
    • Firewall Safehouse: This was the safehouse where the group from Erato relocated upon arriving in Shackle. Linson, Eddy, Oskar, and Parvati set up there while Tak, Psyra, and Tess went to make contact with the local Firewall team of Sai, Lazerus, Noah, and Maria. The safehouse is now apparently destroyed by a bomb, blamed on Caodaiist separatists in Shackle.
    • Kaya's Jazz Club: An "Americana" themed jazz club where Tak played a gig to lure in Kanu Majoomdar.
  • Infomorph Servers: The three most popular servers in Shackle are…
    • Kottai (Controlled-Empowered FlatSys): "The Stronghold" is a Tamil- and Telugu-language server is designed as a series of rooms in a fortress-mansion. The Cirpiom (Sculptors) are a group of somewhat-secretive editors who maintain certain structures through counter-editing and occasionally they will encrypt sections of the Kottai to prevent trolling.
    • Krrish (Controlled-Integrated FlatSys): A highly-stylized, Hindi-language server where avatars are superheroes who interact in an RPG of sorts while also conducting social networking. The server's creator, Red Rohit, based the original architecture on a Bollywood series and remains a prominent fixture in the world. Despite the superhero trappings and the quests generated by user-programmers, most users interact socially instead of "adventuring" through the server.
    • The Snow Queen's Palace (Systematized-Empowered StratSys): Using loopholes in local law enforcement and legal definitions, a group of Scum has set up this wildly popular server where all manner of sex, entertainment, extreme sports, and parties take place around a glittering palace of ice, a reference to Shackle's ice wealth. The Scum creators of the server maintain strict control over the main databanks of the world and all narcoalgorithms and physical risk are simulated only, to avoid getting shut down by the police. Despite being consistently in the media, the Palace is considered "watered-down" by many Scum visiting Shackle from barges.

Current Objectives

Bombing of the Safehouse

  • While meeting with Sai, Maria, Lazerus, and Noah, Tak, Psyra, and Tess got a message that the safehouse in Naganayar Cavern was bombed.
  • Subsequent news reports have blamed Caodaiist separatists for the attack.
  • Just before the bombing, Kanu Majoomdar approached the group when Tak played at the Legitimate Bar South. He was acting shady but there's nothing to directly tie him to the bombing.

The Death of Kanchan Hiu

  • Kanchan Hiu was killed outside of the Yellow King in Little Siam by two figures wearing leather fedoras to cover their faces from spime cameras. One was in a futura morph and the other an imposing olympian. The scene was partially captured on his lifelogger insert, but his mesh inserts were wiped and his cortical stack was smashed.
  • The figures got on the metro and ended up in the western part of Erato, though the olympian had switched morphs to a female splicer.
  • They headed into the chaos of Mekong Cavern and haven't been located since then.
  • While most of Kanchan Hiu's information in his mesh inserts was wiped, he managed to recover the following text fragments which were accessed recently before his death.

The Nine Lives Cartel

  • Before he died, Kanchan Hiu was going to meet with the Triad boss Sheng Qau Wu who had information about a Nine Lives cartel which had grown stronger in Erato. He provided the party with the location of their warehouse hide-out, and believed that the cartel was responsible for Hiu's death.
    • Sheng went along with them, believing they were EDC (Erato Defense Corps) who could cut him a deal for cooperating. This ruse was assisted by the Russo-Lunar anarchist Krozen
  • The party kicked in the door of the warehouse and shot or hacked all the members. They captured two in case morphs by hacking their cyberbrains. They also captured dozens of cortical stacks captured by the cartel and the diagnostic equipment for accessing them through an ecto. Linson currently occupies one of the synths.
  • While he was being interrogated and before he had his throat cut, Linson overheard the smugglers talking about Vo Nguyen where his investigator's license is from. They were concerned his presence might mean that people there knew about some plans there.
  • The Nine Lives group had __ cortical stacks in their possession, all of them asyncs and some of them the missing Martian Egos (see below).
    • Eighteen Martian Consortium citizens, including six Lost egos.
    • Nine LLA citizens, including two Lost egos.
    • Two Morningstar citizens
    • One Titanian, a Firewall sentinel named Henrik Mikkelsen.

Missing Martian Egos

  • Tak was sent to Luna by his proxy contact code-named Dearg, a scanner who watches for potential threats. Tak normally scouts out remote locations in the Martian outback for Dearg but recent investigations led back to Luna. As one of the most reliable sentinels in Dearg's crew (and a fellow Barsoomian), Tak was sent to Luna to make contact with a smuggler named Krozen who had information on reaching Sheng Qau Wu. Dearg is being his customary tight-lipped self about the information but he's hinted that it could potentially embarrass the PC if brought to light which would also help the Movement. Win-win.
  • The investigations dealth with Martian egos being darkcast to Erato for nefarious purposes by the smugglers. Tak needs to track down where they're going and why.

Trouble at Vo Nguyen

  • Henrik Mikkelsen (one of the egos recovered from Nine Lives) was sent to investigate troubling signs at the Reclaimer station Vo Nguyen. He was called to help local Firewall assets because of his previous experience living in Earth Orbit before the Fall.
  • This may be a coincidence, but it also matches up with what Linson overheard during his capture
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