Stormhome: City of Escapes

The island of Stormhome is a long, scimitar-shaped piece of land with a narrow spine of highlands running up its center. They are not quite tall enough to be mountains, but these steep hills are enough to block the fierce winds blowing east down the Icehorn Mountains and across the waves to the island crouched against Aundair's northern shore. Built against a bluff overlooking the Bitter Sea on the island's east side is the city of Stormhome, House Lyrandar's ancestral home and principal base of operations. Because of the powers of Lyrandar weather mages, the climate around the city is balmy and unusually nice for such northern waters. As such, there is a strong divide between the snowy west side and the comfortable east side of Stormhome Island's central hills.

Stormhome at a Glance

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Wards of Stormhome


The city of Stormhome is divided into three levels, each of which comprises three large wards. The highest parts of the city, at the top of the bluff, is called Highwash and it is the brilliant crown to Lyrandar affairs. The top of the bluff is the verdant space known as Pinnacle, a conical neighborhood built around the gentle peak at the city's highest point. Surrounding this are the Matriarch Ward, which houses the vibrant heart of House Lyrandar, and the Rose Ward, whose sunset-colored stone walls contain some of the most important civic buildings in the city. Lower down on the bluff is the level known as Cliffwash where Stormhome's bustling middle class lives. The embassies and magic shops of Harston Heights serve as crossroads for travelers from throughout Khorvaire and the bustling districts around the massive airship tower in Center Spire are some of the busiest places in the city. The most prestigious docks in Stormhome are those of Dawnside and it is also the location of the city's theaters and main airship docks. The lowest level, Tidewash, is right next to the water. It's neighborhoods tend to be filled with the most outsiders and, ever since the espionage-filled days of the Last War, the most in need of a firm hand. The taverns and industrial centers of Kraken Bay are places where sailors of all kinds come to deal in information while the streets of Whirlwind Inlet tend to be relatively orderly except around the large arena. Maelstrom is the part of the city that specifically caters to foreigners, with an adventurer's quarter and a red light district.
It should come as no surprise to any adventurer in Khorvaire that Stormhome is a place worth visiting. Most people, though, think of it as a waystation, just as they think of House Lyrandar as a large but simple transportation company. They could not be farther from the truth on either count.

Stormhome: City of Escapes
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