Character Sheet

Sodrus is a living weapon, or at least that was the intent of his creators. The introduction of the warforged changed the nature of the Last War. Other nations began experimenting with new technologies to counter the living constructs.

In Breland, artificers from Zilargo were contracted to create an elemental-based weapon. Early experiments were unsuccessful; the chaotic nature of elemental beings made them impossible to control. Then a breakthrough: borrowing from Karrnath, the researchers decided to infuse a recently deceased soldier with elemental power. Their hypothesis was that the fleshy body would stabilize the elemental force.

A relatively intact corpse was procured, a fresh recruit from some podunk town nobody had heard of. On a stormy night, lightning was channeled through the prepared body. When the animating ritual was finished, there was an explosion of electricity and flame that ripped apart the infusion chamber.

The experiment was a success, of a sort. Instead of reanimating the corpse, the elemental energy of the lightning fused with the soldier's residual life force, creating an entirely new, living, entity. But before any more research could be performed, the destruction of Cyre ended the war. The project was deemed a failure; the devices used to create Sodrus, as the being called himself, had been destroyed in his birth and would be prohibitively expensive to replace. Also, the elemental power within him was still unstable, fluctuating between fire and lightning.

Before any decision could be made about what to do with Sodrus, he escaped from the research facility where he had been created. He has wandered the newly independent Droaam, using his innate powers to make a living as a soldier of fortune, haunted by fragments of memory that aren't his own. A memory of a place called Fallcrest

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