Shuul'aagen Dynasty
History of the
Dhakaani Empire
The Six Kingdoms
The Five Sovereigns
The First Dynastic Period
Vaal'ool Dynasty
Takec Dynasty
Kukaar Dynasties
Shuulec Dekaar Period
Time of Warlords
The Early Dynastic Period
Har'daach Dynasty
Shuul'aagen Dynasty
First Shuul'aagen Dynasty
Rule of Vec'daar
Second Shuul'aagen Dynasty
The Incursion War
The Late Dynastic Period
Khar Dynasties The Red Kingdoms
Haal'khar Dynasty The Eastern Kingdoms
Dagec-Khar Dynasty The Green Kingdoms
The Western Wars
Oroch'dhech Dynasty
Taaluun Dynasty
The Raven States
Western Rhaguul Dynasty Kingdom of Lhekaan
Eastern Rhaguul Dynasty Zuul'dar Dynasty
The Daelkyr Wars
The First Daelkyr War
Ocral'dur Dynasty
The Second Daelkur War
Khragec Dynasty
The Third Daelkyr War
The Final Dynastic Period
Daac'or Dynasty
Makhaal Dynasty
Lahaas Uprising

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First Shuul'aagen Dynasty

In the battles to reclaim the provinces took the life of Vekaa Mokaal, reducing the triad into two. Three powerful figures can result in an stalemate, but with only two the generals quickly came at odds. It became clear that either the Akhaacian faction led by Kekag or the Targaaskan faction led by Vekec would prevail and, while the generals perhaps were reticent of such a conflict, their supports were all eager for their side to prevail. After their respective provinces, Akhaac and Targaask, were settled down local authorities quickly began to swear fealty to either Kekag or Vekec and war seemed inevitable. After a series of battels which threatened to undo all that they have forged, Vekec of Shuul'aagen eventually came out on top and took the throne (again reluctantly) to begin the Shuul'aagen Dynasty.
When Vekec took the throne,

Rule of Vec'daar

Second Shuul'aagen Dynasty

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