Chapter One: The Shape of Cragwar


The heart of the dwarven population in Cragwar is also one of the richest parts of the city. With so much mining in the area, it's small wonder that Cragwar has attracted immigrants from the Mror Holds and for those in the know it's small wonder that the neighborhood is almost entirely controlled by the Aurum. Most people in Khorvaire know the group as a somewhat-secretive historical society with members across the continent, but there is a darker side to the organization with plots and conspiracies to control the fate of the Five Nations. In Arekmar, it's a little of both and most of what goes on at the Aurum Chapterhouse is innocent enough. Members meet to discuss trade contracts and mining operations, concerns that direct the fate of Cragwar but (unlike other Aurum plots) unlikely to start any wars.

At the same time, the money from Arekmar goes through trade routes across the Five Nations to fund those more-serious plots. This is one of the major reasons that adventurers might find themselves in the Stone City: following the money trail of a conspiracy perpetrated by the Aurum. There are many people in the neighborhood who support and protect the Aurum in Arekmar but one of the major ones who does not is the dwarven spy Liska Marbek. Originally Karrnathi, Liska lives and works in Cragwar as a minor stakeholder and merchant. In reality, however, she is an agent of the Emerald Claw and engaged in a cold war to undermine the Aurum's funding in Arekmar and weaken their opposition to the Blood of Vol elsewhere.

Dhareg's Rock

This garrison maintains law and order in Cragwar, which for the most part involves breaking up bar fights and arbitrating mining disputes. It may seem strange, then, that the military presence in Cragwar is so high but the Brelish crown still has its troops deployed on a wartime footing. If the Treaty of Thronehold were ever to fail and hostilities were to break out again, Cragwar would be a vulnerable and tempting target for the Aundairians, the Thranes, and even newcomers such as Droaam or the Eldeen Reaches. To prevent this Commander Dahl Kamric keeps his soldiers well-trained and always at the ready. Their drilling and exercises in the Blackcaps might be sources of entertainment for the locals but they are serious and mean far more than people might suspect.

Another feature of the garrison at Dhareg's Rock that is largely unknown is the true military structure. Though he represents the Brelish army and generally runs affairs at the garrison, Commander Kamric is not the senior officer on site. That distinction goes to Qarson Pell who acts as the garrison's quartermaster but is actually a major in the king's Dark Lanterns. Leaving the military operations to Kamric, Pell directs spies across the border into all neighboring countries to keep an eye on things as well as collecting up reports from Brelish networks in those countries. Pell is an unapologetic patriot and nationalist, willing to give anything or sacrifice anything for the security of Breland. He is also opposed to the increasingly democratic direction of the country but as long as the king maintains a neutral stance towards populist politicians, Major Pell will too.

King's Bridge

The original settlement around which Cragwar grew, King's Bridge has the biggest and most impressive buildings in the city. The governor's house is here, as are the local chapterhouses of the Dragonmarked Houses. The bridge that gives the neighborhood its name was a fortified structure that looked like two linked keeps, but many of the fortifications have long been dismantled or incorporated into other structures as walls. Though the generally population is nowhere as rich as the governor or the Dragonmarked Houses, the mostly-Brelish residents of King's Bridge are comfortable and enjoy solid, modest homes. Persistent rumors of a dungeon built into the foundations of the old bridge are the talk of many tavern nights but in general King's Bridge is a quiet place that dutifully goes about its business.

Night's Rest

The adventurer's quarter of Cragwar looks modest compared to many in Khorvaire, but there is a lot going on under the surface. To start with, the quarter has a robust mercenary population thanks to displaced sellswords following the Last War and the Deneith Barracks built to house the guards that the house hires out to mines. There are also north border militants who lead attacks against Aundair in skirmishes that threaten peace in the area. Mostly these are poorly-arranged missions to burn homesteads just on the Brelish side of the border or to destroy infrastructure in Aundair, but at least one band is backed by the Dark Lanters to sow chaos in the northern nation.

There is also an organization of the Swords of Liberty to set their sites internally. These radicals use profits from Cragwar to fund populist missions in the south and they also help organize actions in northern Breland to undermine the monarchy's authority. The ties to the Denieth chapterhouse in King's Bridge, nationalist sympathizers in the Rockworks, and brawls between border militants and Aundair expatriates in Westrise make Night's Rest a nexus of the issues in Cragwar in more ways than one.

Oallas's Field

Less of a neighborhood and more of a collection of tents and ruts, Oallas's Field is a transportation hub where ore from the mines is shipped south to Wroat and north to Ghalt. There are few permanent residents of the field but people from Westrise and Arekmar come to work on the caravans, traveling or loading, and there are always mercenaries from Night's Rest and caravan masters from Olarustone. One of the most well-known permanent residents of Oallas's Field is a man named Jonas Redmark, a grey-haired human with a winestain birthmark across half of his face. He is a grumpy and brusk person, but he also has a group of young children under his care. Redmark's Bunch are a ragtag group of a dozen races who come from the streets of Cragwar. As long as they work hard and respect everyone Redmark's Bunch are given a roof and hot food, many have even gone on to become caravan leaders and merchants in their own right. Anyone who ignores Jonas's rules, however, is back out on their own again.


The Rockworks


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