Seekers Of The Ashen Crown

The party was brought together by Professor Tyne, a scholar at Morgrave University in Sharn. A group of adventurers in the Cogs had stumbled onto a buried tomb from the Dhakaani Empire beneath the city. A treasure-hunting group was planning on raiding the tomb and the professor hoped to get in ahead of them to preserve any artifacts the tomb might hold. He hired the group of trained scholars to explore the tomb and identify valuable items, but they spent more of the time fighting off the kuthrik infestation that had taken hold. They recovered some valuable items from the tomb of the Dhakaani hero Ashurta, however, including her legendary byeshk blade.

Returning to Professor Tyne, they are introduced to Gydd Nephret, a gnomish professor and an expert on Dhakaani-era relics. She tells them that the blade is a piece of the legendary Ashen Crown a famous artifact lost for centuries. Through Gydd, the heroes are introduced to a wealthy elven woman named Dannae with an interest in elven history. The elf covets the Crown's power over death and tries to buy the item from the adventurers. Unable to find a price they will sell it for, she returns later to reveal her real self: a necromancer of the Emerald Claw named Demise. As they do their legwork, the PCs fend of an attempt to steal the blade by Emerald Claw cultists and they come to the attention of the King's Citadel. In a bid to influence goblin affairs, Captain Kalaes of the Citadel arranges for the scholarly party to help the Wordbearer tribes who also seek the Ashen Crown. He informs them that he has placed a doppelganger agent named Tikulti among the second team of Kech Volaar now in Sharn.

When the group returns to check in with Professor Nepheret, they find the Demise has already beat them there. The necromancer arranges an Emerald Claw at the professor's apartment, which the party repels. Following the Kech Volaar team, the adventurers head north along a perilous trade road in search of other parts of the Ashen Crown. The troubles of the highway, including an Emerald Claw ambush and frontier raiders, stood in the way, but the PCs finally arrived at the goblin monument Six Kings in the northern Graywall Mountains. There, they finally negotiated an alliance with the Wordbearers and venture beneath Six Kings to retrieve another fragment of the Ashen Crown.

Overcoming those challenges cements the alliance with the Wordbearers and the mission proceeded to the town of Graywall in Droaam. In Graywall, the Wordbearers dug in a very public market to recover the next fragment and the team of scholars waited above to cover up the excavation. Things seemed to be going well, but belowground the Kech Volaar were betrayed and reanimated at the hands of Tikulti, secretly a double-agent of the Emerald Claw. He returns to the surface with undead goblins and steals the parts of the Ashen Crown which the scholars had managed to already save. After slaying their former allies while Tikulti slips away, the adventurers received a message from their foe. Demise wished to tie up loose ends in Sharn and baits them into returning to Ashurta's tomb.

Though suspecting a trap, the heroes return to the tomb and find Demise within, preparing the ritual that will reunite the sundered pieces of the Crown

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