Secrets Buried Deep

The ice-moon of Europa is about to host the largest event in the history of transhuman colonization: a hockey series between the planetary hockey teams of Titan and Europa. The Europan Hockey Leage (EHL) has a large fan base and has grown considerably in the last ten years, leading to renewed interest in the sport throughout the outer system and the formation of the new Interplanetary National Hockey Association (INHA). The plan is for the Titanian team, the Commonwealth Titans, to play the newly formed Europan Tidalsand hockey teams from other worlds (Ganymede, Callisto, and Profunda) in a round robin tournament. A flood of Titanian toursists are accompanying the Titans to Europa and a series of minor team games is also taking place at the same time.

The result is a crazy combination of national pride and governmental security concerns. There are lots of off-worlders visiting for the tour and while visas still heavily controlled the Europan customs are overworked. The Europan and Jovian governments are concerned about spies from a number of factions (including each other) and there are plenty of mental chess games going on.

So many, in fact, that something big has slipped through their sensors.

Somebody has taken advantage of having all the intelligence networks from the Belt to the Swarm occupied with this tournament. In bits and pieces, through shell corporations and falsified reports, backdoors and crass bribes, one of the groups vying for control of Europa has managed to create some avenues to move material on planet. Firewall isn't sure what it is but the scanners of the local server see the signs and they're raising the alarm.

Who is going to answer it?


Dr. Jorund Ivarson

Played By: J_Lore
Code Name: Proxy Fission
Home Server: Pining for the Fjords (Titan Commonwealth)
Routers: Tranquil and Vesper
Nationality: Titanian Commonwealth
Muse: Lectoris, a hulder operating as a rival who is critical but defensive of Jorund's work.
Current Morph: Europan Aquanaut
Rep Networks: @-rep 60, i-rep 35, r-rep 45

Jorund was among the first generation on Titan, though not among the first settlers. Originally, part of the nascent medical staff, or as they called it,the Well-Being Team (WBT), assigned to assure that the deep space colonists stayed mentally healthy. With the growing population, and larger medical support staff, he drifted off into the scientific and research realms. Eventually setting around the University in the original settlement of Aarhus at the Titan Autonomous University (TAU) and working as faculty, researcher, and occasionally part of the Ministries (many Titanians hold posts at the Ministries once in a while, its good for your @-rep); he has been a recurring department head in Defense, State, Culture, Education, and Information. Mainly as a technical wonk with an understanding of behavior, communications, and memetic design.

Jorund's specialty is semiotics, the study of information exchange, meaning, and how it ties into linguistic and pragmatic informational exchanges. He hopes to be able to apply this to signs from across the galaxy, but has a healthy fear and fascination with exsurgent viruses.

Sai Maki

Played By: Elround4
Code Name: Snow White
Public Alias: Aki Kita
Home Server: Vodonos
Router: Manifest
Nationality: Europan National
Muse: Unnamed, a demonic Yōkai raccoon with a deep, creepy voice
Current Morph: Infomorph
Rep Networks: @-rep 20, c-rep 20, g-rep 60, i-rep 20

Sai Maki is still very much an eccentric freelance hacker who both prefers the infomorph lifestyle and works for Firewall. Due to her new mission, however, she now lives under the cover (Fake ID) of Aki Kita, a security specialist and programmer for server setups used by scientists in Europa.

G. Murdock

Played by: TheObsoleteMan
Code Name: Magpie
Home Server: Genba Kaizen (Go-nin Corporate)
Routers: Gremlin and Noah
Nationality: Go-nin Keiretsu (Indenture)
Muse: The Prez, an amalgam of cheesy politicians who always speaks in cliches and buzzwords.
Current Morph: ChroManta
Rep Networks: @-rep: 20, c-rep: 70, e-rep: 20, f-rep: 30, g-rep: 50, i-rep: 10

Murdock isn't actually sure he's Murdock. His Hypercorp keepers say he is. Indeed, they say he's the 7th incarnation of Murdock, the previous 6 having committed various grievances in service of their indenture contracts. As a morbid joke, each new Murdock is given a new letter, to differentiate them, and to act as a not-so-subtle reminder that his life is not entirely his own.

This Murdock hopes he'll be the last Murdock

John Evans Paul

Played by: Acatalepsy
Code Name: Compass
Home Server: Eagle Server (Jovian Government)
Routers: Dialis and Noah
Nationality: Jovian Republic
Muse: Gulliver or Muse, a disembodied secretary that John treats perfunctorily.
Current Morph: Splicer
Rep Networks: c-rep 65, r-rep 65

John Paul's morph is the body he was born in, nearly a century ago. He hasn't left his morph, ever, and doesn't plan on starting any time soon - his morph, notably, lacks a cortical stack. That's not to say he's some sort of Luddite - he's lost more than half his body by mass at one point or another, and had those parts replaced with cloned tissue. He's had his skeleton hardened to take the stress of barely-controlled orbital descent, his circulation hardened against toxins, his respiration enhanced and drug glands implanted - all to keep his meat combat-effective in an age of silicon domination. But this is his body - he survived Hadji and Lee and Kimmy, he survived half a dozen brushfire wars in places most Americans didn't know even existed, he survived the fall of civilization as he knows it at the hands of newly-awakened machine gods. Damned if he's going to give it up now, for the sake of…convenience.



Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Manifest), Anarchists
Location: Conamara last scene (recently reinstantiated)
Code Name: Venyamin Viktor

This hot-shot pilot shows up everywhere on Europa transporting people and goods on a strictly barter system and helping move sentinels for Firewall. He frequently carries supplies Rohan Ivo and even for Cairo Lauritz on occasion. During the attack on the City Centre docks he went with Murdock to assist but his morph was destroyed in the crossfire between the terrorists and Proxy Noah's combat-bots.

Onisim Anderson

Allegiances: Jovian Republic, Jovian Space Force Intelligence
Location: Conamara
Code Name: Stratus

John's JSFI handler, Cpt. Anderson is a patriot and a believer. He's smart and resourceful, managing a network of assets throughout Europa and making it look easy. He's a shark, always moving forward and looking for his next target.

Big Green[big-green

Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper's Deep Search cell)
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Not Yet Revealed

The enigmatic science and tech specialist of the Deep Search cell is by far the least well known of the respected Conamara cell. He has a wide range of skills, including combat, and favors flexbot morphs to compliment this but little else is known of him. During the attack on the City Centre docks he went with Heathen Regina, Helix, and Lodestar to see the inside situation.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper's Deep Search cell), Mercurials
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Turn-D^-R#

The neo-orca combat specialist of the well-respected Deep Search cell is a legend among Europan sentinels. He is skilled at both combat and stealth, making him the direct response for many of the cell's missions. During Proxy Noah's meeting at Eckman's, Birthright patched in remotely along with Shimmer. When the attack on the City Centre docks came, the two were in a position to provide eyewitness information and they captured two terrorist prisoners for interrogation.

Chronicle Light

Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Manifest), Europan Extropians
Location: Tethys Cluster
Code Name: Rohan Ivo

The lead contact in the Tethys Cluster, Ivo is a master smuggler with a typically mercenary Extropian outlook. He frequently turns to Venyamin Viktor for transportation with both Firewall and "civilian" jobs.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper), Cyklon Environmental/Ecologene
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Mihalis Huang

By day a hab engineer for Ecologene's Europan subsidiary Cyklon Environmental, Mihalis Huang is a staunch hypercapitalist and a frequent ally of Cairo Lauritz on Firewall missions.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Noah), Jovian Republic
Location: Unknown
Real Name: Theodor Takehiko

This hacker has made a name for himself as a bioconservative hacktivist on Europa. He may rub a lot of people the wrong way but he gets on famously with Proxy Noah and many in Firewall expect to hear about a promotion any day. Rumor has it he knows the good proxy because he also moonlights as a cyberterrorist-for-hire for TAHI, the black ops arm of the Jovian Security Council. During the attack on the City Centre docks, he stayed in Eckman's with the proxies to coordinate mesh overwatch.


Allegiances: Firewall (Jovian Proxies), Catholic Church
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Not Yet Revealed

A severe and quiet man who favors simple morphs of African phenotypes. Foxtail comes from the Jovian core and is reportedly involved in the Catholic Church to some degree. He keeps his identity tightly under wraps for security reasons. During the attack on the City Centre docks he went with Murdock and Byron to get a closer look at the situation but was caught in the crossfire between the terrorists and Proxy Noah's combat-bots. He survived but broke his arm.

Fracture Phase

Allegiances: Firewall (Off-world Proxies), Jovian Republic
Location: New Hawai'i Cluster
Real Name: Tama Ikaika

Ikaika works as a spy for the Jovians on Europa but he also siphons off information for Firewall. Much to the annoyance of all three Europan proxies, Ikaika sends all of his intelligence straight to the system-wide proxies offworld.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Noah), Ultimates
Location: Unknown
Real Name: Zubin Bryon

The Ultimate mercenary Zubin Bryon is known throughout Europa as a ruthless gun for hire and in Firewall as Proxy Noah's well-sharpened blade. He is the most respected Ultimate on the moon and is a voice for the movement in the Jovian system, much to the discomfort of the Jovian government and Europan Parliament alike. During the attack on the City Centre docks, Zubin went with Murdock to get a closer look at the action and is one of the few sentinels not seriously hurt in the crossfire between the terrorists and Proxy Noah's combat-bots.

Heathen Regina

Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper's Deep Search cell)
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Amika Aaron

A skilled hacker serving as the overwatch and InfoSec specialist for the well-respected Deep Search cell out of Conamara. During the attack on the City Centre docks came she was next to Proxy Vesper providing information and digital displays of the battle until she left with Big Green, Lodestar, and Helix to see the inside situation at the docks.


Allegiances: Firewall (Off-World Proxies), There's No Going Back Swarm
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Not Yet Revealed

A strangely-dressed and -mannered sentinel from the Scum swarm in orbit around Europa, Helix is different from her fellow sentinels in a number of ways. She is probably a wild card, though there's nothing to suggest she's not totally Firewall's wild card. During the attack on the City Centre docks she went with [Lodestar], [Big Green], and [Heathen Regina] to check out the situation on the inside of the docks.

Taonoui Kelly

Allegiances: Solidarity Party, Free University of Conamara
Location: Conamara

Born in one of the first underwater Bathyscaphe cities set up around the Polynesian isles, Taonoui Kelly was also among the second generation of people born as a tranhuman rather than a Homo-Sapien. She grew up in a time when the only body she could possibly have was an Aquanaut morph and where she was accordingly treated as a member of another species. Because of the difficulties involved for Homo sapiens and most other transhumans spending time underwater she spent the majority of her early life among other Aquanauts and uplifted aquatic life—forming an enduring friendship with an uplifted dolphin named Bob Auqa in particular. It was through interaction with Bob Aqua that she grew an immense fascination with marine life—leading to a life’s pursuit of biology.

By the time Taonoui had finished primary school she then pursued biology major and uplift psychology minor in an international mesh-accessible university based in Japan. Once she had finished higher education she then became marine biologists, working on the various GMO sea life projects made to futilely combat climate change up for the next ten plus years before both the Indonesian and Japanese governments offered her a trip to Europa to study its new life. Utterly fascinated by the recently discovered alien life Taonoui made farewell to her friends & loved longs before agreeing to use have the Hydrostatic Pressure Adaptation applied to her body and undergo the rigors training for venturing out into space.



Allegiance: Firewall (Titanian Proxies)
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Janja Coumans

A diplomatic and cautious troubleshooter for Titanian servers, Coumans came to Europa to help negotiate between all the various groups of sentinels. During the attack on the City Centre docks she went with Heathen Regina, Big Green, and Helix to see what was happening on the inside of the docks.

Sakura Maki

Allegiance: Akua Corporation, Sai Maki
Location: Conamara

Throughout those ten years existing as an imfomorph Sai's sister could never really adapt to the infomorph lifestyle and thus always imitated biological existence via simulspace software. Sakura, with her saved up credits and new opportunities that came with this move, has therefore chosen to return to a biological form - causing some mild conflict/drama with Sai and Sayo in the process. She has opted for a female Europan Aquanaut with a Japanese phenotype. She'll also have two Ghost Rider modules for her her sister (Sai) and niece (Sayo) whenever they want to go with her around their home Europan habitat/city.

Since sleeving into a physical morph again, Sakura has returned to her original training as an industrial designer. Currently, she is working for Akua Corporation in their Conamara offices to design cost-effective deep submersibles. By all accounts she loves her job, from her co-workers to her projects, and even though her politics are more than a little to the left of most Akua employees she is happy with her job.

Sayo Maki

Allegiances: Sai Maki
Location: With Sai

As she spent the majority of her life as an infomorph, Sai Maki's daughter is definitely going to also remain an infomorph like her mother. Additionally, Sayo might have also adapted to the infomorph lifestyle as much as her mother has—thus sharing the same level of competency/experience as an AGI. Sayo came with her mother from Luna in the aftermath of the incidents in Erato and Shackle. She lives in Sai's private server, training with VR architecture and sculpture, but like Sai she has another fork living in Glitch.

Red Phoenix

Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Noah, Jovian Proxies), Triad (14K)
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Oskar Hai

Originally resleeved on Titan after the Fall, this Norwegian-Chinese thug went right back to the life he knew before the war and went to work for the St. Catherine Tong. Something happened (Hai is cagey about what) and he had to leave in a hurry but he got a new job as an enforcer for the 14K Tong on Europa. He is an enthusiastic participant in Firewall despite his thuggish outlook and frequently posts on Precautionist mesh sites for Europan groups. He answers to Proxy Noah but also to the offworld proxies overseeing the entire Jovian system. During the attack on the City Centre docks he stayed in Eckman's to provide directions to Proxy Noah's combat-bots.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper), Mercurials
Location: Meridian Cluster
Real Name: Twist-Gape/D! or Kesler (genestock name)

A neo-dolphin Mercurial with contacts in both K#/Shake and New Alaska, Shimmer is somewhat arrogant and haughty, leading to long-standing bad blood with the other prominent Firewall Mercurial on Europa, Vizix.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper's Deep Search Cell), Mercurials
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Twist-Shake-B@

A psychosurgeon and Mercurial activist and part of the well-respected Deep Search cell operating out of Conamara. During Proxy Noah's meeting at Eckman's, Silverfish patched in remotely along with Birthright. When the attack on the City Centre docks came, the two were in a position to provide eyewitness information and they captured two terrorist prisoners for interrogation.

Silent Call

Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper, Jovian Proxies), Nano-Ecologists, Argonauts
Location: Stygian Vent
Real Name: Stefans Søren

A noted xeno-biologist, nano-ecologist, and geologist, Søren is a prominent researcher at the independent Shady Seas hab perched at the edge of the Stygian Vent and the lead Firewall contact in the area.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Manifest)
Location: Unknown
Real Name: Cairo Lauritz

The reclusive genehacker Cairo Lauritz is a bit of a paradox. On the one hand he is a black marketeer specializing in biological materials and homegrown specialty morphs but on the other hand he has little respect for the abilities of other genehackers and counts himself as a Precautionist. He's nearly impossible to get a hold of except by Proxy Manifest and Mihalis Huang.


Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper), Mercurials
Location: Unknown
Real Name: Daybreak 573.E

A crafty and irreverent AGI, Vizix holds a grudge against Shimmer for some unknown past offense.

Witch Hazel

Allegiances: Firewall (Proxy Vesper's Deep Search cell)
Location: Conamara
Real Name: Hermione Espinosa

The infiltration specialist and networker for the well-respected Deep Search cell out of Conamara. During the attack on the City Centre docks she went with Murdock to take a look at the conflict in the water but her morph was blown up almost immediately when Proxy Noah's combat bots opened fire and the group was caught between them.

Ayumu Yoshida

Alias: Adonai Bennett
Allegiances: Scum Faction, Firewall
Location: The Ronin, part of There's No Going Back swarm
Code Name: Amy Ultraviolet

A Firewall contact on the feudal cyber-noir ship who arranged transport for all Firewall sentinels arriving on Europa through the Scum swarm.



The proxies of Europa are a divided triad who frequently operate independently of each other when they can. They all three act as routers and sometimes give conflicting instructions to sentinels, though they have never (yet) acted against each other.


Strengths: Router
Allegiances: Firewall (Structuralists), Hyodenskar, Anarchism, Sapients

A neo-octopus who supports the sapient philosophy and the independence movement, Manifest has ties to both the anarchist and the Hyodenska groups on Europa. He is also a Neo-Buddhist, though, and is strongly anti-terrorism which puts him at odds with other activists both inside and outside of Firewall. Proxy Manifest tends to be political and philosophical in speech and carefully watches the mesh for signs of Jovian machinations. Manifest handles initial training of all sentinels recruited on Europa, although some have noticed a subtle bias towards like-minded sentinels. Those with strong Jovian or hypercapitalist motivations are more likely to be ruled "unsuitable" and have their memories scrubbed.


Strengths: Router
Allegiances: Firewall (Conservatives), Jovian Republic

Much is unknown about Proxy Noah, but he's definitely an asset in the Jovian government on Europa. He is often the troubleshooter for cells on Europa (as much because of his own desire as his abilities) and relies on his government ties and DavimasX for his information. Most of the Jovian-sympathetic sentinels on Europa were brought in from off-world by Proxy Noah to build a network of strike forces ready to put down x-threats.


Strengths: Router
Allegiances: Firewall (Pragmatists), Argonauts

The only "native" proxy of the Europan trio, Proxy Vesper is an Argonaut and the moderate voice of the three Firewall leaders. She is more of a behind-the-scenes operator and is very transparent about trying to keep the status quo on Europa. The sentinels most loyal to her were typically brought in from the Jovian Trojans and Greeks (some even from Locus) who she trusts to watch and be cautious.

Eagle Server

Eagle Server is a mid-sized server of approximately 15 proxies, with a heavy Jovian influence. Primarily aligned with the conservative clique, their focus is on research, political subversion, and covert operations in Jovian space. While officially very committed to Firewall’s transparency policies, some habits are hard to break and members tend to fall into old habits of tight hierarchies resistant to outside influence. They are very security conscious, but loyalties between members run deep. Jovians face a higher barrier to entry into Firewall than many, and so the server is surprisingly welcoming to all types, but assets and missions are kept very compartmentalized to guard against espionage.

Genba Kaizen Server

This server, embedded within the Go-nin corporate structure, has a wide-ranging field of operation throughout the Outer System. The server concentrates its efforts on containing x-threats from Go-nin projects but as many of its proxies are members of Go-nin hierarchy that makes it a difficult situation at best. The server has been known to employ tactics that others find questionable, such as using indenture contract relationships to manage sentinels and sanctioning suicide missions by beta forks, but they are also effective and have an important view into the heart of one of the biggest forces in the Outer System. Their main router, Proxy Gremlin, is a careful and diplomatic man, everything you'd expect from a Go-nin executive.

Pining for the Fjords Server

This Titanian Commonwealth server is based in the city of Aarhus is one of several associated with Titan Autonomous University. Most of its proxies are crows and most of its sentinels are researchers, particularly argonauts. They have a good record with containment missions, though, and their main router, Proxy Tranquil, was a researcher in the Swedish military before adopting the infolife lifestyle and setting up defenses to protect the nascent Commonwealth.


See the separate Guide to Europa page for more information.


More information on the city can be found on the Guide to Europa page, including maps of the city.

  • City Centre Docks: The site of a terrorist attack by cetacean purists.
  • Eckman's: A restaurant in the City Centre area near the Océan Profond enclave where Proxy Noah called a meeting of every available sentinel and proxy.
  • Firewall Black Hole: A clandestine location in the Fringes where sensitivie research and interrogations can take place.

There's No Going Back Scum Swarm

More information can be found in this post, including stats for each of the major ships in the swarm.

  • The Ronin: This is the ship that Murdock farcasted to when he arrived in-system. The Firewall contact here, Amy Ultraviolet arranged transport for all proxies coming from the outer system to Europa for Proxy Noah's meeting including Murdock, Helix, and Lodestar; Proxy Fission made his own arrangements.

Plot Threads

See more information in the Adversary Mapping post.

  • Many different groups have come to Europa because of the Europan Hockey Tour.
  • The informational noise around the hockey tour has opened security holes which Proxy Noah's sources say have allowed a large quantity of antimatter onto Europa.
    • The smuggling involves someone high up in the Europan government who payed off inspectors.
    • Effects of an antimatter devastation would depend on the location but would be catastrophic no matter where it is detonated.
  • Terrorist attack on the City Centre docks.
    • Appears to be the work of cetacean purist terrorists.
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