Saturday Group

The Swordsman and Beast (6/24/2011)
The rest of the party awoke in a lava tube, or most of them. There is no telling how much time had passed since the incident in the marketplace but the bodies of the giants were gone and Syro and Ezra proved unresponsive. Naeva had woken first and was crouched over Ezra with a dagger, allegedly checking on his health. The deva psion said that he had not yet checked ahead but that this place seemed to have only one exit. Suspicious of Naeva, the party crept ahead to find a small chamber with a marble statue and a dry-rotted chest filled with odds and ends. The party realized that the statue was a set of gallery armor which disguises itself such and that the other items were probably magical too. In their excitement to identify things, however, the party attracted the attention of spectral wraiths who flooded into the chamber. They were followed by a crystalline swordsman and beastial creature who cornered Torment in the short hallway and beat him mercilessly. The others found rallying to help difficult as the wraiths could flank them by passing through walls. Abandoned and injured, we left the party stuck in mid-battle against dangerous foes with some vicious disease.

The Tower of Poison (5/21/2011
The inside of the tower was filled with a cloying mist that played on the party's emotions. They explored with trepidation before entering the main chamber and waking the restless spirit of a giant's ghost. Struggling to destroy the apparition, they were surrounded by holes in the air which withered them with necromantic waves. Spirits filled the space and the party finally managed to get the best of the creature when Tock turned the glowing crystals which lit the room up to full, driving back the undead and weakening it enough to be destroyed. Searching the room, the party found some treasures in rubble filling one part of the room. In that same pile was a dragon's skull which included a scroll that described the doom of Mel-aqat which rose from a series of caverns beneath the city. It is there, they realized, that the rest of the party was trapped.

The Obsidian Star (4/30/2011)
Reviving Rizgail, who was struck in the fight, and Alkhatel, the party heads for some accommodations for the night. The derro, shaken by the experience, looks terrified at the prospect of leading them to the Tower of Poison but promises that they can find an able guide in the Elven Market. Going to sleep for the night in a tent-turned-inn, the party awoke to find that the itinerant market has found them. Despite Tock's strange behavior from head trauma, they located a guide and were lead to the Octagon, the former center of the city before it was destroyed and with a dark, five-pointed star set into the plaza and a narrow tower at each point. The guide hung back while the party located the Tower of Poison and tried to assess the lock on the front door. As they did, creatures of living obsidian crawled from fissures in the plaza and tried to swarm them. Struggling against the never-ended tide of golems, the party struggled to open the door. Eventually they succeeded, all badly injured and dragging the unconscious Rourk. Inside they found a thick grey-green mist which filled them with dread but, their only alternative being death at the clawed hands of the golems, they rushed inside and blockaded the door behind them.

Who You Gonna Call? (4/9/2011)
Doing their own searching in Mel-aqat, the second half of the party found the cold trail of their friends and so tried to track down a seer to help find them once more. Locating a cluttered magic shop in the elven part of town, they found that the proprietor was a derro dwarf named Rizgail. He was overjoyed to see Eldeth, apparently being separated form other dwarves for some time, and talked animatedly with her before offering to take them to see a thri-kreen seer named Alkhatel of the Ze'mektol Kreen. This seer provided a number of helpful answers including:

  • The rest of the party can be found be locating the Tower of Poison in the Obisdian Star, under a dragon skull.
  • Alric is near them in a cage.
  • Alric is here searching for a piece of ancient knowledge.
  • The other Khorvairians are here because of this same knowledge.
  • The scholars cataclysm will happen because of a mistake made long ago which ruined the city. The "Lord of the South" is prepared to make the same mistake and if he does the consequences could be dire.

After channeling spirits to help them, Alkhatel became overwhelmed with spirits and possessed by them. Turning into a raging spiritual storm he lashed out at the part before they subdued him.

Don't Play with Matches (2/19/2011)
With their usual panache, the party dealt brutally with the offenders, fighting or siding with other bar patrons in the melee. When Advil's fireball lit off a puddle of spilled liquor, the enemy fled and the party began to put out the flames. As they finished, a Riedran patrol entered and arrested the party for questioning. They were led to Commander Ran-sha, a patient and confident man who questioned them about their business in the area. Contrary to their expectations, the commander thanked them for defending the bar and offered to see them off in the morning. The camp's spiritual leader, a sour Riedran named Vijhing, disagreed with open hatred for the non-humans in the party but Ran-sha silenced him and sent the party with his "pet" shifter Kelevan.

When in La Cho… (2/12/2011)
The rest of the party, Tock, Eldeth, Yog, Vena, and Rourk, blissfully unaware of their companions' fates, set about gathering clues in La Cho. They gathered from the locals that the trade-town was built by a group of Riedrans who arrived and built on top of older giantish ruins. Elven and thri-kreen traders came to visit but giants were not very welcome. After engaging in some small talk and games, the party was surprised to find another Khorvairian party which arrived. A richly-dressed dwarf entered the bar that the party was frequenting, flanked by a group of gnoll mercenaries and, surprisingly, the thri-kreen guide Pak'cha. Remembering the uncomfortable way that they parted with Pak'cha weeks ago, the party was on its guard, but the dwarf was surprisingly nice. He talked animatedly with the party and their new friend, a Riedran mage named Advil Stormhearth, and suggested that they return to his airship to discuss a partnership. When the party hedged, the gnolls attacked and the scene devolved into a bar fight.

The Trip to Mel-Aqat (Fall 2010)
The group reconnected with Tock and Ezra, bringing their party to a full number again, and learned that Alric had left for the city of Mel-aqat to the south, taking with him a Cyran named Leren Mortak. The missing pair had been kidnapped by a group of scholars who mistook them for people trying to trigger an apocalyptic event. Realizing they were mistaken, the group helped Tock and Ezra to contact their friends through a magical missive and the group reunited in the southern port of Bredna, on the coast north of the Menechtarun desert. Purchasing some crodlu mounts and securing a place with a caravan headed south, the party began the arduous trek over the sands towards Mel-aqat. Their friend left little indication of why he was going to Mel-aqat and as the remoteness of the city sinks in the mystery deepens. Battling through sandstorms, grueling heat, vicious attacks by anakores, and squabbling locals, the party finally made it to the trade-town of La Cho outside of Mel-aqat.
A group composed of Ezra, Lotus, Torment, Syro, Hurth, and their ally Naeva (who had traveled with them through the desert) went into the city in search of answers. Mel-aqat is a complex mix of ancient ruins and new housing, primarily claimed by the sand giants of the region who consider themselves the ancient giants' heirs. Floating above the southern part of the city is a mysterious airship of Khorvairian design. The party tracked Alric deep into the city before being confronted by a gang of half-giants who cornered them in a run-down shop. Having already expected an ambush, the group fortified themselves into the shop but the half-giants were strong and had entabi and jackalwere mercenaries who posed a significant threat. After a difficult fight they dropped all of the half-giants and collected what clues they could from the bodies. The half-giants carried arcane gear, including an intriguing scepter which erupted in a purple flash when grabbed. When the light cleared, the party and the half-giants both had disappeared.

Old Friends and New (6/31/10)
And interrogate the Guildmaster they did! The party questioned the half-orc about his dealings and searched through his papers, revealing a letter encouraging Rezza to detain them for a Lord Itouralde. Rezza also told them where they could find Yog and Eldeth: in an underground lab through a secret passage in the wall. With this information, the party decided what to do to ensure that they could escape from the Storehouse. There was nothing guaranteeing that they wouldn't be trapped in the lab once they went, especially if they left a survivor behind to sound the alarm. Rezza offered to delay if they left him alive but the party declined and Torment skewered him with his blade in front of the horrified Syro. Leaving with some loot and a rift in the party, the heroes went downstairs to find their friends. They found some contraband hidden away as well as two empty cells. At the end of the hallway, they finally found the lab that Rezza talked about and the cold-hearted dwarven artificer named Vistra who was holding their companions hostage. When the party attacked it was revealed that Vistra was doing more than holding them captive as she ordered Yog and Eldeth into the fray under the influence of some nasty mind-control drug. Lotus immediately blasted apart Vistra's lab bench, unleashing a caustic paste that coated nearly half the room. In the ensuing melee many of the heroes were shoved into benches and sucbjected to other dangerous chemicals before Vistra was snagged in a grasping roots spell from Lotus. Yog was knocked around by Hurth and Torment while Syro shoved Eldeth back. Desperate, Vistra ordered the zombie-Eldeth back into the paste zone to buy herself time but fell victim to her own alchemical vials as Lotus slammed her into a lab bench and inadvertently shattered a beaker of the mind-control drug. Vistra got a taste of her own medicine as Lotus ordered her to retrieve the fallen Eldeth while Torment and Hurth knocked Yog out. Vistra struggled with the body, eventually aided by Syro. The paladin healed Eldeth but then had to stumble back as the disoriented fighter took a swipe at him until Lotus calmed her and knocked out Vistra. The party was left with heads slowly clearing and full of wonder as to how Eldeth and Yog ended up there.

Nothing Personal, It's Just Business (6/17/10)
The halfling servant proved tight-lipped and was lead away by the authorities, though the party was convinced that House Tharashk was after them. They asked around at one last location, the King's Head Tavern, and made the acquaintance of a toad-like halfling named Verna and a battle-scarred dragonborn named Rourk. The party generously offered to bring the pair back with them to Sharn and in return Vena and Rourk told them all about House Tharashk's interests in town and the fairly recent arrival of their gnoll mercenaries. Fearing the worst, and fearing that the Tharashk Storeroom in town held their companions somewhere, the party went to the building to talk their way inside. Posing as representatives of a trading business from Sharn, the party got access to the rear of the building and were introduced to the local Guildmaster, Rezza. No sooner were the doors to the room closed, however, then Rezza ordered his gnolls to attack. He calmly told the group that he had been watching them for some time and was pleased they had come right to him. His gnolls and fire beetle servants attacked with powerful blows but the party first knocked out Rezza and then dispatched his soldiers. As the session drew to a close, they searched the room and prepared to interrogate the Guildmaster.

An Unwelcome Beginning (6/3/10)
The thri-kreen warrior, Pak'cha, revived Elder Haruu who listened patiently and explained to the party that he had sent Alric and Leren to a ruined city in the south called Mel-aqat. He warned them to beware of curses and disturbing the dead, the same warning he gave to Alric before, and offered Pak'cha as a guide. The thri-kreen agreed taciturnly but insisted on having a contract. The party returned to the Harbor to look unsuccessfully for Tock and Ezra then went back to their inn in an adventurer's quarter in town.
In the morning Pak'cha came by with a contract and bought supplies for the party while they made one last look for Tock, Ezra, or signs of Alric. Having nothing else to do, the party took a small sailboat through the coastal waters to the river system which Last Chance lies on. Pak'cha piloted the boat up to the hamlet and they disembarked to find Yog and Eldeth. There was no sign of their friends, however, except some belongings in the local inn which the innkeeper assumed had been left behind. No one in town recalled seeing them leave, however, and the party began to gather clues. They learned that House Tharashk had an unusual security presence in town since the local guard was laid up with a mysterious illness. As she heard the symptoms, Lotus began to suspect that the "illness" was actually a toxin and the party returned to the inn to search for more clues. When they arrived, they were confronted by a guardsman and several Tharashk gnoll mercenaries who said an artifact belonging to the dragonmarked house had been found in their belongings. They also had Pak'cha in their custody and the party tried unsuccessfully to pass the incident off on him, earning chitterings of ire. They poked holes in the story, however, which the inn employee could not answer and the halfling eventually panicked and ran from the building only to be caught by the party when Torment cleared the road and Hurth somersaulted ahead of him.

It's a Twap! (6/19/10)
Questioning Kel-tem revealed that Alric had also escaped an ambush from the Titans, a half-giant gang in Stormreach and the force behind the marketplace ambush. The gang was hired by mysterious patrons at the Harbor according to Kel-tem and they were unlikely to let the contract go easily. After he escaped, Alric apparently sought out one Elder Haruu in the giantish tent-city of Rushemé to the south of Stormreach. The party left Kel-tem alive and with his seedy wares to explain himself to the Titans what he had told them and they headed for the Harbor to collect Tock and Ezra. Neither could be found, however, and the party headed for Rushemé with apprehension. They traversed the tent-city and found their way to the isolated hut of Elder Haruu which they found abandoned. As Hurth crept forward for another look, however, they found that they were not alone as Titan enforcers rushed out from the trees. The fight was quick and nearly overwhelming before a thri-kreen warrior leaped from the jungle to help them. The party overcame the half-giants as their mysterious ally ran into the hut to revive an unconscious Elder Haruu.

Remember, Remember (6/5/10)
The party arrived in Stormreach and met Tock to hear of plans in the pirate port. Syro Askarda joined them on their quest for his own reasons and was filled in on the happenings. Yog, Eldeth, and Tock came to Stormreach two weeks ago in search of a friend from the War named Alric Blacktree. He helped them to storm a tower on the Cyran border on the Day of Mourning (the first adventure of the campaign) but lost touch with the party in the intervening years. Alric came to Stormreach two months prior and, after finding an acquaintance named Leren Mortak, left again just as abruptly. Eldeth and Yog had already set off for Last Chance, a frontier town on the edge of occupied land in the northern peninsula of Xen'drik, and Tock intended to investigate the Harbor and an oddities shop in Saltire. Ezra volunteered to go with Tock to the Harbor while the rest of the party, Lotus, Torment, Hurth, and Syro, headed for Saltire and the shop of Kel-tem. The merchant was a half-giant, the goliath race that considers itself the rightful heir of all artifacts from the Giantish Empire, but Kel-tem is also a purveyor of secrets and agreed to show the party to the contact he introduced Alric to months ago. The atmosphere was odd as he took them to a nearby marketplace and the party quickly found itself in a trap. Half-giants converged on them and a fight broke out which ended with a slew of bodies and a quickly-burning marketplace. The group collected the unconscious Kel-tem and headed for his oddities shop.

Curses, Foiled Again! (5/22/10)
No sooner was Jenks awoken than he bemoaned being the fall man for the real culprit. Jenks claimed that he was fed misleading information by Ilyrra Ilanesti, the Zil gnomish woman on board, who convinced him to break into Temall's cabin. The information was missing when he arrived, though, and he expected that Ilyrra was making good her escape at that very moment. At that point, a party from the Thranish Cardinal on board came to the room on her orders and joined the efforts. The party sent guards to search the ship for her while they went with one of the cardinal's paladins, Syro Askarda, to retrieve the captain in the hold. They found him unconscious, though, slumped next to a launch skiff which he had upturned to prevent Ilyrra from escaping. The gnome herself was struggling to open the door but launched into action when she saw the adventurers coming down the ladder. Ilyrra revealed three mechanical spiders constructs that proved fast and capable of defending her, while the gnome made use of invisibility effects to keep several steps ahead of the party. She nearly escaped before being knocked out by the party and delivered to a revived captain. All suspicion against the party was dropped and they spent the remaining day aboard the Golden Dragon relaxing.

A Tangled Web Woven (5/8/10)
Luckily for the party, the captain of the airship, Alastair d'Lyrandar, wanted more to go on than Mazzia's suspicions and let Ezra and Lotus go. As word of Temall's death spreads, however, the party's position becomes less and less sure. They begin to ask questions around the ship, working as they could with members of the crew. Investigations pointed towards Kalibar Jenks, the halfling owner of the casino onboard. Velgram Linntorm the ship's bosun, Torren Blackfingers a gnome artificer, and Zan the elven monk all indicated the halfling and mentioned outstanding debts that Temall owed him. This seems a flimsy reason, however, and the party searched for a way to definitively pin the murder on him.
They enlisted the help of the Golden Dragon's Medani operatives to watch Jenks but realized late in the night that the nondetection lamp from the Three-Dragon Ante tournament would block the half-elf's scrying. When they rushed to reach the casino they found Jenks already missing. Running from there to Temall's cabin, they found the Medani operative there stabbed dead and paralyzed in an upright position. Jenks was inside with three of the casino waitresses and all four proved surprisingly talented opponents. The party managed to knock Jenks out and disable one of the waitresses before the end of the session but they still don't know the real reason for Temall's murder or who this supposed casino owner and his waitresses really are.

High Stakes (4/24/10)
Three months after the incident with House Tarkanan, the Tock & Associates Inquisitive Service has benefited greatly from Makker's patronage. They have made several new hires including the shifter treasure-hunter Ezra Thorn, the githzerai monk Hurth, the shifter druid Lotus, and the hobgoblin bard Torment. When a missing person case in Stormreach goes badly, Tock and the others call in their companions to help.
At the same time, the service is approached by Cord Makker who wants them to make contact aboard the famous Golden Dragon airship with someone called "the Duskowl" on his behalf. They do so at a high-stakes game of Three-Dragon Ante where Lotus loses a lot of money. Eventually they party discovers that Aden Temall, a half-elf rake from Stormreach, is the Duskowl and they went with him back to his room, only to have the man collapse dead on the floor. His bruised hands indicate a contact poison slipped to him on one of the cards during the game. The party panicked and threw the body overboard while Ezra kept watch in the hallway. When the second-in-command Mazzia d'Lyrandar happened on him and thought he was acting suspciously, Lotus came out to help only to have them both be escorted onto the deck at swordpoint.

Escape from the Temple of Doom (4/10/10)
Destroying Toraash and the remaining undead was a taxing affair which nearly killed Midnight and Tock. The statue was difficult as well, sending shockwaves outward in increasingly deadly arc. Eventually the enemies and the statues were all destroyed and the party recovered slowly. Grabbing some items from the altar to keep them from the hands of House Tarkanan thieves.
In the next chamber, the party discovered a dozen warforged in a comatose state, as well as Doria Veledaar who was unconscious on the floor. In the middle of the chamber was a mass of crystals emitting a psychic signal which targets the comatose warforged and prevents them from waking. Through a combination of arcane manipulation and physical damage, the party managed to disable the device and free the startled warforged. Leading them back into the main chamber, the party was able to use a teleportation portal to travel out of the temple to the Lady of the Plagues. On the other side they found themselves in a warehouse in Precarious owned by the ir'Lantan family. Although waylayed by the City Watch when they showed up with a disturbing group of warforged, the party is helpfully sprung soon after by Cord Makker.

Spooks and Statues (3/13/10)
On the other side of the teleportation circle was a vaulted room with a statue of four figures in the middle. At the opposite end of the room was an altar with a kneeling half-orc named Toraash, and several other statues. Contrary to Iso's beliefs, the half-orc did not respond well to uninvited visitors in his goddess's inner sanctum. He charged forward, activating a trap in the central statue and bringing to life the desicated, undead creatures in the center of the other four statues. As the chain-wielding creatures were quickly dealt with (mainly through the effective use of radiant magic and a lucky critical), the the four figures in the statue at the center of the room began alternately to rotate and clap their shields and swords together to release a shockwave of thunder. Toraash, the undead, and Iso were all carrying pendants of the Lady of the Plagues and so were not harmed by the thunder but the rest of the party suffered from the shockwaves, chains, scimitars, and greataxes. They quickly formed up into a defensive group around Iso's wall of light and held off Toraash and his two remaining allies, but the enemy had some tricks of their own and soon began to run circles around the party with the ability to turn into clouds of flies and mark several of the party at once. As the session closed, ongoing bleeding damage and blindness were being dealt with but also being accrued. Thunder shockwaves continued to roll across the battlefield every other round as well, though Midnight and Yog had slipped away with the use of sorcerous sirocco to try and disable the central statue.

Hot and Bothered (2/27/10)
Before leaving the antechamber, the party read some inscriptions on the barrier holding up the pile of skulls. They proclaimed this enclosure to be the tomb of the Lady of the Plagues, a figure in Sharn's past who brought down the city at the end of the War of the Mark with disease. Armed with this knowledge, they continued on through the next hallway to a chamber filled with a magma pool flanked by statues with burning braziers of incense. In the center of the magma pool was a platform with a teleportation circle set into it, though a force field prevented the group from just hopping through. The party snuffed out all four of the braziers at once, though in hindsight they should have done them in order of severity of the inscriptions: infection, fever, necrosis, death. When they incorrectly snuffed out the braziers, magma creatures pulled themselves out of the pool and attacked, though the party was able to deal with them through ice magic and several well-timed critical hits. Pocketing some of the jewels for the statues' eyes, the party skipped through the teleportation circle and further into the complex.

Flu Season (2/13/10)
Questioning Jorace, the party learned that the Tarkanan's had been hired by an outside party to kidnap warforged. He said that the other gangsters had probably relocated everything to the "temple" while the party was recovering, and that he was willing to give up the temple's location for a one-way ticket to Stormreach. Crucible was able to help secure the ticket and the party set off with the temple's location and the gang member's medallion. Finding the iron doors, which were disguised to appear sealed, the party entered the temple guarded by "fanatical" members of the House Tarkanan gang. They were unwittingly shadowed by a gnome, Midnight, who snuck ahead of them to spy on the situation.
She found a wide entranceway with a stack of blackened skulls and three human guards covered in tattoos. The party managed to get the drop on the fanatics and beat one within an inch of his life before the enemy could even respond. Respond they did, however, as arcane defenses began to drift out of the woodwork, almost literally. Flying homunculus gargoyles and ethereal wasps began to fill the air around the room spreading dazed conditions, flyby attacks, and filth fever throughout the party. Eldeth swung her warhammer fiercely and crushed many opponents, Isoceles cast down thunder and light to control the situation, and Yog and Midnight took down target after target. Tock charged into the middle of combat and seared everyone within reach with his static shock before eventually being bowled over with his wounds. As the warforged fell to the ground, Midnight used her sorcery to summon tearing claws which damaged a good number of enemies and Eldeth and Yog drew the rest off of her so that she could revive Tock with a healing potion. After the warforged was back on his feet, the party destroyed the last gargoyle and, still coughing from the filth fever in their bodies, gathered up what they could find and prepared to press on. A bag by the door contained a schema (a scroll of delver's fire usable by Tock or transcribable into his ritual book), a measly 20 gp, and two potions of healing which will no doubt help them recover. Yog also found, and claimed, a pair of blackleaf gloves among the pile of skulls in the temple's entryway.
At the end of the session, the party members had experience points totaling 2275, enough to bump them up to third level.

Getting the Run-Around (1/30/10)
Corwin was quickly dealt with, pushing him within an inch of his life, and Mother relented. She admitted her mistake, recognizing that the party could take care of itself and bribing them with a magic scepter that Tock took (a rod of deadly casting). Following information that the dwarven gang leader provided, the party made ready to head down into the Depths after a solid night's rest. Isoceles and Yog retired to their apartments, Tock to his office, and Eldeth to a rented room in a Deathsgate inn. Reconvening in the morning, the party headed for the Red Hammer, a warforged bar in the Blackbones section of the Cogs. The owner, Crucible, was quick to instruct the warforged (Tock and a disguised Yog) to leave their "humans'" weapons at the door. The warforged in the bar, most of them part of the Reforged movement, seemed particularly leery about non-warforged and some questioning quickly revealed that the recent 'forged kidnappings had chiefly targeted clientele of the Red Hammer. The conversation with Crucible was cut short by a breathless goblin who burst into the tavern to announce the disappearance of the most recent victim: a leafy warforged named Heartwood.
Rushing out of the tavern, the party ran after the kidnappers and found them fairly quickly carrying the inert Heartwood. Confident that they could handle some Tarkanan thugs, the party burst onto the scene with spells and weapons flying. The thugs proved to be fairly tough, however, and both Yog and Tock nearly died in the ensuing fight. The Tarkanan kidnappers were quick and continued to flank the party, leading both Tock and Isoceles to summon magical aid to maintain control of the battlefield. Eldeth continually mowed through the enemies and Yog spread curses and baleful starlight around until the thugs were injured enough to intimidate into retreat. One prisoner was taken, however, a man named Jorace. Leading him and the recovered Heartwood back to the Red Hammer, the party collapsed into a room offered by Crucible to recover after the fight and prepare for questioning Jorace.

A Trip to See Mother (1/16/10)
After searching the bodies, the group returned to their offices to meet up with Eldeth and to gather supplies. They still wanted to go see Yog's contact Mother, however, and so in the failing light they went about finding her. Yog talked to a fence he knew a long time ago and learned that Mother moved her base of operations to the waterfront some years ago where she set up a mobile base of operations in a decommissioned military ship. With the slip number in hand, the party went to the ship and were shown to Mother who seemed surprised to see Yog. The party tried to convince Mother that they would work better as allies than as enemies and eventually the gang leader agreed.
Unfortunately, she also thought that the party would be best as her guests on board her ship base, where they couldn't force a gang war between Mother's thugs and House Tarkanan. She directed her lieutenant Corwin to collect their weapons and the mage was only too happy to humiliate his former rival Yog. Corwin told his men to advance, but rather than surrender for the Host knew how long, the party tried to fight their way out of the situation. Most of the gang members aboard were not comparable fighters (minions in game terms), but Corwin was dangerous and threw around fire and blinding conditions to the frustration of all the PCs.
The session ended with one of the ten minions struggling to climb back onto the boat after slipping into the Dagger River, and with Corwin backed against the railing but still in better shape than most of the party. Mother, eager as always to stay out of such situations, remains waiting in the corner to see how this all plays out.

Eldeth Interrupted (12/18/09)
While the others were starting their inquisitive business, Eldeth was wandering the lands in search of challenges. She found herself eventually in the Mournland where, lost and without supplies, she sought out shelter with a wandering tiefling bard named Lili. Unfortunately, the only shelter around was a giant hill made of frozen bodies. Inside, the two encountered a swarm of disembodied hands, an angry kruthik, a rabid zombie, and a floating, ethereal squid. All were vanquished and Eldeth walked away with an enchanted maul. Oh yeah, and a kruthik gibblet she beat out of a corpse. Legends in the making…

A New Beginning (12/5/09)
Four years later the group finds itself in Sharn, joint-owners in an inquisitive service in the adventurer's quarter of Deathsgate in Middle Tavick's Landing, a service which specializes in warforged matters. Eldeth has spent some time traveling the world but she is returning soon and business is decent. In walks Cord Makker, an ex-councilmember for Lower Tavick's Landing and an outspoken proponent of warforged rights and protection. He has worked with the service before investigating a number of warforged disappearances but he hasn't been around for a few months. He returns now, though, hoping to engage them to find a missing artificer named Doria Veledaar. For the standard fee of 10sp a day, the group follows Mr. Makker to Center Bridge in order to examine the missing woman's apartment. They stop first at a temple to the Sovereign Host, the only sympathetic establishment in Center Bridge according to Makker, where they are joined by a somewhat-eager tiefling novice named Isosceles who joins them in the investigation. Visiting Veledaar's house, the group finds subtle evidence of a struggle and a scrap with an insignia which Yog recognizes as the symbol of a major gang called House Tarkanan. They learn from a local merchant that Veledaar was "a good magewright but a bad neighbor" and that most people were worried about gang activity on the rise. The group decides to take the matter to Yog's old employer Mother to see what happens when they are ambushed by a band of thugs.
In the ensuing fight, the two human ruffians are knocked off the bridge thanks to Isosceles' magic and the dwarf, after using a foul magic that sickens the tiefling and leads Tock to save his life, is gunned down by Yog's eldritch blast.

Of Zombies and Men (11/21/09)
The fight with the dolgrims proved taxing and nearly claimed the life of Eldeth, but the party pulled through. They rescued the creatures' Brelish prisoner and made to leave but quickly found their path blocked by a cadre of Karrnathi Knights of the Emerald Claw. Slipping out the side, the party downed three zombies before returning to the entranceway to hold back the human enemies. The Karrns were resourceful and more close brushes with death ensued until the heroes proved victorious… only to have their victory prove bittersweet. A mighty storm rocked the tower as the fight ended and the nation of Cyre was horrifically swallowed by dead-grey mists.

Storming the Tower (11/14/09)
The first session started with a simple military mission. Tock and Yog Sothoth were fighting on the side of Breland at the Battle of Saerun Road on the Cyran border (20 Olarune, 994 YK). Joined by a halfling sniper named Alric Blacktree and a dwarf mercenary named Eldeth, they were instructed to investigate a ruined tower overlooking a part of the battlefield that had become important. Heading up to the tower itself, the group ran afoul of a group of kuthriks which they dispatched without much trouble. Once they got inside, searching for enemy troops or intelligence, they found a beleaguered prisoner of war being tormented by an evil sigil etched into the war. The party soon realized they were not alone, however, and a pair of dolgrims burst into the entranceway ready to fight as the session ended.

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