A tiefling guide in Port Verge who led the party to the Bilge Market to meet with the half-elf Vyssil
"Salts" is almost certainly a fake name, the same name of a comically inept sailor in the popular Pre-War bard's tale "Voyage of the Dusksprite". Salts was the navigator of the titular ship in the tale, though he was blind after a run-in with a ghost, and frequently got the crew lost on their attempted voyage to see the rich lands of Adar in Sarlona. The captain in the tale keeps Salts at the helm despite his handicap out of sentiment for the time they stole a cask of brandy from the Prince of Cyre.


Later in Port Verge it was revealed that Salts is actually the same person as Kazerabet's assistant who eluded the party at Moonhold Keep. Char is a member of some secretive organization who's symbol of a red open palm he used to sign a mocking letter to the party in Moonhold Keep. Yoris remembered something of this organization when he saw the symbol, but not enough to take action against the man.

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