Saints And Sinners



Player: Primemountain
Character Thread

A graceful nano who wields power with precision.


Player: Zereth
Character Thread

Neira grew up on the streets in a small town not far from the border to the Beyond. While she had to lie, cheat and steal to survive on the streets she was always curious of the world outside of the town. She met up with the rest of the group while in Jutte for a few days.


Player: Peanuts
Character Thread

His nomadic upbringing did not only nurture Nnonus' curiosity, and the boy learned to wield a spear in defense of his traveling home against the bandits and other hazards of Malevich. Eventually however, even the varied locations of the south grew too small for the youth, and when he reached maturity Nnonus set out to find his own place in the world, to see what other marvels remained unseen or undiscovered, and expand his horizons.


Player: Impossibilis
Character Thread

Sindra was born in Jutte, as the daughter of a powerful nano who used lived there. Even as a young girl, she always wanted to make her mother proud. She doesn't remember her father, but apparently he also was a nano, a traveller from the City of Bridges. For some time now, she has been waiting for a group of trustworthy-seeming travellers she could join. Finally, some have arrived. When she overhears them talking of numenera and the missing boys, she decides to approach them, offer her help.

Sophos Lemonjello

Player: Kopana
Character Thread

After completing a several year apprenticeship to a local nano who was learned in the history of the world, Sophos set out from his home town to explore the world and study the secrets of ages past. Laden down with books and weapons, he hopes that perhaps he can learn enough that, even if his monument doesn't last forever, someone might still remember his name when the Tenth Age rolls around.

Former Characters

The following characters left the others at Jutte to continue on to the coast of Ghan.


  • Jutte: This small town in the Sea Kingdom of Ghan west of the Dark Hills is where the group came together, first encountered the Temple, and defeated a mesomeme at Dog Lake.
  • The Temple: The group first encountered the Temple on the way to Jutte, along the road leading to the Ghantan coast.


Ayza Tam

Called the Bone Witch, Ayza grew up on the outskirts of a small town on the edge of the Beyond. She has no idea who her parents are, and neither did the town — one day she wasn't there, and the next day, she was. So while she didn't grow up completely feral, the forests, hills, and deserts were by far her preferred habitat. When she was old enough, she left the town and began to drift from place to place, teaching herself the secrets of the numenera. She wears a strangely shaped skull on her face, and is never seen without it. She has joined the group on their travels, mostly as a guide, but never lets them forget that it's a favor.


A scholarly man in the cult of the Temple who wrote the journal that was recovered after the building disappeared.


The gruff and bearded leader of the Temple cultists. He was the one who had the group paid off to leave.

Sheriff Tang

The sheriff of Jutte is older but hard and tough, with a stiff grey jacket and a white moustache. His left eye has a glinting metal iris, some numenera prosthetic, and he uses it to great effect in intimidating people.

Plot Threads

The Temple

  • On their way into Jutte, the group of travelers happened on some pilgrims who were performing a ritual outside of a synth and metal structure. They paid off the group to stand back and finished their ritual, after which they entered the Temple structure and the whole thing disappeared.
  • After the Temple disappeared, the travelers found a journal which revealed that the Temple has been jumping around the countryside for some time and that it would be returning to the vicinity of Jutte soon.

The Lake Mystery

  • At the behest of townsfolk (and, reluctantly, Sheriff Tang) the group of travelers went looking for the young boys Jori and Bek Dreavish and Mak Thornton who went missing around Dog Lake.
  • The group found and subdued a mesomeme who is at least responsible for the deaths of Bek and Mak. Jori is still missing.
  • The sheriff suspects that the Temple may have something to do with the appearance of the mesomeme.
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