Rose Ward, Highwash

Character: Serious and business-minded, the center of Lyrandar franchise.
Businesses: Bookstores, lawyers, and scientific instrument makers. Most of the district's population is scribes and other educated individuals.
Key Personalities:


Before the Last War, Crownwash was the official seat of Galifaran power in Stormhome. The city was granted to House Lyrandar by royal charter in 347 YK, establishing a home for the previously scattered house. At that time, the throne of Galifar grew worried that Stormhome would destablize the alliance of the Twelve in Korth and the charter required renewal every decade and royal oversight. While this ended in a compromise in 802 YK, the desire for royal oversight never did and Crownwash remained an important part of the city until Galifar collapsed in the Last War. After an attempt by Aundair to claim authority over Stormreach, Crownwash has become a district divided among all of the Five Nations. Aundair has the largest offices, with Breland and Karrnath after that. Thrane's offices are smaller and the same size as those of the Mror Holds, Zilargo, and Valenar. The main function of these offices is to act as councilors for their citizen merchants in the city and for developing contracts with House Lyrandar. Because most of these meetings occur in Lyran's Hall, Crownwash is deceptively quiet on most days. Most visitors don't realize, however, that this quiet also conceals any espionage conducted by these nations in the city and the sleepy-eyed man walking back in the early morning may have spent the night in Linshir trading state secrets.


Far from the bustling docks of Tidewash, Moonstand is a serene place of learning and contemplation. It is an academic district of the city, untouched by even the commercial concerns of the house elders in the Matriarch Ward. The scholars of this neighborhood are mostly attached to the esteemed Moonstand Academy, but there are a number who are independent arcanists, alchemists, and planarists pursuing their own ends. The district is centered on the large, blocky building of the Academy which occupies a wide plaza with devices and orerries on its broadly sloping roof. The broad avenues are frequent locations for scientific experiments to take place and many residents remember several decades ago when the first exhibitions of airships powered by bound elementals took place to astonished crowds. On occasions like this, the quiet streets around the Moonstand Academy erupt into noisy exclamations as boundaries are shattered by the House of the Storm.


Key Locations

  • King's Hall: The King's Hall is the stately centerpiece of Crownwash, once an important icon of authority in Stormhome. Lyrandar elders would travel to the marble-columned building to open negotiations on trade subsidies and military purchases with Galifaran officials but when the kingdom was ripped apart during the Last War, the hall was claimed by the nation of Aundair along with jurisdiction over the island. Aundairian control frayed throughout the conflict and, with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold, the building was abandoned. Aundair officials relocated to smaller offices down the street and the once-bustling building has been boarded up and magically warded. Some say there are still state secrets to be found in forgotten caches within the King's Hall but House Lyrandar isn't letting anyone in.
  • Hall of Seeing: Though House Lyrandar controls Stormreach fully, it has a strong relationship with its sister house, Medani.
  • Moonstand Academy: In Selavash's Hall, much is made of the innate connection between half-elves bearing the Mark of the Storm and the weather of Eberron, but this is only half the story. The Firstborn were skilled sailors and experts at interpreting the weather because of their mark but the house elders have understood for centuries that a continent-spanning business needs more than that. The scholars in the Moonstand Academy have tried to push the scientific content of the house through refining meteorology. This field of study is normally the purview of farmers and sailors, those most at the mercy of the elements, and these folk have a tendency to mix as much superstition into their information as solid observations. The academics of Moonstand, few though they are compared to institutions like Morgrave University or the University of Wynarn, have amassed the greatest collection of meteorlogical data in the world and they use this to create complex calculations and models of how the storms travel and grow. These data and the scrying devices located in the Moonstand Academy provide a commodity that the house guards jealously: weather predictions that can be sold to every captain, merchant, or general who wants an edge. There is more to this data than commercial interests, though, and the scholars of Moonstand have kept a strange secret for years. Two decades ago, scholars in the academy discovered strange anomalies in their observations that created a pattern pointing towards the city of Metrol. They puzzled over its meaning, unable to send direct observers because of the war, but eventually it ended and they forgot about it. Five years later, Metrol and the rest of Cyre were consumed in the Day of Mourning. The scholars at Moonstand still don't know whether there is a connection between these two events, but they are terrified to mention it to anyone. If it was confirmed that they could have predicted or, worse, stopped the Day of Mourning, it would be difficult to keep them safe and even harder to keep House Lyrandar from coming under intense attacks.
  • Raincallers Guildhall: The tall spires of the Raincallers Guild ostensibly serve as observation posts for weatherwatchers, but most think that they are more for ornamentation. The Raincallers are the branch of House Lyrandar that offers rain to farmers, clear weather to civic leaders, and even fog and storms to generals. They are also the semi-official diplomatic branch of the house, trained in negotiations and brokering because they are so widely traveled. Because of this, even the unmarked members of the guild are some of the most ardent promoters of House Lyrandar and their Guildhall reflects this. In the Raincallers Guildhall, new technologies for irrigation and storm control are planned and developed, and apprentice raincallers are trained before being sent out into Khorvaire. The Raincallers Guild leaders know the value of the lucrative guild to the house as a whole and sometimes take this as license to clash with Lyrandar leaders in the Matriarch Ward. This combination of zealotry and deviation from house leadership makes the Raincallers a worrying hotbed for the Storm Front movement, which further alienates them.
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