Rordan's Gate

Stretching from the busy Fairhaven lightning rail station in the north to the tangled streets of the Grangehall Ward in the south, Rordan’s Gate contains a vibrant middle-class area. The combined influence of all the well-traveled populations found in the ward makes this area of Fairhaven a boisterous one and residents from all over the city flock to Rordan’s Gate in the evening to have a few drinks in entertaining bars. While other sections of the city contain exotic services and goods, notably the Distant Exchange and the Wayfinders Foundation in Besalle’s Ward, it is on the streets of Rordan’s Gate that most citizens of Fairhaven see these wonders. Taverns and inns display strange Xen’drik carvings around their doors to entice customers and serve exotic food and drink, giving the average customer a glimpse at the world beyond the city that they might otherwise never encounter.
Population: 7,400
Social Class: Low to middle class.
Character: Bustling crowds of travelers and merchants, busy centers of travel.
Districts: Adventurer’s quarter, average residential, garrison, halfling encampment, magic district, marketplace, red light district, tavern.
Businesses: Flashy stores and loud marketplaces catering to adventurers and travelers; gold piece limit: 35,000 gp.
Key Personalities: Chey (Avalier), Genesis (Curmesteau), Jarren Houstro (Dusklight), Joslan Haarta (CN male halfling expert 3/warrior 3), Larishea Lindamar (NE female gnome wizard 8), Erix Nailo d’Lyrandar (Chalice Center), Weren Nailo (Chalice Center), Sithov d’Orien (Chalice Center), Tabin Roole (Escape), Signet (Escape), Singer Aron Silverwright (Escape), Yukiri the Swordsman (Curmesteau).
Watch Detail: 332 guards of the Watch: 96 on day shift (71 patrol, 25 stationed), 118 on evening shift (76 patrol, 32 stationed), 118 on night shift (76 patrol, 32 stationed). These guards are responsible for Nealford and Besalle’s Ward as well as Rordan’s Gate.



District Type: Tavern District
First Impression: Cheery common rooms and welcoming bars line the streets with crowds of locals and travelers milling about with laughter and songs.

Avalier offers a cleaner, more low-key alternative to Dusklight for locals and visitors alike. It also is a crossroads of social classes and customers of all sorts can be found in the taverns of Avalier. Young nobles from Nealford sit in booths next to middle-class merchants from Curmesteau or Chalice Center and even working-class residents of the Grangehall Ward will come up to join in. Adventurers from Escape also filter into Avalier regularly, bringing with them a range of income levels from just scraping by to flush from a recent expedition.
The Drunken Wyvern: This tavern, on the border of Escape, is popular among members of the Gatecrashers adventuring guild. It’s known throughout Rordan’s Gate as a fun and boisterous establishment, chiefly because of the antics of the tavern’s owner, a quick-witted changeling named Chey. In addition to being an expert singer, Chey is a world-class impressionist and generally performs looking like a famous Fairhaven personality. Sometimes she changes to look like politicians to sing lurid or satirical songs and sometimes she gives a serious performance looking like a renowned singer and performing well-known arias. The act is so good that Chey has had to start shifting into the person she is mimicking on stage to stifle rumors that she is simply hiring the musicians to play and claiming the act is an impersonation.
Starpeaks Ale House: One of the few ale houses in Fairhaven, the Starpeaks is a well-respected restaurant as well as a tavern. Red Mornagan, the dwarf who founded the brewery, learned to brew ale from his father who lived in Karrnath before the war and Karrnathi adventurers traveling through Fairhaven generally make a point to stop for an “authentic” drink. Though Red offers several different types of ale, his tavern is generally known among residents of Fairhaven for the Winterhearth Port that the dwarf also produces. Whether or not Red’s claims that the drink includes powdered garnets from the Starpeak Mountains are true or not, even connoisseurs from Nealford will order bottles.

Cestman Circle

District Type: Average Residential
First Impression: A large, open circle of bricks is lined with neat-looking houses. In the middle, a statue of a man in armor is covered with roosting birds.

Cestman Circle is a quiet neighborhood centering on a brick plaza with a statue to General Aronne Cestman, a prominent Aundairian military officer in the middle part of the war. After he played a brilliant role in the Second Siege of Korth in 939, Regent Marlex commissioned both the plaza and the statue in Cestman’s honor. The general became a bit of a folk hero in his native Grangehall Ward because of the statue and because of his country roots. Because of this and the long interval between Cestman’s career and Eldeen independence, the usual antagonism one would expect towards a military statue in the Grangehall Ward is absent.
Cestman Arms: General Cestman’s descendents still run a weapons and supply shop on the edge of the plaza, one of the only such establishments in the ward. After the general the Cestman family fielded several officers but the youngest member of each generation was expected to take over the shop. The current owner, Klara Cestman, is the last surviving member after her two uncles died in battle. She has hired a dwarven smith to use the old forge out back and supplies many adventuring parties with cheap goods. The Royal Eyes keep an eye out for dissidents being supplied from the shop, but the truth is that Cestman is fiercely loyal to her country, though she likes to keep her politics to herself.
See Also: For more information on the Second Siege of Korth, see Forge of War page 25.

Chalice Center

District: Marketplace
First Impression: A large brick plaza stretches from the lightning rail station to the airship tower, lined with shops and vendors’ stalls.

Chalice Center is the largest marketplace in Fairhaven and the first part of the city that wealthy visitors see. This only touches on the plaza’s importance in the culture of Fairhaven. Chalice Center is not a place that most residents commonly go, but about a third of the goods sold in other shops and marketplaces throughout the city arrive through Chalice Center. Aside from the burgeoning mercantile community that exists in the district, several large wholesaler companies in the warehouse districts of the Eastway Ward move large shipments through Chalice Center and it’s not uncommon to see several wagons laden with goods travelling out of the plaza and toward the eastern city.
Chalice Center is also the battleground for two of the most active Dragonmarked Houses in Fairhaven. Both House Orien and House Lyrandar have invested significant amounts of money into the plaza with their respective centers of travel, and it is in the district in between that the growing rivalry between the House of Passage and the newly interested House of the Storm plays itself out in the City of Lights. Fortunately for the merchants of Chalice Center neither house wants the rivalry to get too public and scare off potential customers, but there is plenty going on under the surface.
Chalice Market: The large red-brick plaza that lies between Fairhaven Station and Lyrandar Tower (see below) is filled with stalls and street vendors eager to sell to tourists arriving through either center of travel. Most sell items travelers may need, including shawls and scarves for travelers arriving from the south, traditional Liotian flatbread wraps for a “taste of Fairhaven”, and pendants they swear were crafted by magewrights in Arcanix itself. While the tactics of these vendors may be less-than-honorable, real crime is all but absent in the Chalice Market. The plaza is well-patrolled by the Fairhaven Watch, something that both House Orien and House Lyrandar makes sure of, and most merchants carrying valuable cargo hire extra security as well when traveling through Chalice Center.
More permanent storefronts along the periphery of the plaza offer more sophisticated wares including magical components and alchemical substances. Here adventurers hoping to unload bizarre items can generally find buyers who will ask few questions. Because they can sell these items to buyers at the Distant Exchange many merchants in the Chalice Center are willing to purchase items, though adventurers may get less than even the usual 50% of the full value for resold items without expert haggling. The shops around the edge of the Chalice Market plaza include the gem shop of Hinneji Artaum, known as “The Squint” for his close examination of gems and thick spectacles, though many suspect he’s more than a simple elderly jeweler; the Starfall Wine Shop where visitors can buy real Aundairian wines at relatively cheap prices, though the quality is nothing like in Nealford; and Avaril’s Canvases, an art shop owned by the renowned Avaril d’Medani who sells some of his own abstract works and also those of prominent Fairhaven artists.
Fairhaven Station: The lightning rail station at the western end of Chalice Center is typical as far as city stations go, but it is much grander than lightning rail stations in the small towns of Aundair. Visitors arriving by lightning rail are treated to a broad view of the city as they crest the escarpment to the west of the city. Depending on the season, the Feast Sojourn may also be visible against the western wall, providing a shock of color and noise juxtaposed with the more somber skyline of Fairhaven itself. The lightning rail station has one broad platform with a line of conductor stones on either side so that it can accommodate two lighting rails at once. This has more to do with maintenance of rail cars than with lightning routes, although the frequent lightning rails passing through the station to the house bastion at Passage means that sometimes both tracks are used at once.
The stationmaster of Fairhaven Station is Sithov d’Orien, a harsh and exacting man. He earned the position of stationmaster principally by undermining and criticizing his superiors to the house leaders in Passage, which has done little to ingratiate him to his fellow Orien heirs in Fairhaven. However, Sithov is a very efficient stationmaster and is completely immune to bribes, as the Dark Daggers found out soon after his appointment. He may be a selfish person, but Sithov is fair and completely loyal to House Orien.
Lyrandar Tower: The airship tower at the Chalice Center is the tallest structure in Fairhaven except for Fairhold itself. It serves as a landmark for many visitors and residents in Rordan’s Gate and Besalle’s Ward, something House Lyrandar enjoys immensely. Signs reading “Head to the Tower” are seen throughout the city, capitalizing on a common directional phrase in Rordan’s Gate to attract patrons to Horizons Tavern at the base of the tower. The towermaster of the airship docks is Erix Nailo d’Lyrandar, a sour Khoravar from Sharn. After growing up walking the precarious and exhilarating docks of Lyrandar Tower in Sharn, Erix considers this appointment a sort of ostracism. He couldn’t afford to turn down the offer of a position in Fairhaven, considered a stepping stone to a position at Stormhome, but Erix would have much rather taken a position in the City of Towers where he grew up and every year without the promotion he hopes for makes the man a little pettier.
The Horizons Tavern at the base of Fairhaven’s Lyrandar Tower is owned by House Lyrandar but run by Weren Nailo, Erix’s younger brother. The two don’t get along all that well since Weren considers his dragonmarked brother a stick in the mud and Erix considers the tavernmaster a loose cannon. Weren possesses no mark himself, something that he considers extremely good luck when he sees how miserable the duties make Erix. While family connections allow Weren a comfortable lifestyle, he only has to be as involved in house affairs as he’d like to be and at the moment that means an entertaining job maintaining the Horizons, which he happens to be pretty good at. Even before following his brother to Fairhaven, Weren loved the atmosphere of taverns and restaurants enough to devote himself to Boldrei. As a result, the Horizons always has plenty of unity wine on hand for Khoravar guests. He’s also become involved romantically with the beautiful Lyza Toussen, a talented elven harp player and singer who performs regularly at the tavern.
Both Weren and Erix, though, would be shocked to know that Lyza’s real name is Sha’an d’Phiarlan, undercover at the Horizons to feed information about the airship’s traffic to her contacts in the Phiarlan network. Erix is aware that there’s an informant involved in tower business somewhere, but he doesn’t know who. “Lyza” takes advantage of the brother’s estrangement to avoid notice by the towermaster and it’s possible she could keep her position for years.
See Also: More information about Chalice Center, including time tables for the lightning rail and airship routes, can be found on pages 29-30 of Five Nations. Travel times from Fairhaven by lightning rail or airship can be found in Chapter Two: Life in Fairhaven. Information on unity wine can be found on page 73 of Player’s Guide to Eberron, and information on watch lamps and other arcane tools useful in urban adventures can be found on pages 169-171 of Sharn: City of Towers.


District Type: Shops
First Impression: Boisterous streets with carts rolling by and groups of residents chatting outside of exotic-looking shops.

Merchants from all over the continent maintain shops in Curmesteau, taking advantage of the neighborhood’s reputation for exotic goods. The district has developed into a “first stop” for merchants with goods heading eventually to the Distant Exchange. Traders dealing in exotic goods using the lightning rail also sell to the shops in Curmesteau, providing exotic items that the magewrights and wizards of the district craft into myriad items. In the inner city, prices remain high as the League of Independent Arcanists and others seek to outdo the Arcane Congress’s subsidiaries. Curmesteau, on the other hand, is a frequent stop for adventurers looking for simple or specialty items. Experienced Fairhaven adventurers know that the Distant Exchange is dominated by art pieces and adventuring items are to be found at the more practical shops of Curmesteau.
First Light Imports: The warforged Genesis is one of the most well-connected rare items dealers in Fairhaven, though one wouldn’t know it from the appearance of her shop. First Light Imports is located in the basement below an unassuming bakery which Genesis also owns and rents to a dwarf couple. The shop’s reputation has traveled only be word of mouth as the warforged’s collection of specialty items has grown. For years, Genesis has been the only merchant in the city with a large collection of warforged components for sale, some purchased from Wayfinder expeditions returning from Xen’drik and others created in Cannith laboratories in Fairhaven. In fact, Genesis may have schemas for a few designs herself; she does have a workshop in back where she creates a fair amount of items for sale in her shop. As might be expected, Genesis has a very close relationship with the warforged population of Iron Square in nearby Escape, especially because her shop is the only reliable store to purchase warforged components in Fairhaven. They are expensive, of course, but the adventuring constructs of Iron Square consider the price well worth the power that a battlefist or a delver’s light.
Yukiri the Swordsman: This craftsman needs no other introduction; nearly everyone in Fairhaven has heard of the swordsmith of Rordan’s Gate. Yukiri Kaastau was born in the Lhazaar Principalities during the Last War and learned the art of the forge in the small community of his parents. They were part of the wandering tekanoi population of eastern Khorvaire, displaced Sarlonans who arrived on the continent generations ago but never settled permanently anywhere. Following the need for expert smiths in the war-torn Five Nations and fleeing the increasing conflicts in the Principalities, Yukiri came to Fairhaven by way of Stormhome. He may have left his homeland behind him, but Yukiri retains the classic tekanoi hatred of all things Riedran.
As a member of the Fabricator’s Guild, Yukiri is only tangentially connected to House Cannith on paper. However, the smith has been adopted in all but name into the auspices of Cannith West and is fiercely loyal to Jorlanna d’Cannith. There is no question in Yukiri’s mind that she should be the leader of House Cannith in general and he has proven surprisingly useful to her in her struggles. Yukiri may not be in a tekanoi community any longer, but the loyalty of that people is legendary and his distant cousins in Sharn and Karrnath have provided plenty of intelligence to use against Zorlan and Merrix d’Cannith. Yukiri has also proven to be a surprisingly useful ally to the kalashtar in Shangha, particularly his good friend Laanaskai. The two have a jocular rivalry, but their shared hatred of the Riedrans is a powerful bond.
See Also: More information on Iron Square can be found in the description of Escape below. Warforged components can be found on pages 267-270 of the Eberron Campaign Setting, pages 148 and 149 of Secrets of Xen’drik, and pages 175-178 of Races of Eberron.


District Type: Garrison
First Impression: Severe buildings clash with friendly crowds and cheerful voices. Patrols march regularly through the streets but they are met with waves and smiles instead of avoidance.

The garrison of Dorncall is perhaps the most easygoing in the city. While Two Points in the Grangehall Ward is not very active, its Watch members are on constant alert for threats from the seedier parts of the ward. By contrast, Dorncall is responsible for sections of the city that are notably peaceable and well-regulated. The garrison itself is also very well-integrated into the surrounding neighborhood and there are even a number of “Watch families” who have had several generations serve in the Fairhaven Watch. During the Last War, the garrison went through a flux as stalwart Watch members enthusiastically volunteered for service in the armies of Aundair. Now that peace has been declared, however, a feeling of homecoming has settled on the district and the memorial wreathes that hang in many windows are brightly decorated to the point of seeming like decorations. “Being from Dorncall means knowing true loyalty,” is the saying around the district, and the rest of Rordan’s Gate certainly doesn’t argue with it. This is more likely due to the opportunity to have jovial Watch officers in the street who won’t harass adventurers out celebrating than for a real respect for the Watch families’ lineages, but the sentiment is there anyways.


District Type: Red-Light District
First Impression: Bright lights and loud sounds from the raucous storefronts of the streets vie with the yells and peals of laughter from the crowds that fill the streets.

While the whole of Fairhaven is known for the everbright lanterns that give the City of Lights its name, the district of Dusklight stands out from the rest of the city. The lanterns lining the streets here are set with red glass instead of the usual clear panes and thus the streets are filled with pools of rose-colored light. Most brothels have their own lanterns of deeper red, the international sign of their trade, but other venues counter the rosy glow of Dusklight with flashy lanterns of other colors, making the streets of the district almost disorienting with all of the different hues represented. In addition to creating a lurid atmosphere, the red-tinged lanterns of Dusklight give anyone a +2 bonus to Stealth checks when sneaking about the streets of the district.
To the rest of Fairhaven, though, Dusklight is a red glow toward the western edge of the city which gives the red-light district its name. While most citizens of Fairhaven consider Dusklight a seedy neighborhood full of vice and pickpockets, the truth is that it is far safer than the River’s Call district in the Whiteroof Ward thanks to Watch patrols from nearby Dorncall.
The Paradise Room: This exotic bordello is very popular among adventurers of the Wayfinder Foundation, particularly those who have spent a lot of time in Stormreach. This is the concept that the half-orc Jarren Houstro set out to capture when he opened the franchise six years ago. Jarren was born in Stormreach but left after a long career with the Blackwheel Company, and relocated to Rordan’s Gate where his father was born. When he did, he brought with him six drow women to work in his bordello and built the Paradise Room to resemble the giant ruins that are found throughout Stormreach. Like many adventurers in Xen’drik, Jarren finds drow particularly appealing and he knew that, with the ranks of the Wayfinders frequently coming to Dusklight, there would be plenty of clientele for such companionship. The Paradise Room is known throughout Fairhaven as an exciting establishment, for the bordello as well as the bar in the front room that specializes in liqueurs made from fermenting tropical plants. Despite persisting rumors that the drow in the establishment are really changelings in disguise and that Jarren is hiding something, the Paradise Room is a favorite hangout for adventurers visiting the Wayfinder Foundation but tired of the stuffy air of the Chequer’s Ward.
The Ringlight Escape: The owner of the Ringlight Escape, Tyman Arendt, is half-elf of many faces. To the patrons of his tavern, he is a courteous businessman with fine robes and an aristocratic air. This lends him an air of respectability and Tyman is also one of the most well-known Cultists of the Dragon Above in Fairhaven, particularly because he built himself up from growing up on the docks of the Whiteroof Ward. Despite his somewhat informal training among the ship mages of the Whiteroof Ward, Tyman is a skilled spellcaster and crafts all of the myriad illusions found throughout the parlor of the Ringlight Escape. From the moment that patrons walk into the Ringlight Escape they are surrounded by disembodied tunes of flutes, glowing sprites, and blossoming flowers of lights. The wait staff even where special rings enchanted to make the servers appear to be wreathed in purple flames. Some of the back rooms are even more intense, with magical effects that create synethesia so that patrons can see what color their voices are and taste the sound of wine being poured.
More perplexing, perhaps, are the completely empty rooms at the very back of the establishment. These rooms are where Tyman conducts his other business: dreamlily trading. Complex illusions could terrify someone doped up on dreamlily, so Tyman only uses real entertainment in these rooms. The dreamlily and the changeling dancers that entertain clients in these back rooms are provided by the Dark Dagger Gang, which Tyman and his mentor Baane ir’Ostriel work with. Like Baane, Tyman uses his respectable front to cover up his criminal activities and selfish ambitions. Tyman even helps the Watch with information he picks up on pickpockets in the ward. He just doesn’t tell them that the information is picked up from Kreelo and his gang members.
See Also: Information on dreamlily can be found on pages 160-161 in Sharn: City of Towers as well as pages 138-139 of Secrets of Sarlona.


District Type: Adventurer’s Quarter
First Impression: The crowds on the street are varied and busy, milling past tall, slender towers. People from a dozen nations and several continents move about on various errands, giving the district a vibrant and cosmopolitan feel.

Of the two adventurer’s quarters in Fairhaven, Escape is the newer and most busy. Almenn Town has been around for some time and its history weighs on its inhabitants, a situation personified in the traditionalist attitudes of the two adventuring companies in the district. By contrast, most of the buildings in Escape were renovated in the past twenty years and the Gatecrashers adventuring guild is a new and untamed group. The population of Fairhaven is generally still trying to adjust to this new face of Escape: decades ago it was a sleepy residential of Brelish expatriates called New Galethspyre. As the Last War dragged on many of the residents with family in Breland left the city; so many that the district was renamed. About thirty years ago, adventurers began to move into the district, attracted by the proximity to the Chalice Center and Avalier, yet at its heart Escape still seems Brelish. This character is accentuated by the slender towers that stretch upwards from the street, some even having stone bridges which span the street below, and the number of Brelish accents still heard on the streets.
Altar of the Dragon Above: This magnificently-wrought building is the center of worship for members of the Siberyne Cult. In fact, it’s the only major building dedicated to Siberyne worship though the silver decorations at the spire’s tips and the beautiful stained glass windows outshine some temples to the Sovereign Host in the city. Singer Aron Silverwright presides over the temple and the worshippers that come to visit, freely providing healing to the adventuring groups of Escape to spread the influence of the Dragon Above. The dwarven priest welcomes donations to the church (and for powerful healing it may be required) but in general the Altar of the Dragon Above is well-funded due to the original wealth of his predecessor Teah Dragontongue. Aron is on very good terms with the trustees of the Wayfinder Foundation, especially his childhood friend Vikan Burikal, and sometimes uses church funds to sponsor trips to Xen’drik to find Siberys dragonshards.
The Crow’s Nest: The tavern and inn is built to resemble a treehouse, capitalizing on the original tower structure of the old Brelish-style building with a wide ring of rooms built around the second floor. The first floor remains narrow, but is amply furnished with tables, dart boards, and benches to the point of being crowded. The Crow’s Nest is a favorite place in Escape to just sit and grab a beer, particularly among members of the Gatecrashers adventuring guild who sometimes use it as a meeting place. The franchise is owned by Kras “the Crow” Delethorn who can usually be found drinking and gaming alongside his customers. He is easy to pick out because of his unusual high-pitched laugh. As one of the rare swiftwing breed, Kras is covered with soft black hair which somewhat resembles feathers giving the tavern owner and his tavern their epithets. Kras is a bit of a card shark and spends most nights in the common room of the Crow’s Nest where a good portion is left over for tables where games of Nine Wands, Ghalt Roundtable, and other popular types can be found. Born in the Warren of the Grangehall Ward, Kras has spent most of his life within the limits of Fairhaven and he loves the city unconditionally despite the Eldeen surname his parents gave him. The Royal Eyes don’t see it that way, though, and Kras has to deal with a nosy Watch officer at least twice a month as the patrols keep trying to catch him breaking some law.
The Gatecrashers: Escape’s resident adventurers guild is a fairly disorganized affair, lacking both a clear headquarters and even charter. The guild is administrated by Tabin Roole, a merchant whose Brelish family stayed in Escape even after their neighborhoods had left for the south. Tabin had an exciting adventuring career and goes on trips with her old companions occasionally, though she never joined the Wayfinder Foundation. Most Gatecrashers think privately that this was because she never got an invitation, but in truth Tabin never pursued one. Many Gatecrashers hang out at the Crow’s Nest, including Tabin, and others frequent the Paradise Room in Dusklight where they alternately flatter and eavesdrop on adventurers who belong to the Wayfinder Foundation.
Iron Square: The collection of streets known as Iron Square is very different from anywhere else in Fairhaven, a fact immediately obvious with just a look around the streets. Nearly all the residents are warforged, the largest population of living constructs in Fairhaven and perhaps the densest anywhere in Khorvaire except perhaps the rumored encampments in the Mournland. Over one hundred warforged (close to a tenth of Escape’s population) live permanently in the blocks surrounding the crossroad plaza of Iron Square, but the total population rises and falls by as much as twenty throughout a given year as warforged come and go. Many services designed for warforged can be found here including blacksmiths, magewrights, jewelers, a shrine to Onatar, and even a warforged druid who can shape livewood. Aside from being a tightly knit community in its own right, Iron Square has become a sort of pilgrimage for warforged from across Khorvaire and beyond. The Iron Watch of Stormreach is supposedly very interested in the warforged of Iron Square and, while the Fairhaven warforged have no codified philosophy like the Stormreach group, correspondence between the two are steady.
Lindamar’s Elixirs: This small potions shop is a common destination for adventurers before they head out on expeditions. Larishea Lindamar is a chatty gnome who knows how to play exactly to her customers’ needs and is always well-stocked in healing potions and boosting potions for the adventurers of Escape. However, Larishea’s more profitable business, and the one that intrigues her more, is trading in information which the alchemist also keeps well in stock. Usually, Larishea sells information that she gathers from Escape’s adventurers to the agents of the Arcane Congress at the University of Wynarn. She’s willing to sell to anyone who has the money, however, and occasionally buyers show up to Larishea’s shop and the gnome rarely has questions once she sees the coin.
Signet’s: Though it is on the edge of Iron Square and is most commonly frequented by warforged, Signet’s is a favorite nightclub for adventurer’s in Escape. The building has a large stage and nightly bands, including a house band of warforged percussionists. No food is served inside and warforged clientele don’t buy drinks so there’s a cover charge of 3 sp to get in the door. Living customers, however, are often surprised at the wide selection of Aundairian wines and Brelish liquors offered inside, and the prices are reasonable after the cover charge. Generally, drinks cost 75% of what other establishments might charge, and the quality is enough to satisfy all but the pickiest customers. The owner of the club, Signet, is an outgoing host and insists on being present for every performance and introducing any of the bands. Putting on a show every night can be a big task, but Signet is always on the lookout for new talent and PCs could earn extra money by convincing her to let them play. One thing Signet has no patience for, however, is fighting in her club and anyone engaging in even a shouting match can expect to be expelled by her warforged enforcers. Multiple offenders may no longer be welcome and few residents of Escape are willing to stand up for people in Signet’s who could get them banned.
See Also: Information on the Iron Watch can be found on pages 117-120 of City of Stormreach, and a description of the swiftwing shifter trait can be found on page 27 of Races of Eberron. Vikan Buristal and a description of the Wayfinder Foundation can be found on pages 47-53 of Explorer’s Handbook. Playing for money is discussed on page 18 of Sharn: City of Towers. Information on the Siberyne Cult of Fairhaven can be found in Chapter 4: Guilds and Organizations.

Feast Sojourn

District Type: Halfling Encampment
First Impression: This loud and chaotic encampment is hard to miss, clinging to the outside of the city walls. The air is filled with the smells of tangy food and the sound of loud music.

The Feast Sojourn appears to most westerners as an exotic place straight out of the Talenta Plains. To Talenta halflings, it appears to be a foppish caricature. The colorful tents are nothing like the dun-colored tents that the nomadic Talenta tribes use and the “authentic dishes” sold in many of the merchant tents are bland and cloying compared to food from the plains themselves. Still, the tent city found against a scarp outside of Fairhaven’s westernmost gate (the actual Rordan’s Gate) is the closest thing west of Gatherhold to traditional Talenta culture. The halflings who make up the bulk of the ragtag district’s population hold no illusions that they are living like their ancestors, but they try to live at least according to their philosophies. While the tent city is relatively permanent, its size, design, and population shift seasonally as halflings leave or arrive. The semi-nomadic band of halflings contain a number of heirs and associates of both House Ghallanda and House Jorasco. Other residents live the rest of the year in farming communities throughout northern Aundair and come to the Feast Sojourn to sell their wares and trades with other halfling merchants. Some merchants come from as far as Sharn to trade, or to interact with their fellows and celebrate the heritage of the Talenta Plains.
The Feast Sojourn offers halflings from western Khorvaire the chance to follow a way of life more similar to that found in the Talenta Plains than they would normally get the chance to experience short of totally relocating to eastern Khorvaire. It’s also a popular destination for tourists and residents of Fairhaven alike who come to gawk at the bright tents and to buy exotic goods from the halfling merchants. The temple to Boldrei, actually a large tent, has clergy who are also excellent cooks and exotic Talenta fair is available for a donation.
Fastieth Messengers: Despite the tent city’s proximity to the lightning rail line, the halflings of the Feast Sojourn gets on wonderfully with House Orien and halflings of the band are sometimes hired as freelance couriers by the House of Passage. This is mostly done on a freelance basis for individual expeditions traveling to areas that a halfling merchant knows well, but the halflings of Fastieth Messengers have a permanent contract with the House and a membership in the Couriers Guild. Joslan Haarta owns the messenger service and lives at the Feast Sojourn year-round. He was born in the Little Plains neighborhood of Sharn, but traveled to the Talenta Plains when he was young to discover more about his heritage. There he learned to ride fastieths across the dunes and soar the clouds on the backs of the glidewings, but he was too used to living in a city to stay. Braving the conflicts of the Last War, Joslan moved to Fairhaven and set up shop in the Feast Sojourn with several dinosaur mounts he had brought back with him. Today the unique dinosaur-mounted couriers of the Feast Sojourn are in high demand by customers looking to make an impression with their messages. As members of the Couriers Guild, the Fastieth Messengers can guarantee service and have access to cheap magic items to increase their speeds. While most of the messengers live in the Feast Sojourn near the magically heated stables where the fastieths are kept, a few live in the city near the Orien enclave in the Chequer’s Ward. Joslan managed to buy and transport five glidewings to Fairhaven four years ago and the House of Passage is utilizing them as urban couriers to compete against House Vadalis’ new gargoyle messengers.
Spring of Health: The sparkling fountains of this large tented enclosure are filled with sparkling water which cascades enticingly but are none-the-less entirely movable. The Jorasco healers who operate the business specialize in potions, but they offer healing at the usual prices courtesy of two skilled dragonmarked adepts devoted to Boldrei. They also operate a stall in the open-air market of the Chalice Center, though both locations are closed up during the winter season.
See Also: More on sending messages in the city can be found in Chapter One: A Visitor's Guide to Fairhaven.

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