Located between the working-class Low District and the centralized power of Crownhome, Rivercrown is both physically and spiritually the mercantile center of the city. Goods move through other parts of the city, though the warehouses of Westreach are always busy, but the deals that move those goods happen here with the rich merchant class of Korth. Even during the Last War there was bustling trade here and the growth of untitled business-owners during that conflict is one of the cultural clashes that King Kaius is currently dealing with. For long-time residents of a city as old and storied as Korth, the shift in power from the religious elite in Holycrown to the business elite in Rivercrown is the surest sign of how much the world has changed after the Treaty of Thronehold.
Population: 5,400
Social Class: Upper class.
Character: Wealthy merchant class with very old character.
Districts: Average residential (2), dwarf neighborhood, embassy district, necropolis, warehouse district, wealthy residential.
Businesses: Banking houses, import/export firms,
Key Personalities: High Priest Toak Garaduum (Kolkarenna), Nor Thranaerg (Kolkarenna)
Watch Detail: What little crime happens in Rivercrown is handled by the guard stations in Westreach or by the private contingents in Throneside if it involves the embassies. On those occasions where extra patrols are warranted, guards from nearby Highhold are called in.

Brightest Gates



District Type: Dwarf neighborhood
First Impressions: Heavy, ancient buildings of obvious dwarven design with wealthy merchant shops and banking houses.

Dwarves from the Mror Holds have lived in Korth since before the nation of Karrnath was a formal thing. The families of the neighborhood were established and trading when the War of the Mark rocked the Five Nations and it was a major source of support for the armies of the Dragonmarked Houses. Following the Treaty of Thronehold, however, this is a neighborhood divided. Some of the families have become definitively Karrnathi over the centuries and would like to see Karrnath take more territory and control. Others take a more cosmopolitan look, seeing their international business connections as more than work and understanding the benefits of lasting peace. The divide is nothing dangerous or violent but it is present and it is growing.
223 Armamak Street: This unassuming building holds some minor notary offices for House Kundarak and attracts little attention, even from the other residents of Kolkarenna. This is the idea, of course, because the location is secretly the largest storehouse in Korth for Kundarak riches and resources. The House's main headquarters in Drekkanmark handles most of the meetings and is the central location in Korth for any business regarding the House of Warding. There is even a system of vaults in the basement where clients can be shown the security measures in place, but only the most important house figures know that the House's most powerful security is a teleportation chamber that transports everything from the public offices of House Kundarak to this secret location with ultra-secure wards and locks below the street. The entire block that the "notary office" is located on is owned by House Kundarak, in fact, and the local residents are either paid informants or undercover Ghorad'din who watch for potential strikes against the location.
Thorrin nol Hathdrekka: The "Temple of the Forefathers" is the cultural and physical heart of Kolkarenna, a temple to the twelve gods of the Mrorian dwarves that is at least twenty centuries old (though frequently rebuilt and expanded in the intervening years). The old ways are eroding everywhere outside of the Holds and Kolkarenna is no exception, though here it has been a long, slow process of integrating the traditional vision of the High and Low Gods with the human-centric version of the Sovereign Host and Dark Six. This puts it at odds with the new Mronian temple in Barunam and some arguments between clerics from each have been heard by passersby, much to the frustration of High Priest Toak Garaduum who would prefer that they work together.
The Tireless Servant: In a quiet cul-de-sac of Kolkarenna is the shop of Nor Thranaerg, a dwarven artificer of some renown. He specializes in golems and other magical construct-servants, and he makes the usual models of homunculi but his specialty is necrotic constructs. Thranaerg builds his constructs in the same manner as other artificers but he infuses them with necrotic energies, bone materials, and gems of dark power to enhance their strength and alertness. For the most part these are security models but Thranaerg also has designs for scouts, laboratory assistants, and laborers. This isn't the product that many customers are looking at but the dwarf is proud that he has never received a complaint from a client and there are unique abilities that his golems possess thanks to their unusual design. Though he's not vocal about it, Nor Thranaerg started on this unusual specialty after becoming a Seeker a century ago and believes that he comes to understand death and inner divinity with each creation.





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