Requiem For Rome

In the name of the Republic.
In the name of the Camarilla.
— S. Julius Macellarius Corbulo

The vampires of Rome are a complicated mix of emotions. They are predators, bloodthirsty and territorial, yet they cooperate and support each other in a way unknown to modern vampires. They are carnal, savage creatures of impulse and hunger, yet they are the secret guardians of a society which declares itself the civilizing force of the Known World.

The Roman World

Roman provinces were created at different times in the history of Roman society, some under the Republic and some under the Empire. In rare cases, vampires followed the mortal legions into the newly conquered lands, but most of the time they found vampire nests waiting for them. When Roman vampires meet with barbarian vampire cultures, the situation mirrors mortal conflicts with the Roman Damned forcing the newcomers to accept their laws and customs. With immortal creatures this process takes a far longer time and the driving force is often a feeling of isolation as the barbarian vampires find their territories filled with Roman mortals following Roman mores with the old ways rapidly disappearing.

Republican Provinces

Provinces claimed during the Republic were often claimed on the pretext of national self-defense. In some cases this was true, when territories were collected as buffers against other Mediterranean powers such as Carthage and Epirus. More often, however, the aristocracy of Rome used conquest as a means of personal glory to further the careers of politicians and the renown of families. And controlling the aristocracy, of course, were the vampires.

Principate Provinces

Roman Diocese

Gameplay Eras

Roman society lasted over 1,200 years and came to span the known world before crumbling into dust at the hands of barbarian hordes. For a Vampire: the Requiem game, the chronicle can be set at any point in this time from the Founding of the City to the Fall of the Camarilla. This collection of pages, however, will concentrate on only a few major eras in order to organize information. Locations, NPCs, organizations, and other game elements will be identified in this way according to the era they fall under.

  • The Kingdom: Rome was founded as a kingdom under six legendary kings. Many of the foundations of Roman society were created during this era, including the Camarilla. (630 BC).
  • The Decemvirate: In its youth, the Republic struggled through growing pains and conflict with its neighbors. As the Romans formalized their laws, they were inextricably influenced by the nascent Camarilla and the conflicting parties vying for control. (450 BC).
  • The Hannibalic War: Rome fought three wars against Carthage but the worst, the most bloody was the war which saw Hannibal Barca arrive in Italy with an army ready to level the city. (217 BC).
  • The Civil Wars: The military coup by Julius Caesar was not an isolated event but the most successful of its kind during a tumultuous period in Roman history which saw the death of centuries of democratic rule and the establishment of a military dictatorship. (58 BC).
  • Trajan: Trajan's rule. (117 AD)
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