Rathan dGhallanda

Character Sheet


Rathan was born on the rolling plains of Talenta, but he was destined to leave there from his birth. The large Mark of Hospitality that curls at the base of the halfling’s neck marked him as belonging to House Ghallanda before he could even walk. Unsatisfied being a simple innkeeper, however, Rathan became a minder for the Wandering Inn (Dragonmarked page 34) as it traveled through the Talenta Plains. He found adventure, riding fastieths and watching for dangerous dinosaurs or roving warriors from Karrnath or Valenar. Even a peaceful band like the Wandering Inn, though, wasn’t immune to the trials of the Last War and during Rathan’s tenth season with the inn they were stuck in Karrnath due to military actions for most of a fall and the following winter. During this time, the heirs of Ghallanda made do and camped outside of Karrlakton. It was here that Rathan got his first taste of the culture of the Five Nations and where he decided that he couldn’t stay in the plains.
Walking the streets of Karrlakton, Rathan was enamored with the bustle of city life and wanted to see more, so he resigned from his post with the Wandering Inn and struck out to the west to find a new life. Originally, Rathan had intended to visit all of the Five Nations and return to Karrnath to find work, and he got surprisingly far using his House status to cross borders. In Sharn, though, his luck ran out. Or, rather, his money and goodwill from House Ghallanda ran out, both strained by the nation-hopping in a time of war. Five years ago, Rathan made it to the City of Towers and he hasn’t left since, much to his chagrin. Of course, Rathan thanked Balinor for his fortune in not continuing on to Metrol as he had planned, where for all he knows he might have been during the Day of Mourning. Still, where Karrlakton had a frontier feel that allowed Rathan to ease into an urban life, Sharn is strictly a city with no “country” feel. Even the halflings here have, in Rathan’s opinion, have come a long way from their noble roots.
His first two years in the city were spent in the Dancing Shadows of Tavick’s Landing where attempted to make friends with Karrnathi refugees in Graywall, but got nowhere in the closed and private community. After that, he lived in Little Plains in Middle Menthis, but had to leave abruptly after beating up two Boromar thugs that were robbing a man passing through the district. Rathan now rents a very small apartment adjacent to the Broken Anvil Inn in Callestan of Lower Dura, where he also works as a minder. Eranna, the innkeeper, owns the apartment as well and took Rathan on eagerly when he found out that the halfling was a dragonmarked heir. Even after it became apparent that Rathan had no real experience operating an inn despite his enthusiasm and his dragonmark, Eranna kept him on to help chase off riff-raff. Unfortunately, his past caught up with him two weeks ago when Rathan kicked two drunken halflings out of the Broken Anvil, and only recognized one when he threw the man sprawling into the street. It was one of the halflings he had taken on in Little Plains years ago, and from the bleary stare he got in return, Rathan is worried that the Boromar thug recognized him as well. After agonizing for days over it, Rathan decided he couldn’t risk Eranna’s safety by staying and he gave his “two week notice”, as the city-folk called it. Not sure what exactly to do, he sought out Lady Elaydren d’Vown, a woman of House Cannith who frequented the inn’s barroom and had hired him as a courier a few times in the past. With any luck, he could make enough gold to pay for transport all the way back to Gatherhold. Or at least Karrlakton…


Rathan is what most Sharn residents term a “hayseed”. He’s trusting, honest, and genuinely interested in other people. A cynic might say it is these qualities that have led to his life in Sharn being so haphazard, but an optimist might make the counterpoint that Rathan would never have made it so far without endearing himself to other people, and would never have landed the job with Eranna at the Broken Anvil if he hadn’t been likeable. That said, Rathan knows how to be intimidating when he needs to be, and it is this that makes him such a good minder for inn common rooms. Growing up on the plains, Rathan views the job of bouncer (as well as his brief forays into adventuring, which were more like errand-running) as part of a natural order like the dinosaurs of Talenta. When he ousts rowdy customers from a barroom, he is showing that he is the alpha predator in the area, so to speak, and would never consider it a personal situation. This is part of the reason he despises the Boromars so much: they bully and there is no room for pointless aggression in the natural order. They also take things personally, which is why Rathan is confused by them, and more than a little frightened.


Even after years away from the plains, Rathan wears his Talenta clothing like a badge of honor. He lives according to the code of honor he learned on the vastness of the plains and he dresses accordingly. The leather jerkin and pants are authentic Talenta wear, even if they were bought in Little Plains in Sharn, and they'll hide him in the sandy stretches of the Blade Desert. Over this he wears a set of leather armor which is the same dun coloring, with tufts of lion fur supposedly from Xen'drik. His tangat is strapped across his back and his boomerang, which he just got the hang of catching, is at his belt. Around Rathan's neck is a tightly woven circlet of sticks and bones, a somewhat morbid accoutrement considering his friendly manner. This totem is the most precious of Rathan's belongings, symbolizing the relentless autumn storms of his homeland and the spirits that ride them.


Rathan is designed to be a controller, but he does so from the front lines. His beast form powers allow him to barrel into the enemy and push and slide targets around the battlefield. He has some area effects too and also his tangat… I see him shifting into a tiger and crashing into the enemy, then crashing out the other side and unleashing a lightning storm behind him.
His Talenta equipment is not really optimal right now but they'll come into play more, I think. Out of melee, though, he'll be useful as a ritual caster and has a number of good rituals to use including Create Campsite.

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