Rashad bin Suul


Name: Rashad bin Suul
Race: Tiefling
Class: Swordmage 3
Alignment: Unaligned
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8" Weight: 165 lbs Age: 22


Rashad is a fast and agile fighter, dressed lightly and carrying a flame-like curved khopesh. His curling horns frame a smile which is just as quick and dangerous as its bearer and underlined by the scarab amulet which hangs from his neck.


The Burning Keep is a stronghold of order in a land of chaotic devastation and tumult. Indeed, it is perhaps one of the most civilized locations one could possibly hope to find in the eastern reaches of the Demon Wastes. Of course, there is the small matter of the Burning Keep being populated solely by Devils and their mortal slaves, but try not to hold that against them…
Rashad bin Suul (of the grand line of Arkanion… officially he takes after his father, you see) is the first son of Suul Arkanion, one of the fiendish Greater Vicars of the Burning Keep, and Jashmin al'Vanya, a former human slave who once nearly freed the oppressed humans of the keep through her influence.
The circumstances of Jashmin's rise through the "court politics" of the Keep is, needless to say, a convoluted one. Suffice it to say that Jashmin was that rare human slave who stood above her meager stock and exhibited the kind of ambition that one normally only attributes to the most fiendishly clever of Devils. Rather than content herself with a relatively opulent life serving the masters of the Burning Keep (which could be 'short and violent' or 'long and comfortable', depending on your particular aptitude for guessing the whims of your masters and organizing your fellow slaves), she decided to gain power the only way she knew how… by gaining the patronage of one of the mightiest Fiends of the Keep. It is unknown what actions Jashmin had to resort to in order to obtain the favor of Suul Arkanion, but for some time she became a nearly constant companion to the mighty devil, and perhaps one of his closest confidantes.
Rashad was born and raised between two worlds. He was certainly not the only Tiefling of the Keep, and as a rule the Devils there tend to look at their half-mortal offspring as interesting side-projects worthy of some attention for their potential usefulness. As a child, Rashad took well to the noble arts of Infernal Blade Magic, although he was also a rather adept Court operative who took after his mother in gaining the favor of numerous influential Devils. In this way Rashad was able to accompany his father on many military expeditions into the Wastes, defending and expanding the Keep's influence against the festering tides of demons and baser creatures that multiply in abundance outside the walls of the Keep. Rashad had enough promise that his father seemed almost as interested in the young Tiefling's progress as any of his own pure-blooded Devilish offspring. In time, the whispers in the halls of the Keep went, Rashad might become the first mortal-blooded Vicar ever to receive the court recognition of Pit Lord Vishak.
It was not to last, however. Rashad's mother was caught arming the slaves for a revolt and she was brutally killed before Rashad's own eyes. When the mighty Pit Lord Vishak heard of this insolence he contemptuously ordered Suul to be imprisoned for eternity… Suul's foolishness in allowing a mortal to work her way into his confidence came at a high price indeed. Overnight, Rashad found he was without any sponsors in the court, and he correctly guessed that lingering in the Keep would be his death. He left alone and trekked south across the Wastes, his only companions the infernally blessed sword that was a gift from his father and a jade scarab trinket that was fashioned for him by his mother. Rashad's patience was without end and after many trials he found himself in the well-ordered land of Droaam.
Rashad has come to Graywall for many reasons, not the least of which is curiosity. Like a sort of reverse-tourist, he wishes to see the Humans that travel from all the lands of Khorvaire to reach Graywall and to experience the sights and sounds of the most eclectic town in all of the West. Rashad made a promise to himself that he would hone his art at the Sword until he was capable of returning to challenge Pit Lord Vishak to single combat, which might go to explaining Rashad's occasional appearances within the ring of the Bloodstone Arena, but he is still a young Tiefling and such long-term goals are ultimately just a distant buzz in his mind. For now, Rashad is content to wander the fascinating town, searching absent-mindedly for a buyer interested in his highly-priced sword arm.

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