Prince Of The City

The fight for the position of Prince has yeilded two strong frontrunners. Hellene Panhard has the full weight of the Ventrue clan behind her as well as the legacy of her dead sire, Michaela the last Camarilla Prince of the city. She is further supported by Katherine Weise and Qadir al-Asmai as well as by the important endorsement of Aisling Sturbridge of Clan Tremere, though not all of the Warlock regents have expressed support of Helene's candidacy.
Carter Vanderweyden evokes many metaphors in his bid for the Princehood including "dark horse" and "slow and steady tortoise." Directly after Calebros stepped down, Vanderweyden's announcement was almost lost in the tumult though now many consider him the prime candidate for Prince. He has earned the tacit support of James Hart, with whom he has forged a prominent friendship, and the unwavering support of both the scourge David Morgan and the anarchs under Boss Calihan. Add to this the destabilizing presence of Jan Pieterzoon and Vanderweyden's position becomes very competitive, despite the resources of the Ventrue-Tremere bloc.
Victoria Ash and both powerful figures in the Nosferatu clan have made no public announcements of support. The Assamite ambassadorial party as well as the Giovanni syndicate continue to deal with everyone evenly so as to cover all bases, while the Setites continue to cover no bases and keep to themselves.

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