The primogen council is very important in any Camarilla city, but in New York it is the only ruling body that the territory has. Since Calebros stepped down all decisions have fallen to the primogen, including the issue of where to find a new Prince. Meanwhile the council grows stronger and the possibility of a Prince stepping forward who can tame the group reduces daily.

Council Members

  • Brujah - Hellene Panhard. It is no secret that Helene wishes to hold the Prince's throne eventually.
  • Gangrel - Allan Woodstock. The Camarilla-loyal Gangrel represents only a few members of his clan in actuality, but he is the Gangrels' official voice for good or ill.
  • Malkavian - Carter Vanderweyden. More than just his clan's representative, Vanderweyden is an almost paternal figure to the Lunatics of New York, a persona he carries very well.
  • Nosferatu - None. After Calebros, the clan has become too complacent to introduce any influential member, since both Calebros and Uncle Smelly eschew public life.
  • Toreador - Victoria Ash. The beautiful socialite is carefully neutral in most things and has not yet weighed in on her opinion for Prince.
  • Tremere - Eugenio Estevez. This loyal Tremere seems to vote exactly as his mistress, High Regent Sturbridge, instructs him to. He is strong-willed and independent in person but as a primogen member he tows the line.

Other Offices

  • Harpies: Mazz and Thomas Arturo have kept their positions as harpies through the shift in power, but Helene resigned her post to serve as Ventrue primogen on the council. In her place, the apprentice justicar James Hart was appointed by the primogen council two weeks ago.
  • Keeper of Elysium: Gemini. The scarred Nosferatu continues to hold the position of Keeper which she did under Calebros, though rumor holds it was Uncle Smelly who was really behind the appointment.
  • Steward: Kariana Vinette. The major domo of the primogen council is one of the celebrated neonates who killed the monster two months ago.
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