Port Verge: City of Sharks

A major trading hub in the Lhazaar Principalities, Port Verge has been an important stronghold since before the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar. Though it was originally founded as an outpost during Lhazaar's famed expedition from Sarlona that brought the first human settlers to Khorvaire, Port Verge was later destroyed during naval skirmishes with the fledgling kingdom of Galifar I. It has been rebuilt over the centuries and today stands as the capital of the Diresharks Principality and ruled by Prince Kolberkon. It is regarded as one of the safer and more civilized settlements in the Principalities, but this is far from saying it is an orderly place to visit.

Port Verge at a Glace

Port Verge (Small City): Power Centers: Conventional (prince), Nonstandard (criminal guilds); 800 gp limit; Assets 44,000 gp; Population 1,100; Integrated (60% humans, 12% dwarves, 10 % half-elves, 5% halflings, 5% goblinoids, 3% dragonborn, 5% other (changelings, kalashtar, elves, etc.))

Authority Figures: Prince Kolberkon (Kolberkon Keep), Utha Gargass (Kolberkon Keep, High Priest Rannut (the Bonehouse), Guildmaster Naevos d'Lyrandar (Stormbringer's Tower).

Wards of Port Verge

Port Verge is divided into two main areas, divided by the bluff which overlooks the town's harbor. Upper City sits on top of the bluff and is the location of the Prince's keep as the homes of the wealthier Vergers. The streets right by the harbor make up Lower City, a lower-class warren of taverns, brothels, and wharfs, further crisscrossed by the semi-stagnant canals that have been carved into the sandy soil. On the steep slopes next to Lower City are the Reaches, a collection of eclectic residences of Sarlonan immigrants. The two-tiered geography of Port Verge dramatically exaggerates the economic divides that exist, and it allows the Prince to ignore shady dealings in the Lower City so long as they do not impact the activities of his Diresharks.

Port Verge: City of Sharks
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Power Groups Prince KolberkonThe Blood of VolHouse LyrandarRiedran EnclaveElder AmaussuVyssil
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