Chapter Three: Power and Politics

House Lyrandar

Baroness Esravash d'Lyrandar

The head of House Lyrandar throughout the world.

Raincaller's Guild

The branch of House Lyrandar which oversees weather magic.

Windwright's Guild

The branch of House Lyrandar which oversees sailing transportation.

Lyran's Gift

The magical research branch of House Lyrandar.


The city watch for Stormhome.

Foreign Powers


Strongest presence.


Even with Karrnath.

Eldeen Reaches

No offices, just expatriates.


Even with Breland.

Mror Holds

Smallest offices, negotiate overseas ore transportation.


Small offices, only one of the Five Nations without a maritime coastline so they have the least relationship with House Lyrandar.


Valenar elves have strong relationship with House Lyrandar.


Relatively strong offices, Zil alchemists work with Lyran's Gift to make elemental ships.

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