Pinnacle, Highwash

The highest point in the city of Stormhome may not compare to the peaks farther inland but it is called Pinnacle for the social elevation of its residents as well as the high park at its center. The home of political culture in Stormhome may be the Matriarch Ward but its cultural center is undoubtedly Pinnacle where the rich and powerful come for entertainment and social sparring. Most people think of the seedy docks of Whirlwind Inlet or Kraken Bay when reminded of the clandestine reputation of Stormhome but just as many secrets are traded in the wine clubs of Pinnacle as the taverns of Tidewash.
Population: Wealthy half-elves, humans, and elves as well as some representatives of foreign powers in embassies. Very few people live in Highwash who do not have a vested interest in House Lyrandar.
Character: Quiet and rich, a ward which exudes self-assuredness and with good reason.
Businesses: Fine shops and restaurants catering to Stormhome's most wealthy citizens.
Key Personalities: Ethis Deepwaters, Gaspin Javerre, Kahla d'Lyrandar

Happan Upper

This district houses the aristocrats of House Lyrandar, retirees or officials wealthy enough to afford to keep one home. Most Lyrandar heirs travel far and wide in their duties and so those living in Happan Upper are usually at the end of their career and most have brought back interesting tastes and traditions from their travels. This gives Happan Upper a somewhat eclectic appearance, though it is still stately and obviously wealthy, and its residents contribute a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the district. Unlike nearby Selavash's Hall, most in Happan Upper are Vassals and the district houses Stormhome's only cathedral to the Sovereign Host.

Tashas Estates

The residents of Tashas Estates are more traditional than those in Happan Upper and the streets are correspondingly quieter. Some who live here are retirees who were not as enamored with the foreign cultures they visited while in House Lyrandar's service while others are officials who served their careers mostly in Stormhome and want to retire here as well. A few residents are rich officials who prefer to keep their homes away from the Matriarch Ward and an even smaller number are half-elves who have distant ties to the house but no actual position or foreign merchants who can afford to live far from the docks where they conduct their business. It is rumored that some of the residents here are not as quiet as they appear and persistent stories over the last several years tell of a band of aristocrats who have learned the secrets of the Aereni undying and are creating an immortal cabal to influence Lyrandar's future.


The shops of Belgeth are impressively well-stocked with items from all over Khorvaire and beyond. Some have business deals with merchants in distant locales while others rely on friendhips or favors owed by airship sailors traveling to distant lands. While the goods are invariably good quality, then, they are sometimes available only sporadically because of informal supply methods and business tends to move in fits and starts. Belgeth is certainly the place in the city to find goods from Aerenal or Sarlona or to procure rare magic items but shoppers need the right connections to hear about goods for sale in the first place.

The Peak

The tip of the peak around which Stormhome is built is devoted to a verdant park with winding paths offering beautiful vistas. In all but the fiercest storms, the air around the Peak is light and comfortable thanks to the attentions to the Raincaller's Guild. Most visitors to the Peak are simply looking for a place to walk in peace and quiet among carefully manicured trees and pampered flowers. A discretely-placed sentry tower is maintained by watchmen who keep an eyes out for any approaching ships so that those in the harbor are aware of them before they get too close.
The park is also home to a druid circle of Lyrandar heirs who are trying to build a closer relationship with the primal spirits of Eberron. Called the Tidesworn, these primal worshipers may be trying to harness something left in the ruins of Gatekeeper orcs that are found in places on the Peak's slopes (see below). The leader of the group is an elderly half-elf named Ethis Deepwaters, a stooped and soft-spoken figure who lives outside of House Lyrandar's hierarchy but has a strong influence on it nonetheless.

Key Locations

  • Cathedral of the Host: The only large-scale place of worship for Vassals in the city, this stone structure is surprisingly humble. Long with an arched roof and a pointed front, the cathedral is often compared to an over-turned ship and the maritime motifs inside further that impression. Though all of the Host is worshiped equally in the cathedral, a special ceremony are held in honor of Kol Korran every year surrounding his holy day and an all-night prayer vigil to Olladra is held on the first day of each month for good fortune on voyages. During these times, visitors are swiftly reminded that the cathedral is still very loyal to House Lyrandar.
  • Gatekeeper Ruins: Before it was ever a seat for House Lyrandar, the crescent-shaped island was an outpost of Gatekeeper orcs. The druids' ruins are still to be found amid and under the newer buildings of the island's new masters. The ruins are usually framed artfully by the Lyrandar construction and visitors sometimes pass them right by mistaking them for colorful decorations. The truth, however, is that Lyrandar leaders have specifically forbidden the destruction of any Gatekeeper structures found standing. Rumors say that when the island was first settled by the half-elves there was a terrible incident involving the ruins. Whether this is true or not, aristocrats in Stormhome must work around the ruins as best they can.
  • Fairhaven Wines and Perfumes: This shop is richly decorated with a gilded sign and brightly-cleaned windows: obviously a business catering to the rich and powerful of Pinnacle. The shop's owner, a half-elf named Gaspin Javerre, is originally from Fairhaven but came to Stormhome over a century ago to sell his family's wines and fragrances, still produced on the family farm just north of Aundair's capital. It was a tumultuous time to relocate but it worked well for Javerre's other mission as an informant for the Royal Eyes in the notoriously rumor-rich port city of Stormhome. The Storm Front is aware of Javerre's other allegiance and the two have been playing a game of cat-and-mouse for some years, waiting for the slightest advantage to hold over the other's head.
  • Wavecrest Concert Hall: This small concert hall normally sells out most of its shows because of its small seating more than demand. Still, well-known performers and shows from across Khorvaire regularly come to Wavecrest. Singers from Kavarrah Concert Hall at Morgrave University in Sharn and the Grand Aundairian Opera in Fairhaven regularly come to the concert hall, drawing crowds who couldn't normally make performances in those cities. The proprietor of the concert hall, Kahla d'Lyrandar, is a second-cousin of Baroness Esravash, the current matriarch. The two have dinner regularly and some in Stormhome watch the concert schedule as a barometer for political matters within the house.
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